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Poker for Money Variants: Poker for money games are all card games that are table games played in casinos as well as online, it has betting rules and sometimes involves hand rankings. A game of poker varies with how the cards are dealt, if there is a high or low hand, formation of hands, bet limits and the number of betting rounds that can be allowed. Recent poker games involve a first bet that is generally forced; this is to give a kick start to the game. Players in the game should place bets that match the previous bet or fold.  Any player who can match the previous bet can rise thus increasing the bet. The betting rounds are over when all of the players match the last bet or fold. If a player happens to fold on a round then the rest of the players collect the pot and do not have to show their hands.

Many feel that the betting in poker game for money makes a distinction from the other games in poker. Except for the initial forced bet, the money placed in a bet is kept in the pot, and is not forced upon, this could be just a theoretical side to it, rationally it is expected that the bet has a positive value.

There are several variations that the game of poker has undergone through the ages. Although they do follow a similar patter of game and have a similar hand ranking system. Some variations are:

Stud – This variation sees that the cards are dealt in a combination that is prearranged with equal number of face downs and face ups, a round of betting or streets. This is one of the oldest in poker families since the times the game of poker evolved from a three to a five hand card game, even then were dealt one card at a time either face up or with a face down, and a betting round that was in between. The most popular of the stud variant game is the seven-card stud, this game allows two cards to be dealt to each player and from there they need to make a 5 hand card.

Straight – In this variant, a hand is dealt for each player and all the players place their bets in one round, raising and re-raising of bets are allowed. This is the oldest form of poker game for money. This game was initially known as Primero, this further evolved to the card game of three0-card brag, which was popularly played during the American Revolutionary War. The final showdown is usually straight hands of five hands.

Draw – This variant of poker game for money is where the complete hand is dealt and given to every player face-down. The players are allowed to change their hands after the betting, this is done to discard the unwanted cards by being dealt fresh new cards. The five –card draw is one of the most popular variants of this game.

Community – This is another variation of the Stud game, here the players all receive hands that are incomplete with face down cards, after which a certain number of face up community cards are given by dealing to the centre of the table, each of these community cards can be used by the players to form a hand of 5 cards. The most popular poker for money of this variant is the Omaha and Texas Hold-em.
Another traditional variant of the game is Strip poker; funnily players take off their clothes when they loose the bets. The basics of this poker for money game are that there is only one round of betting, and there can be played in any form.

With the internet and technological advance poker can also be played online, with players that could be situated from different parts of the world.

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