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Earn bigger prizes with High Roller Gambling: Gambling is a very enthusiastic game, with loads of prizes that one can win and that can be put on stake. If you’re looking to earn prizes that are bigger by betting larger amounts then one needs to play some high roller gambling. Those who play high roller gambling have the opportunity to win bigger prizes, and apart from that high roller casinos give you a VIP treatment.

High roller gambling games are also known as Whale games in the casino gaming industry. The high roller gambler usually wagers big amounts of money. VIP treatment for these players include limousine use, free private jet and other lavish perks that are offered by high roller casinos. Sometimes, these casinos also offer an extended credit especially to players who want to continue with their high roller gambling.

A player can be a high roller gambler (premium casino players) through any of the online casinos or at the various high rollers on land gambling casinos. Online casinos get all their profit from the house edge which makes the profits that they earn almost in proportion to the casino wagering. Therefore it is a well known fact that online casinos look for clients that are into high roller gambling. Casinos that work online do not actually call themselves as high roller casinos. But a seasoned player will know which online casino is as he is already well versed with the software used and has enough knowledge of the games. For those who would like the information, would find that high roller online gambling casinos have a higher upper limit of bonuses. This usually benefits those players who make larger deposit amount.

The high rollers (often prefer high stakes casinos) however benefit from the various loyalty rewards that were given by casinos, and to qualify for these rewards / bonuses, they are given different levels in the VIP club. The players on the top of the tier get much more benefit that then ones at the bottom of the tier. The ones on the top are usually the higher players and they are the ones who definitely enjoy higher benefits. They players collect their rewards through the comp points which are directly proportional to the wagering done and are redeemable. There are different schemes that different online casinos follow to attract high rollers e.g. writing off a few gambling losses that high rollers incur.

The on land casinos as well function in a similar manner. It is estimated that nearly 50% of gambling income in Nevada comes from slot machines as against card games. This is a clear indication that the main source of income is not the high rollers. However high roller players do have a strong effect on a casinos net income. There are also costs that a casino has to incur to attract high roller players and if a casino goes ahead and attracts one and if the whale happens to win, the expenses a casino will have to take care of is definitely huge. On the other hand the casino stands to benefit if the high roller happens to lose.

The gains incurred by the casino are much higher than its expenses for the high roller player’s visit. Here as well each high roller player is put on a special tier level as per the wagering in the game. Facilities given to those players on the top of the tier are much higher than the ones at the lower level. For example some casinos offer 15% cash back on the losses on tournaments that are special and are played on certain days like Thursdays. The deposit bonus range also widens up a lot.

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