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This site is from one casino player to other players who are looking for a casino to play at and offer casino tips for anything related to gambling!. If you are wondering about what sites to trust? what are the best online casinos? which casino offer the best payouts? Which one pays out the fastest? Are online casinos secure? Is it safe to play for money online? You have come to the right web site to make your life simple! You can start here reading a beginners guide. and are two very well know online casinos that are powered by RTG and Microgaming software respectively. Microgaming and Realtime gaming software are of very high sound and graphic quality which is a very important factor when playing for real money at online casinos. You want to have the best experience possible but instead of being in Las Vegas you are comfortably at home! Take a break from powerball & megamillions and enjoy the thrill of real money games online!!

You are probably knew to the idea of online gambling and the chances of winning real money on-line. Let me tell you that online casinos have the same odds if not better than brick and mortar casinos which is why they have become such a threat to real land based casinos. They are also regulated in different jurisdictions.

This website will help you because I have taken away the hard part of finding all the safe and secure gambling sites that accept all players from all countries and present to you the casinos that the majority seem to trust the most. Instead of digging through the hundreds, i present ONE for US players and one for the rest! You probably intend to download the software to your computer but if you use an android device click here.

The reason online casinos are so popular is not only the fact that the casino games can be played for real money but perhaps more due to the fact that you no longer have to travel long distances to indulge in the entertainment and excitement that land casinos have to offer. It is also possible to play mobile casino games by downloading the casino application developed by spin3. It is perfect for your Iphone, Blackberry,, iTouch and many more phones and PDA devices

On this site you have a choice of a handful of different Real Money Casinos to pick from. What i recommend everyone to do (if you are not from U.S.A.) is to click on the link and visit each casino to see the site and get a feel for it. You will be surprised by the vast number of different themes you will come across. Most casinos have hundreds of slots games as slots is the most common game to play for real money if you enjoy to pull and spin the reels! Play at EURO Casinos using euro currency, American sites using USD currency or Canadian casinos using the CAD currency!!

Since everyone has a different style, what one casino player will like, another might not like just as much. My two personal favorite casinos are presented above with a screen shot of the casino web site. They let you play for free, and for real hard cash money. AllSlots even has free slots tournaments to join and win prizes. If you dont want to play on a computer, and have a device such as the itouch, you can use that too!

It all depends if you are a new player, a high roller or a player who has played around at different online casinos for money. As a new player, i advise that you download and install the casino software on your PC or MAC which is available at no cost at all. You can then play different casino games for free for as long as you feel and thus you can get a hang of the game and practice before going ahead and making a deposit at the casino to play for real money. At the establishments, you can visit the cashier via the software and use your Visa Cards, Mastercards, American Express (amex), wire transfers and many more options to purchase chips to gamble for real.

The gaming sites a I list are 110% trust worthy and have a solid reputation for over 5 years. They are honest and always.... ALWAYS pay out winning to the players. You can play high roller roulette or blackjack and many other different casino game for money. I have indeed read reviews of casinos that have a good reputation at NOT PAYING out (NOT FOUND HERE). Those casinos unfortunately continue to trap players with the huge unbelievable bonuses they offer leaving a player to excited that they can not resist but to take the bonus. Those bonuses have wager requirements that are very unreasonable. Yet, some manage to meet them and then... no one is willing to pay out to the player.

I can assure you that the casinos listed above have a solid track record for great casino games bonuses, support, deposit options and fast payout to winning casino players! Feel free to let me know if you have been misstreated and i will remove the links but that should not be an issue!

I hope that in having found this site about real cash casinos, you no longer have to spend hours worrying about were to play online or where to download games such as roulette etc. Instead now you can focus on installing a trust worthy & Safe casino to start practicing for fun before playing for real! :) Remember, 2014 -2015 will be the year that most players play casino games on an ipad or other tablet.

Interested in finding your gambling persona?

Interested in finding your gambling persona? Does your computer screen make you wild while you are delved deep down in an online casino game? Tatter your clothes when victory has eluded you? Bang your head against the wall while waiting for the next round? Shiver in nervousness? Bewildered by the numerous rules? Here, we can clarify those issues for you.

What exactly is your gambling persona?

The online gambling world has so many options to choose from it's almost maddening. You already know that a gambling site has to be registered under appropriate software. You've found a handful of sites with good bonuses and nice scenery. But this doesn't mean you have the exact site you've been searching for! Sometimes all the options can be overwhelming. What you really need to do is narrow down your options and keep doing so until you find the online casino that fits you best. A lot of this can actually be based on your personality type. You're probably wondering what your personality has to do with an online gambling room, but you are about to find out, here at, exactly why your personality has everything to do with the perfect online casino for you.

The Tadpole is usually a player who is new to the whole online gambling scene. The Tadpole is not necessarily someone who is new to the gambling picture in general, but someone new to the online gambling scene. A Tadpole with a good general gambling background will discover right away that the online casinos are a whole new ball game. Adjustments will be inevitable. Some of the things the Tadpole will notice right away is that the hands move quicker, special depositing motions are difficult to follow, and that downloading the software can sometimes be a plain pain in the ass. In addition to this, the online casino world has a whole new jargon that can sound foreign to a newcomer. Don't panic - Get smart! The Tadpole needs an environment where he can start off slowly and learn the rules gradually without being overwhelmed. Find a casino that has easy-to-use software with clear directions and illustration. If you've already narrowed down a few, choose the casino with the most active chat room. With a friendly, bubbly chat room you can meet people who will give you lots of tips and help along your playing skills.

The Old Timer has a "been there, done that" attitude. In a way, he is the opposite of the Tadpole. This type of player knows his way around, and he knows that it's only safe to play with safe, well-known software. The Old Timer is often helpful, too, as he likes to visit message boards and help new players get started. The Old Timer isn't looking for a fun game to earn a quick buck or two. This one's serious and he wants the best security and top quality standards for his game. Good customer service and quick payments are at the top of his list, too, when deciding on a casino he will stick to. If you're one of these types of players then you should be looking for a casino room with exciting tournaments and realistic game play. The Old Timer isn't here to fool around and he needs a casino that he knows won't fool around with his money or time.

The Free Spirit is looking to have a good time wherever he goes and he's not afraid to try something new. A "little bit of everything in one" is what really turns the Free Spirit on. This player doesn't care about studying advanced strategy techniques or statistical likelihood. Put him in a room where he can kill a few hours having a good time without losing too much and he'll be happy. If you're a Free Spirit, look for a room with a large selection of different games to try, or unusual versions of well-known games. Whatever online casino you choose, just remember that FUN is your first priority!

The Pragmatist doesn't play for fun - He's only interested in a game where he has a good chance of winning a jackpot. The true mark of a Pragmatist is a player who purposely plays in games that the general gambling population would avoid. This one is looking to win it big. He can often be found playing slots, video poker, and whatever game that places the odds on his side. If you are the Pragmatist, what you really need in your online casino is a large selection of giant progressive slots. This is truly your best bet (no pun intended) when it comes to the odds being on your side.

Now that we've revealed what your personality is - whether it is a Tadpole, Old Timer, Free Spirit, or Pragmatist - you're ready to go out there and HUNT for the ultimate casino site to play casino games for real cash!


Guide to Clear Online Casino Slots Bonus

The online casino bonuses have been part of the virtual casinos industry for a very long period of time. They represent a very valuable incentive that allows players to get a freebie the moment they sign up and make a money deposit for the first time. Receiving a slot casino bonus is an easy task, the difficult part begins when you have to clear the bonus by meeting the wagering requirements, before you can actually enjoy the bonus money and cash it out. Winning real money from a bonus is what you want to accomplish!

Most of the time it’s rather easy for slot players to clear the bonuses, compared to the casino players that are using any other type of game available. The slots bonuses have some of the lowest wagering requirements, but at the same time you have to take into consideration the fact that the chances of winning sometimes might be lower compared to the other games, like blackjack, roulette, craps or any other game where the house edge is situated at the minimum.

Most of the bonuses that you will get at an online casino for money are given out at 100% match rate. The slots bonuses however can be higher than that. One of the reason why the online slots fans are always enthusiast about the bonuses is because clearing the bonuses with the help of the slots games is a lot easier compared to any other type of game that you can play at an online casino. At the same time the money you will wager at an online slot is counted 100% towards clearing the bonus.

Tips to Clear Slots Bonus Faster

The concept behind an online casino bonus is very simple. You are given out a free amount of cash, but in order to be able to actually enjoy this money, you need to meet the wagering requirements. The best way to do that is by playing the slots games that will be able to offer you one of the lowest house edge. You can find that kind of information on the casino site and in case it’s not there, some online casino portals can also offer you this kind of information.

Another thing that you can do in order to clear the slots bonus faster is to make sure that you are playing the maximum amount of coins. This way your chances of winning are going to be higher and the payouts will be automatically increase. In case you still have a small bankroll and you think that you can’t afford to play the maximum number of coins, you can always choose those slots games where the denomination of each coin is very small, like one cent. This means that your mission will be to do everything that you can in order to improve your payouts and to play the slots games for as long as possible since this is the only way you will be able to hit an important prize and after that it’s going to be easier to clear the bonus.

In order to clear the slots bonuses a lot faster, you should always take a close look to the terms and conditions imposed to the bonuses that you receive. This means you have to pay close attention to the wagering requirements and choose only the softest. This way it’s going to be a lot easier for you to clear the bonus and enjoy fully the money that you have received for free.

Be very careful with the slots bonuses, since in case you will try to cash out the bonus before you will meet the wagering requirements, all the bonus and winnings will be automatically removed from your account. Most of the online casinos out there will tell you a warning and you will have to accept that, but some of them out there will just go ahead and cancel all your winnings.

Overall the online casino slots bonus money can bring a good amount of money the moment you sign up for the first time for a site and in case you do the right thing you will be able to clear the bonus and after that you can cash it out.