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The Samsung Galaxy Tab shines as a great multipurpose tablet. It's capable of letting the user do anything from productivity and file management to music and movies. Of the thousands of possible uses for the tablet, there are dozens that many users might have never explored. One of the surprising things that the Galaxy Tab best lends itself to is online gambling. Because the Galaxy Tab includes the latest technology and a mobile form factor, the tablet is effectively a casino that you can take with you.

The reason that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is useful for gambling is its portability. Most desktop computers are placed in home office areas or in other places that aren't conducive to anything beyond work. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you have a computer that's small enough to go anywhere that you want to go. This means you can relax and enjoy real money games from the comfort of your couch or anywhere else that you want to. Playing games on the Galaxy Tab is also advantageous compared to playing on a laptop, because the Galaxy Tab makes use of a large touch screen and doesn't use a keyboard. You hold it in your hands and the screen is right in front of you.

Having the ability to use a touchscreen also makes casino games on the Samsung Galaxy Tab more fun to use than traditional computer setups. The touchscreen lets you interact directly with the games you're playing. If you're in a game of roulette, you can "touch" your chips and move them to the spaces on the table where you'd like to bet. If you're playing a game of craps, you can actually "roll" the dice. It's much more engaging than just clicking a button on a mouse, and makes the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy Tab that much better than using a traditional computer setup. You can also play slots, blackjack craps etc.

One of the last reasons that Samsung Galaxy Tablet casinos are great for casino gaming is that they can access the internet over 3G, effectively making it possible to game from anywhere. This means you don't have to hop in someone's car and make a long drive to the nearest casino. You save time on the commute as well as the cost of commuting when you play on the Galaxy Tab. Just hang out at a friend's house, bring your Samsung Galaxy Tab, and you and your friends will be able to have the thrill of a casino from anywhere. Card nights just got a whole lot easier.

Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Tab's capabilities and its form factor, it's the perfect device for online casino games. Just use the included web browser and software to play your favorite casino games. It's really that simple, and it's more fun than any online casino experience that you've ever tried.