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US players not allowedLooking for a live dealer offering roulette? At Allslots live dealer casino you can not only play your favorite casinos games in flash and on the computer pc or mac after downloading but also you have the option to play against a live dealer. (US player are not accepted)

Playing against a live dealer is no different than the traditional casino experience that can be had in Las Vegas or Atlantic city and many other gambling cities.

You will notice that it is a single zero roulette table / wheel and is refered to as the "european roulette". A single 0 wheel offers players a slight increase in the winning odds. There are gambling limits which can also be increased if you apply for a VIP player account. The default betting limits are minimum 1£,€,$ to maximum 50 £,€,$.

Via your computer you will be able to see the dealer live and you place your bets via the casino program. You can place all the bets that you normall would in an offline casino. Example, straight, corner and split bets.

Place your bet, and watch the real live dealer spin the roulette wheel one way, toss the roulette ball the other way, and announce the winning number. With Live Dealer Roulette, you can experience all the excitement of a real roulette casino right on your computer. The roulette game played in the Live Dealer Casino is European Roulette, featuring the player-friendly single-zero roulette wheel.

Just as in a real money casino, the odds of winning playing online does not change at all. It is the same. Test the game and if you will be purchasing / wagering / betting you will need to be over the age of 18 and not from the USA.

You can also watch a demo of the live casino games dealers.

live dealer roulette – Live Dealer Roulette as Real as it Gets

If you are looking for a great way to spend some time online at home you should really try live dealer roulette or live dealer blackjack. This is an excellent way to play roulette without having to actually go to a casino. Thanks to some amazing changes to technology you can now experience a high quality game from home with live dealers and live players. The use of online casinos can really save you some time and money from having to travel to the casinos to play all of your favorite casino games like roulette.

When you are searching for a great live dealer roulette game you might look at some of the reviews. There are several sites that offer quality reviews of the many casinos online. You can find some real information from those who love to gamble and how they think the various games rate. You might even find some tips from them on how to play a good online game and keep from losing your cash. Joining an online forum for those who play roulette could also benefit you in the same way.

Before you start playing a live dealer roulette game you will need to give some of your personal information as well as potentially your banking information to the casino. They will likely have to verify the information and that you are who you say you are before giving you license to start playing. Always make sure the company that you are giving your information to is safe and reliable. Ask that you be able to contact them by telephone and make sure they list a real address on their website. You do not want to give away information to a company that is not legitimate.

Live dealer roulette is much like playing in a casino without all the distractions of the casino. You can play the game, get to the know players and win some money all at low cost to you. You should find a casino that will give you credits to get started. This will save you from being out of pocket right off the bat and will bring you the chance to spend someone else's money while you see if you like the casino. You may find that this is the only way you will play roulette after you have done so a few times. Don't forget that it is just a game intended for fun and make sure you are only spending money you can lose.

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