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BlackBerry PlayBook casinos

BlackBerry PlayBook real money casinos


It's no secret that online gaming is becoming more and more popular among both novice and expert computer users. Online games give an interactive, social-based platform for enjoying competitive games with friends and strangers. In fact, as online gaming sites become more popular, they are moving to integrate mobile devices, like smart phones and tablet PCs into the gaming environment. One of the most recent top players in the tablet PC market for mobile gaming is the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook.

The Basics

Finally released in April 2011, the highly anticipated 7-inch by 5-inch BlackBerry PlayBook was introduced into the market with three major design and storage options; the 16 GB version for $499, the 32 GB version for $599 and the 64 GB version for $699. Since the PlayBook tablet comes built with a large, touchscreen interface, using the device for online casino playing makes for a better interactive experience.

BlackBerry PlayBook Pros

In basic terms, the PlayBook is fast. You get a lot of data storage bang for your buck. Running on the BlackBerry operating system, the web browser apps are among the most powerful in the tablet market. One of the key features of the BlackBerry OS is that it also runs Adobe Air applications, which makes for a desktop-like user experience.

BlackBerry PlayBook Cons

Unlike many newer tablet PCs, the PlayBook does not have any control buttons built into the casing. While this isn't overtly bad, if you're used to having physical buttons, the virtual button design can throw you off. This means that the tablet is completely controlled with the touchscreen interface. The main downside to the PlayBook involves the small screen size. While the OS is powerful, the 7-inch screen tends to limit usability when it comes to complex applications and web pages.

BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Desktop Casino Gaming

When it comes to playing casino games on BlackBerry PlayBook for money, it's hard to beat the PlayBook's interactive gaming-friendly design. When using a desktop, a mouse tends to separate you from the game, or make it seem less real. When using a tablet for BlackBerry PlayBook casinos, the touchscreen makes online gaming seem real because you are using your fingers to play the game. You are essentially using your body to interact with the game. The PlayBook also uses built-in social media applications to sync your casino gaming experience across all of your favorite social networks.

The Bottom Line

While the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook may not be an iPad killer, but it is a solid contender in the tablet PC market. When it comes online casino gaming for real money, the PlayBook is a hard tablet to beat. It's fast, reliable and provides a realistic experience in the BlackBerry operating system environment.