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Macau Casinos

Casinos in Macau -China: One of a kind Gaming Experience!

I will soon be adding something about Macau casinos in general. Such as the gambling atmosphere and best joints to visit. In the meantime, here are a few you may want to check out. Big names you have surely heard about.


Cotai Strip - Macau

The Cotai Strip is legendary for it's wide array of things to do, and within all their shops, stores, and novelty areas lies an incredible array of gambling options. And, because of Macau's geographic location, it falls under the jurisdiction of China.

As you may have already heard, China does not allow casino gambling anywhere except for the Cotai Strip. Gamblers must visit the Cotai Strip if they want to gamble. So what is there to see and do on the Cotai strip? Lets take a look!

The Cotai Strip was inspired after the legendary Las Vegas strip. This means there's a whole lot more to do here than just gambling.

Restaurants - The Cotai Strip has a vast selection of places to eat, and you can be sure that you'll get your moneys worth. Some of the Cotai strip restaurants have hired world class chefs to prepare the meals. If you're looking for food

Hotels - The Grand Waldo is a highly popular hotel on the Cotai Strip, and this hotel doesn't spare any expense to provide you with the hotel experience of a lifetime. 340 guest rooms, 2 Presidential Suites, lots of places to shop, a golf driving range and miniature golf course, just to name a few. There are also other hotels, but not many come close to the Grand Waldo.

Shows/Plays/Bands - The Cotai strip also has quite an impressive lineup of talented artists and musicians to help pass the time between gambling efforts. If you book your trip in advance, you will get a chance to see some superbly talented.So in short, the Cotai strip does very well in accommodating there guests. Most user reviews have nothing but good things to say about them. Also, the fact that it is illegal to gamble anywhere except for the Cotai strip, puts them at a financial advantage.

And, because of the amount of money they take in, they put on quite a show.

The Cotai Strip will no doubt go down in history as the gambling capital of China, and for good reason. They are at the forefront of Cotai's casino and tourism project. China's view on gambling is clear, and they don't want the entire country to suffer because of a few irresponsible gamblers. So they decided that factoring in a small sector to accommodate and satisfy the desire to gamble.

Don't worry, remember to plan your trip wisely, and don't be afraid to call the businesses you plan on shopping at. Sticking to a budget is another crucial part of enjoying your vacation, especially one that involves gambling. Construction is still going on to further improve the Cotai Strip, and if you plan on taking your vacation there, you will be pleasantly surprised by there incredible amount of things to do.

Because people flock to the Cotai Strip by the thousands every day, it's no wonder they're more popular than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined. Yes, you heard right! Incredible eh? Believe it! The Cotai Strip is definitely the place to be, and it continues to pave the way to a legendary existence as the gambling capitol of China.