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Slot Machine: Fun with Gaming! : Interestingly playing the slot machine for money does not require one to be an expert gambler. It’s a fun game that involves people from all age groups. This global appeal was the reason for the games monstrous success and it rose to be one of the most profitable and successful game. In the United States alone the slot machines is said to bring in gaming profits that are almost 60%, annually.

Although the slot machines have undergone several technological changes over the years, the basics of the game still are the same. After the handle is pulled, the reels spin, a person wins or looses depending on the series of pictures that show up in the pay line. The pay line can be viewed in the middle of the window of the slot machine. If all the reels display the same winning picture on the pay line, it shows that you have won. The pictures across the pay line are responsible for how much you win.

The New Yorkers from Brooklyn Sittman and Pitt, were the ones to develop the slot machine, the initial machine was made of 5 drums and had 50 faces of cards that were all poker based which was held by the drums. The machine got extremely popular, and soon several of the town’s bars installed one which only attracted a lot of customers. The player would hope for an excellent poker hand to be displayed after he inserts a coin and pulls down the lever. This action resulted in spinning the drums along with the cards it held. Since then there were no mechanisms that could help the payout, the winners were treated to a free beer, cigars or drinks depending on what set of cards were displayed and the free stuff was also dependent on what the stores business was.

Once the coin is put in the slot machine for money by the player, the currency detector recognises the coin and validates it. The reels then rotate and stop one after the other with a particular display on the pay line area. With computers and the internet technology taking over, the slot machines have taken online gaming to a new level. The online slot machine game for money as well does not require a person to have any experience in online gambling, anyone and everyone can play the game. There are mobile casino games that can be played on iphones, ipod touch, blackberry and more devices. All you need is an iphone casino

Some of the terminologies used in the game are:

  • Bonus is a special trait of the theme of the game and is triggered once a site of winning combinations appears. Every game’s bonus is different and no two games have the same bonuses. There are also a few mechanical devices like the spinning wheel on which the bonuses are dependent and it works along with the bonus to display a certain winning amount.
  • Candle is a light that flashes when it needs change to be put in; it is placed on top of the machine.
  • Coin Hopper is where the payouts are dropped into, it basically is a container.
  • Credit Meter is a display and the visual is in LED lights that shows the credits or the amount of money on the machine.
  • Payline is a zigzag line displayed on the screen and when a winning combination is displayed it passes through the winning combination.

With the advent of computers, it has made slot machines for money much more adaptable. Players can place their bets instantly and put in the money straight from their credit accounts. This removes the pulling of the lever when you want to roll the reel. It also helps to keep a track of the amount lost or won easily. Players can now just push a button instead of pulling down a lever; this makes the game very easy to play. Because it is now computerised it is easier t o fix a certain payout by just programming it into the memory.


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