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Bingo Games

Bingo for money is played by a group of people and is an in-house Casino game for fun or just a fun interactive game played for money. Bingo is a game that is also enjoyed by kids but mostly played as a gambling game for money that is either used for self or as donations to charitable organisations. With bingo being popular among gamers, there are several online gaming sites that also offer the game to be played online, along with the community over the web. There are several casino games for Mac users that let its player play this casino game for money if the player has invested a certain amount of money as a base amount. The game of bingo can also be played as a casino game for pc players.

The game of bingo is similar to that of lotto, but unlike bingo, the numbers in lotto are not required to form any particular line or grid for the player to win. Lotto players win when all the numbers are called for in a lotto draw. The origins of bingo dates back to the game of lotto most commonly called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” that was played in Italy during the years of 1530.  The game gradually evolved and the French started the use of tokens, playing of cards and calling out the numbers were included in the game. Germany adopted the game for educational purposes, to teach children animal names, spelling and multiplication tables. In 1929 Beano was played in Atlanta by people at a travelling carnival, who used dried beans, cardboard sheets and a rubber stamp. Noticing how engaged the players were Edwin Lowe caught on to the idea and played this game with his friends in New York. He began to conduct this game for huge groups using the same ingredients of dried beans, cardboards and rubber stamps. The group enjoyed the game also since it was played in a group and was interactive. Rumour has it that one of his friend yelled “Bingo” instead of “Beano” and that’s how the game got its name. Bingo had a huge fan following and the Lowe Bingo Game had 2 sets, the first was a 12 card set and the other was a 24 card set. Bingo spread like wild fire throughout the country and was an instant hit for game or fun night outs.

The main objective of playing bingo is forming a certain pattern, usually achieved by the host calling out certain numbers. The letters “B”, “I”, “N”, “G”, “O”, is usually inscribed across the card. The numbers are below each letter in columns.  After you take your card, that’s given out by the host, you can take your seat. With the help of a marker the centre which is a “Free Space” can be covered. The host calls out numbers and letters e.g. B-3. Now look for the “B” column and see if there is a “3” below the letter “B”. Mark the number “3” under the “B” column if you have it.  As the host calls out numbers and letters, you need to listen and place the necessary marks on your cards if it is the same that’s being called out. Once you’ve got a winning pattern, which is usually in a straight line, either horizontally, diagonally or vertically, you can yell “BINGO”. The host then calls out the number marked on your card to check its authenticity.

With the internet taking over the gaming business in the recent times. It is now possible for players to play bingo online. This has definitely hazed the lines between the traditional games played for fun or money from the game that’s evolved with the advancement in technology. One can choose between casino game for pc and casino game for Mac, whatever the case is. Furthermore, greater number of games can now be played on the iphone via iphone casinos / ipad casinos.


Playing Online Bingo For Real Cash

Ever hear of online bingo?  This legendary game has been played throughout bingo halls around the world for many years.  It wasn't until relatively recently that online bingo gained a following big enough to be called one of the greatest games of our time.  In an effort to gain and keep a steady flow of patrons, online bingo sites are now offering a wide variety of free casino bonuses.  Free cash to play with and matching bonuses can be found at nearly every online bingo site on the Internet today. 

Not only is online bingo fun, it's also one of the most addictive forms of gambling on the planet.  The beauty is in the game's simplicity.  It's not difficult to enjoy, almost everyone knows how to play, and you can win a great deal of money if you can manage to play enough cards at once.  Playing bingo for free, at least to start with, will up your chances of winning through real experience. 

Different bingo games will have different "patterns".  The "patterns" can be crisscrossed, diagonal, straight, snaking, T-pattern, and more.  You can choose to keep the same bingo card to span multiple games or get brand new cards.  Many online bingo sites offer free bonuses to their players for signing up at their site.  These bonuses very greatly depending on the site you choose, but generally they range from 150 - 500 dollars. 

The popularity of the bingo site you choose may play a part in how many times you win.  A site with a great amount of new players with little experience gives the more experienced players a better chance at winning.  New players often have a short attention span and are unable to effectively play multiple cards.  The amount of new players signing up to sites with little popularity have little to offer a skilled bingo player.  Steer clear of these Websites and look for the established ones.  A Google Internet search for "online bingo for cash" lists the most popular bingo sites on the web today.  You should be able to find one that suits your liking. 

Online security is very important when playing online bingo for cash.  If you choose a site that is known to scam players for their money, you may end up losing a lot.  Be sure the site you choose to play at is reputable and respectable business.  Be sure to practice proper security measures like choosing a complex password.  Don't use a password that is easy to guess like "password", because thieves can easily gain access to your account this way.  Choose one with upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Some sites require that you download software and some have an "Instant Play" feature.  "Instant Play" allows you to play through your web browser and is perfect for people who enjoy a hassle free playing style.  A lot of money can be won playing online bingo, and this game is without a doubt one of the world's most popular gambling options. With hundreds of thousands of players spending a great majority of their free time in the bingo halls, you stand a great chance of getting lucky as well.  Good luck


Finding a real Money Bingo Site

If you love to win money playing Bingo, then you will find that playing Bingo online is not only fun, it can also bring in big winnings. Bingo is a traditional game played in many casinos around the world, with the European and American versions being distinctly different. You can find many online Bingo games that will challenge you to come prepared for fast, fun and high stakes games.

Choosing Versions

The first thing that you will want to note when you play Bingo online is whether the game is the American or European version. Each game of Bingo is played differently, so noting the individual rules for winning is important. In American Bingo, you will have five rows of numbers, ranging from one to seventy five. Each round of Bingo will be played based on new rules for winning, with the most common being numbers that make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line across the rows.

The European version of Bingo is played on a card with three rows of numbers. Typically, you will win on the first game by filling the first row, and the second game by filling two rows. The biggest cash prizes are typically saved for the player who fills all three rows on the Bingo card. Both the American and the European versions of Bingo can be played online, where you can deposit and play with real money to win. Each casino will offer one version, so make sure that you are at a casino that offers the one you prefer before you deposit.

Features of Online Bingo

To win money playing Bingo, you will need to become accustomed to the features in the online casino that you choose. Typically, you will find that each Bingo card that you are playing needs to be marked manually as the numbers are called. In most online casinos, there is a progressive jackpot, meaning that the more games that you play in one session of Bingo, the higher the jackpots are. For certain games, such as those that require you have all four corners or that you make an “X” on your Bingo card, the jackpot is also slightly higher.

Online Bingo is somewhat simpler than Bingo played in a land based casino thanks to the auto-daub feature. This allows all of the numbers that are called to be automatically marked, so that you won’t have to worry about keeping up when playing multiple games or cards. There are also features that allow you to talk to friends who are playing the game, and features that allow you to talk to everyone who is playing. Bingo is made for fun, and online Bingo can be just as exciting as the real thing.

Finding a Casino that offers Bingo

Surprisingly, not all online casinos allow you to win money playing Bingo. In fact, some casinos do not even offer the game. To find an online casino that allows players access to the game, all that you need is a search engine on your computer. You can find dozens of websites that offer different styles of Bingo games, both for cash and for free. If you are looking for a simple, uncomplicated game of Bingo, you do not even have to leave home. You can deposit money in an online casino in the same way you do a bank. You will need to have a credit or debit card in most cases, although some online casinos do allow echecks and other forms of deposits.

You can win money playing Bingo even if you do not have experience with the game. It is very easy to learn, and most casinos offer free games for new players to learn from. Once you have some experience, playing for money can add some excitement to any day of the week. Bingo is a classic gambling game, and is a great way to meet new friends online