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The casino game of Baccarat was introduced by the Italians and French and is similar to the Basset and Faro. The word “baccarat” in English means zero, and it means the same in French as well. The game of Baccarat can be played for fun and can also be played for money. It involves the “Player”, the “Banker” and the “Tie”. The movie Casino Royale is where one can notice Ian Fleming who a secret agent playing a game of Baccarat. Several other movies like Rush Hour 3, The Saint and Team Fortress 2 have used scenes where the actor in the movie is seen playing a game of Baccarat. Baccarat is a very simple game and does not involve any complex strategies, all it requires is for one to get used to it.

The game of baccarat seems to have been founded by Felix Falguierein, a well known Italian gambler. It was invented in the middle ages and initially played with the only availability of a deck of Tarot cards. It is a rumour that the game was evolved on the lines of an old ritual of the Etruscan. The ritual included 9 gods, who prayed fervently on their toes to a blonde virgin, and they waited patiently for her to toss a nine sided die. The number the die revealed would decide her fate e.g. an eight or a nine would transform her into a priestess, if the die threw up a six or seven she would not be allowed to participate in any religious activities. If the die showed any number that was less than 6, she would have to walk in the sea.

Till the time the baccarat was introduced as a casino game for money, the game was played only among the noble men in France. It moved from Italy to France in 1490 A.D.  As the game travelled through several countries and continents it evolved and took up several variations. In 1950Tommy Renzoni bought the game to the US. The game was first introduced in Las Vegas at the Dunes Casino in the 50’s after the Havana casinos were shut down by the Cubans.

This game can be played by a player for fun and is irrespective of the number of people in the game. Two hands are dealt where one is the banker hand and the other is designated as the player hand.  Any individual is free to pet on either of the hands, however if the customer who has the shoe in a complete game must either place his bet on the banker or pass over the shoe to someone else. The bank hand does not belong to the player hand or the house that belongs to the one who is betting. In baccarat instead of calling them “players” they are referred to as “customers” or “bettors”.

Players in baccarat are usually limited to 12-14 players and have 3 dealers, while players need to either be a banker or a dealer. You can also bet for a standoff or a tie, but is rarely opted for. In the case of an online casino the dealer is virtual, but on land casinos players can choose to be dealers. Players can bet on either the player or the banker. If the player does not want to deal, the shoe is passed on and remains with the player until the bank wins. After looking at the cards handed to them the player then hands it back to the dealer. After viewing both the hands, the dealer then gives out the winner. The hand that has the highest count is considered to be a winner. The winner is paid the amount gathered from the loosing bets. It may also be worth mentioning that you can also play Video poker for money

The online game offers its players to move to different levels which can be mastered with practice and time. There are complete websites only offering the baccarat game and is available as a casino game to pc users as well as a casino game for Mac users. Furthermore, greater number of games can now be played on the iphone via iphone casinos (ipad casinos, itouch casinos. If you have an iphone check out the mobile baccarat game

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