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“Rogue Casinos”

Everything you need to know about “Rogue Casinos”

ight now there are many online casinos available online. Even if a very good percentage of these casinos can be trusted and there are no major problems with them, like in any business there are a few that should be avoided since they are there just to scam people and these casinos are referred as “rogue casinos”.

In this article we are planning to offer you enough information about the rogue casinos so that from now on you will be able to recognize these casinos on your own.

First we are going to tell you the two most common ways the rogue casinos are going to take the money out of your pocket:

First these casinos are going to change the odds that you have while playing their games in their favor. This is usually made by those online casinos that are using older version of the casino software which actually allowed the casinos to change easily the odds in their favor considerably. You should know that all online and offline casinos have odds that are in their favor since these are businesses and they could never survive without a profit, however the rogue casinos will have some odds that are significantly changed in their favor and almost every time you are going to place a bet you will be losing money. In case you have played so far only at reliable online casinos it’s going to be very easy to tell whether an online casino is rigged or not.

The second way a rogue online casino is going to take the money out of your pockets is by delaying or refusing to send you the money during the moment when you try to cash out your winnings. This is probably one of the most common ways the rogue online casinos are going to take money out of their player’s pockets. And it’s currently done by many online casinos out there. This way you could win a lot of money at an online casino but it’s going to be worthless since you will not be able to cash out the money.

Now that you know how the rogue casinos are going to take the money from you it’s time that we tell you what are the ways you can avoid these casinos.

One of the best way you could avoid signing up for online casinos that are shady is by reading the experience of other players had with the casino that you are about to join. You can find plenty of information about any casino by doing a simple search on google, there you will be redirected to forums and blogs that are always offering a fair opinion of almost any online casino out there. You must be aware that many of the online casino portals are affiliated to the online casinos and their mission is to get you to sign up and make a deposit at that certain casino so it’s not going to be a fair review. However if you are going to visit some of the most reliable online casino portals, you will be able to get a fair review of the casino that you are about to join with both the positives and the negatives. See the safe online casinos

So the concept is very simple. In order to stay away from the rogue online casinos you will have to do a little bit of research before joining and in case you manage to find only negative feedback about that certain casino you must definitely stay away from them and not become just another player that gets scammed.


How To Avoid Rogue Casinos

The online gambling industry has started to grow at a constant rate ever since the year 2000. And it is now considered to be one of the little numbers of industries on the internet where the growth never stopped. And just like any other industry on the internet, the online gambling industry has its rotten apples. The online casinos that should be avoided are called rogue casinos.

The rogue casinos are the online casinos for real money that are not going to offered the promised bonuses to the players, they will delay paying the withdrawals or sometimes they will even not pay at all and they will not keep their promises on the commitments that they have written on their website.

Under these circumstances it makes perfect sense to gain as much skill as possible in order to be able to tell and identify quickly a rogue casino before signing up and before you will deposit any of your hard earned cash.

One of the simplest ways you can identify a rogue casino is by checking out any of the rogue casinos lists available on the internet. There are currently many online casinos portals out there that are going to offer you the lists with the casinos that should be avoided. There are these online casino watch dog organizations that are making these lists public.

Checking out these rogue casinos lists is by far one of the easiest ways you can identify a rogue casino. However the real skill about the rogue casinos that you should take into consideration is to tell whether an online casino is rogue by looking at their website.

However one of the best ways to identify an online rogue casino is by sharing all your information with other players on the online casinos communities, such as forums or blogs. There are currently many large online casino forums available out there where you can find unbiased information about almost each and every single online casino out there.

The players should always use the forums in order to share the experience as well as to read it.

Those premium, trusted and reliable online casinos are never going to get associated with rogue casinos.

These bad online casinos will not stop sometimes to only steal the money that you have deposited into your casino account. They will even go far from that and they will make sure that they will steal your identity and use your private and personal financial information in order to take everything you have on your credit card. Under these circumstances you could be losing a lot more than $50 that you have deposited and this is the reason why you should not take the risk of finding yourself in this situation. There are many reasons why it’s better to use an e-wallet service in order to make a dposit and to cash out money from an online casino. Even if the credit cards might seem to be a little bit handier, you should make the effort to use one of the many ewallets available right now.

It’s always important that before you will actually sign up or share any information with an online casino, you should do a little bit of background research. We list tested casinos that are proven to be safe, secure, trusted online casinos with fast payouts.

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