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Casino Deposit Methods : Deposit Money at Online Casinos

Moneybookers has been around for sometime and many casinos online provide players the option to use them when ready to make a deposit.

They are in many ways simillar to paypal that many people use when buying things on ebay. With you can receive or send money to anyone using an email address. When you create a moneybookers account you can then easily add funds to it in different ways. Ex. by credit card or wire transfer and also get "verified status" that increases you account limits. In a nutshell, at a Moneybookers casino YOU full control all Payments and received Winnings. All this in a secure and discrete environment.

When you have funds in your account you can then easily transfer them to a casino that supports moneybookers as a deposit option and start playing games for a chance to win big money. You want a fast, easy and secure method of paying and a quick and easy way to collect your winnings, this is for you!

Dont worry about your funds because they are secure and only you have access to them. Instead, give the games the full attention and put your skills into action. A skrill casino allows you to focus on having a fun time playing games of chance and skill and convenient deposits using skrill. Some also provide special bouses for depositing using this payment option.

If this is not for you, there are other casino deposit options that you may like better.

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Money Line Wallet

Money Line Wallet is a secure option when it comes to making purchases and transferring money online. Opening an account is easy. You will need to provide your contact information and your bank account information in order to create a new user account. Once you do this, your account must be verified. To verify your account, you must make a deposit to your account. The amount of your deposit will be slightly altered. This amount must be entered exactly as shown on the verification page. You will be unable to verify your account without this information.

After your account has been verified and your deposit has been accepted, you can use the funds in your Money Line Wallet immediately. Withdrawals from your account can take as long as 30 days to process; this is simply to protect you and utilize the highest level of security. Money Line Wallet uses twice the encryption technology as an online bank, so you are guaranteed the utmost security when using your account.

There are minimal fees when making a deposit to your Money Line Wallet account which range from $3.75 to $5. The amount is random, which is part of the security and safety process for your account. For a withdrawal, you will be charged $10 for any amount under $1,000 and your funds will be send via money order. For withdrawals over $1,000 the funds will be sent to you via wire transfer and the fee is $53.50.

Money Line Wallet is a safe, secure and convenient way to pay for e-commerce purchases and to fund online accounts. Many online stores, investment firms, casinos and other establishments accept Money Line Wallet as a form of payment. You can trust your account information and your funds are safe because customer service and security are this company's top priorities.

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Prepaid Credit Card for Playing Online Casino Games

If you have plans of using your prepaid credit card for playing online casino games, you need to several factors that are very important. The most commons ones are efficiency, security and safety. Efficiency matters the most when it comes to the credits you will be receiving. You need to doubly ensure whether you are being taken for a ride or getting credits in the way you should get. Also, analyse how secure it is to transact online regarding online casino games. Above all, your safety matters the most. Determine how safe you are while using your credit card for online casinos without inviting any legal consequences.

Search for those online casinos that allow prepaid credit cards and accept your credit card through secure transactions. Due to the convenience it offers of buying credits anytime, it is popular worldwide. It would be advantageous for you in case you own VISA or VISA Electron card for purchasing credits online as payments made from such prepaid credit cards will be accepted readily by casinos. The most important feature a prepaid credit card provides is that it keeps personal information as secure as possible. Most of the online casinos keep revising their policies to favour acceptance of secure payments, especially, from the US players.

There are more popular prepaid credit cards available that are known to offer more security as per your expectations. You may obtain Gift2Go card, which is preferred the most by many of the online casino players. It is safe to use and efficient in realising your payments against the credits you would like to buy. The usage process is simple. Buy a prepaid card from a retailer as the same way you buy any prepaid card for recharging your cell phone's account. Later, you can reload that card with as much amount as you can base upon the credits required by you to playing at online casinos.

There are two types of prepaid credit cards. The first one is reload able card. This type of card allows you to transact as many times as you would like to. Whenever your account is up for recharge, you will be informed about the same. You can keep recharge your account to buy more credits to play your favourite online casino games. The second one is a disposable card. This is a secure way of paying online casinos. As these cards are used only once, you need not worry about any complications, be it either your security or your safety. You may opt for any of these cards as casino owners favour both types of payments to make the concept of online casino games more affordable.

As the number of online casinos is growing rapidly, there are increased chances of finding a casino that might accept your payment type no matter whichever prepaid credit card you are using. This is more advantageous for players in USA. There have been many instances wherein scores of people, who have had a bitter experience during transactions. However, there are still more prestigious casinos that hold safe and secure prepaid credit card transactions in high esteem. You can ensure maximum security only after you choose a good online casino. Before deciding upon a specific casino, verify its credentials from all the available channels.

The security provided by online casinos for prepaid credit card users is considered to be the maximum. This is because they employ Transport Layer Security system to realise your payments. As the system encrypts the details of players involved with online casino games, there is no space for unsafe practices. In case of any speculations, you can use credit cards that are protected against fraud. In case of any untoward happenings, respective companies will payback the amount of money lost by their customers.

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NETeller Deposit

NETeller Casinos are becoming more and more popular thanks to the fact that NETeller is one of the safest and fastest payment method that can be made online. NETeller is an online payment system that started to provide secure online payment transaction back in 1999. NETeller system is similar to the one provided by paypal. In order to start using NETeller you will have to sign up for an account, and fund your account by using a credit card or a bank transfer. In order to open up a NETeller casino account it will take a couple of days in order for the transaction to be approved.

NETeller is also offering the possibility to send the money to others users of this service, and there around 2.3 million other NETeller accounts opened right now. You will be making online financial transactions for free, since you will not have to pay anything in order to transfer money to a merchant, or any other NETeller account user. This way you will have access to your money fast, and all the transaction are going to be made instantly.

NETeller casinos are the best online casinos since this payment system is very popular for the fact that the transactions are going to be made very fast. For example there are many NETeller online casinos that are cashing out through NETeller in just 12 hours, from the moment you submitted the withdrawal request.

Right now there are more than 2700 online merchants that are accepting payments through NETeller. NETeller no longer accepts users from United States, and they have members from all over the world.


SKRILL to deposit at Online Casinos

SKRILL is one of the most popular online payment methods available today with more than 14.1 million users worldwide. This payment method is able to provide an easy way to deposit money at online casinos, send funds to other members, withdraw money all this from just one account and the services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can use SKRILL to make a deposit at almost any SKRILL online casino out there. And the top 10 most reliable and reputable online casinos are definitely accepting SKRILL as a payment method.

SKRILL is the favorite e-wallet for many online casino players, it can be used for cashing out also and all the transactions are going to be confidential and secured. SKRILL is able to provide instant cash transfers and also same-day payments. This means that you can make a deposit to an online casino and it’s going to be only a matter of seconds until you can use the funds to gamble along at the online casino that you have selected. All you need to register for SKRILL and make this your favorite online casino deposit method is an e-mail address and 5 minutes. You can keep all the private information anonymous and in order to validate your account and have all the limits raised you will have to provide different forms of ID verification.

SKRILL is currently supporting more than 12 languages and the money transfer is available in 41 different currencies, with local bank deposits available in your currency.

One of the downsides of SKRILL is the fact that they have never accepted US players to make deposits to online casinos. This means that in case you are located in US, you are not allowed to make a deposit to an online casino. However you can sign up and use your SKRILL account for p2p transfers or for shopping at the online shops that accept moneybookers as a payment method.

The moment you will be using SKRILL to make a deposit at an online casino, you will no longer expose sensitive information (like credit card information) to online gambling websites. The moneybooker account is going to act as the 3rd person between you and the online casino where you are about to make a deposit. SKRILL offers one of the widest range of payment options that are going to allow you to deposit money in your account.


Payspark for Depositing at Online Casinos

Payspark is a relatively new online payment system, that is similar to NETeller and Paypal. Payspark is an online e-wallet, that will allow you to deposit funds, in order to make payments to online casinos. This payment system is growing rapidly thanks to the fact that all the online financial transactions are made in a completely safe environment, that is going to be 100% safe. As a result Payspark casinos have emerged and they allow deposits using payspark.

Right now you have the opportunity to fund your Payspark account by credit card, Western Union and Wire transfer. Payspark will allow you to have 2 different sub accounts: one that will be used for ATM withdrawal, and another one that is going to be used for internet transactions. All the transactions are never going to be rejected in case you always have enough funds in your account.

Another great thing about Payspark is that all the transactions that are made online are free of charge, so this means that you will be able to keep more money for your online casino games at payspark casinos :)

The registration process is very simple at Payspark and you can easily then deposit money into your payspark casino account.. You will need to fax the copies of your driver's license or passport along with a utility bill so that this document will be your proof of residence.

You will also have the possibility to watch closely all your transaction history that is currently available online. This way you will have access to free online statements all the time. The daily spending limit that Payspark is able to offer you is $3000, this way you will always have a high limit in case you are planning to play some big sums of money at the next online casino that you will join.

Unfortunately Payspark is not accepting any new users from United States. So in case you are located there, you will have to search for another payment method. If you are not in the US, Payspark casinos are a great choice!


Wire Transfers to Make a deposit at an Internet Casino

Online casino that accept direct bank wire transfers as a deposit option to play for real.

There are many online casinos that still use this traditional payment method and we refer to them as "Wire Transfer Casinos". You will be able to fund your online casino account straight from your checking account, and directly to the account that you will have at the wiretransfer online casino.

This method can be used to deposit funds, and to withdraw funds. The Wire Transfer can be used for large amount of money and would be ideal for a high roller that tends to place high bets and perhaps a VIP player at the wire transfer casino. The withdraw can be made the same way, the only difference will be that the initialing party is going to be the online casino. Some online casinos are going to ask you for the payment details that you will be able to get from your local bank, in order to process this transaction.

Some online casinos are using the wire transfer only for withdrawal, while others are going to use it for both type of transactions. A great thing about this payment method is that it's currently the safest, this is the reason why once you will sign up for a Wire Transfer Casinos, you will be able to get a higher sign up bonus.

As i stated earlier, this payment method is preferred for those players that are playing at high stakes, because of the safety and the speed of the transactions. US players will have absolutely no problem with the wire transfer, so in case you've had your credit cards declined, this is a good way of finding an alternative payment method.

This payment method is not that cost effective if you are going to transfer a small amount of money, but it's perfect for large deposits and withdrawals. The online casinos that are accepting players from United States are usually limiting this type of money transfer to $5,000.

Before you actually make a payment to a Wire Transfer Casinos, you must ask for the information required to make that happen, so it's best to contact the customer support before you actually make the payment, since you will not have the possibility to make that transfer without that information. As you can see their are many deposit methods for us players too.


LobaNet a method used and Accepted for Casino Deposits

LobaNet is the latest payment method that is targeted at Latin American players ( Peru, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina ) who are into gaming on an extensive basis. As a potential gamer, one need to deal with personal bank accounts for making gambling deposits. In actuality, LobaNet is the acronym for local banking network. This is attributed to the fact that it lets consumers to purchase goods or services through online transactions with the involvement of a simple transfer from a local bank.

Players gaming online on a regular basis are increasingly depending upon LobaNet for deposits at an online casino. The reason is that it is safe to make deposits in this manner and at the same time maximum security features are offered regarding the monetary transactions online. This keeps a check on frauds involving credit cards wherein huge amounts of money are being laundered regularly by scamsters.

Almost all recognised casino groups that operate online readily accept payments made through LobaNet. This trend was first started by Fortune Lounge group and was later followed by every major casino company. As for Fortune Lounge, it is a renowned group that has got big brands in its kitty including Platinum Play Casino as well as 7 Sultans Casino. Even, Roxy Affiliates has declared openly in December that has officially recognised LobaNet as a dependable partner in letting the process of payments realized instantly. Through this way, gamers can transfer amounts of any volume to their online gaming accounts through their local bank accounts.

LobaNet has been successful as it takes every care in safely crediting the amount to the respective online casino with whom a player is having an account with. This payment method will effectively identify every player's transaction history and provides the information instantly to the corresponding casino whenever a transaction has been made. The advantage is that a lot of time will be saved and the loyalty of the member will also increase in the view of an online casino operator. In fact, most of the casinos are offering credit points to gamblers making payments through LobaNet promptly.

Another beneficial reason that is not given much importance is the fact that LobaNet evicts out all the issues concerning the usage of a credit card. It has got a lot of advantages for the people in Latin America where duping people through credit card information are rampant. The usage of LobaNet means secure payments are guaranteed and on time. The fear of identity thefts too can be thwarted to the core and it also gets rid of the bad practice of people betting upon money that has been lent to them. LobaNet has got the certification from IOM Financial Supervision Commission and therefore there is no space for any fraudulent practices.

The network of LobaNet is so huge that the transactions can be made through local currency pertaining to that country. This reduces the burden of exchanges rates that might be implied through a conventional way of making payments. What's so unique about the scope of LobaNet is that prompt customer service is offered 24 x 7 in local languages of Latin America, which are Spanish and Portuguese. However, as prospective players, people have to verify the authenticity of online casinos in order to verify their authenticity. Online players can avail this service for free."


Money Order Deposits at the Casinos

Money Order Casinos. Money Order is an easy way to deposit money into an online casino account. Money Order is a simple payment method that can be done by going to your local bank, send in the money order, and your online casino account will be credited.

A money order is a document that can be cashed out at almost any bank or even at other 3rd party places like the US Postal Office. Right now there are many money order services available for the consumers, the most popular one in United States is the Western Union money order, and the service offered by the US Postal service. You can make a money order easily by going to your local bank, post office or even at some grocery stores.

The fee that you are going to pay for a money order is around 1%, so this means that you will have to pay around $1 for each $100 that you send. The fees are different from one service to another.

Right now there are many moneyorder casinos that are accepting money orders as a payment method. Even if this payment method is a little bit slower than all the other online payment methods that are available right now. But the good thing about money orders is that it's very safe, and reliable. This way you will no longer have problems funding your online money order casino account, and you will also have the opportunity to skip the Internet credit card fraud, and identity theft.

In order to make a money order at a casino that accepts money order deposit, you will have to get the money order, write all the information requested about the online casino that is going to be the merchant to whom you're going to make this online payment order, insert your money order plus a piece of paper with all your online casino account information, and that's it!

You should have your money in your online casino account in a matter of maximum 10 days. It's better that you first search for information at your online casino where you want to send the payment, since this way it will be easier for you to receive the money in your online casino account, as each online money order casino might have different payment processing method if you choose this deposit option.


PAYPAL as a Deposit Alternative at casinos online

Paypal is a very popular e-wallet company that was launched back in 1998 and it managed to become extremely popular very fast. It was acquired by Ebay in 2002 and the development never stopped since that moment. Right now there are more than 200 million users from more than 190 countries world wide.

The Paypal casinos are one of the latest additions to the world of online gambling. Paypal is currently one of the easiest ways you can transfer money on the internet and it is now accepting online casino payments, but only to some of the most trusted and reputable gambling websites out there. This means that the moment you sign up for an online casino that accepts paypal you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable online casino. The Paypal payments are available at the moment only for the members from UK and a few western European countries.

Paypal is considered to be a secured and safe method that you can use to deposit and cash out your winnings from an online casino. Most of the time the online casinos will cover all the fees involved when you are making a deposit and this makes it automatically one of the best payment method available out there. However, when you cash out your winnings you will have to pay some fees to Paypal. But if you take into consideration the many benefits that you can get from using paypal as an online gambling payment method, you will most definitely going to find that it’s a price worth paying.
The benefits of paypal online gambling

The number of online casinos that are using Paypal as a payment method has started to grow a lot during the last couple of years. Even if the vast majority of online casinos out there are not yet able to accept paypal payments, you can still find a very good number of paypal friendly casinos like: 888 Casino, Bet365 Casino, EuroGrand Casino, Betfair Casino, William Hill Casino and 32 Red Casino. The number of paypal friendly casinos is a lot higher than that, but these are the most popular online casinos out there that you can use. There you will get the opportunity to start playing your favorite online casino games for real money with the help of the funds that you have available in your Paypal account.

Paypal is considered to be one of the leading online payment methods on the internet and there are 200 million users that have opened up a paypal account. There are many benefits that Paypal manages to offer to its users and it’s able to make the online gambling a more enjoyable experience thanks to the fact that you no longer have to worry about making a payment or receiving your winnings out of an online casino anymore.


Instadebit : Popular amongst Canadians Online Casino Players

Instadebit is one of the flexible payment methods that lets people to take out their payments directly from their bank accounts without the involvement of any third parties. It has been established to facilitate Canadian gamers after taking into consideration the fact that more number of online gamers from Canada are increasingly depending upon their bank accounts for depositing money on casino games of their choice. The best advantage Canadians can get through this process is that Instadebit is totally free. No transaction charges are levied at any point of time for utilising their services.

The procedure of getting access to the features of Instadebit is very simple. Just register your bank account with this payment facilitator. This lets you to organise all your monetary transactions and in turn you can realise all the payments made through Instadebit. You can stay secure about its credentials as a majority of the Canadians are now depending heavily on it. Whenever you are transacting your Instadebit account, maximum privacy of yours will be guaranteed always. In case you are avid shopper online, you need not go through the heck of submitting your credit card details for every financial transaction you make. Almost every merchant regards Instadebit, the process of making purchases has never been this instant before.

This also saves you from bothering about latest financial frauds like identity thefts. As you will not be using your credit card details for buying any product or service online, you will assure maximum safety as Instadebit contains all the features of a credit card. Considering this feature is extensively targeted at Canadians, this has become already a rage in Canada. The procedure of signing up is organised in a simple manner. Firstly, any person who would like to have an account of Instadebit, must sign an online application form. This is to authenticate the basic identification details of yours.

The added advantage is that banks instantly process requests upon receiving the application form from us that you have filled for Instabebit. After realisation of your account, you will find out what a remarkable difference it makes to your purchasing capacity. You need not have to face any hassles. Furthermore, you will be having the flexibility of using either your bank account in Canada or through Instadebit, according to the situation. One fine feature is that the way you sign up for Instadebit is different. You will feel like as if you are making a purchase. It is as easy as you feel.

Imagine you stop at a casino on the roadside while you were on your way as usual. Suddenly, you get a wonderful thought of spending some time at the casino. As your Instadebit card is already in hand, you need not think twice about making the payment. Just show your card to the dealer and the payment will be realised soon and you can start enjoying your favourite online casino games. This glorifies that you need not have an already signed up account for playing. The timing will be so instant that you will be signing up for an account at the casino then and there itself and you can also start playing, right from that moment onwards.

You security is given the first priority in case of an Instadebit account. You can check the details of every transaction you made through the Transaction History option that exists on the first page of your account. You can get instant access to the 24 x 7 operated Customer Support in case of any problems while you are trying to transact or accessing your account details. On an overall, Instadebit is the payment method that you should prefer as a Canadian for all your purchases, especially when transactions with a casino are involved.

Instadebit is used at casinos powered by Microgaming, Boss media, Prima, Cryprtologic, playtech, rtg and more


Firepay used for Depositing Money at Online Casinos.

Are you familliar with "prepaid debit cards"? If so, than this is very simillar. You create a firepay account online and fund it using your credit card or bank account. Once ready, you can then make a deposit at the casinos that accept Firepay as a deposit option. It is simple!

You may not know this, but they have been around for a long time. They are one of the earliest deposit methods that online casinos implimented into the cashiers. Because of that most gamblers know about this option and have great trust in it. They provide a safe and secure environment for your online funds.

It costs nothing to create a new firepay account and once you make a transfer into it and the money is in, you can instantly make a transfer to a casino.

when you are paid your winnings by the casino, you can withdraw the funds to your bank account for free and should you need any assitance they have 24/7 support!

If this is not for you, there are other casino deposit methods that you may like better. They are found on the menu to the left.

All the casinos that are listed on this site accept firepay as a deposit option and below you will find the best online firepay casinos to play at. ;-)


ECO Card for money Deposits at Casinos

ECO Card is an online payment system launched back in 2000. The mission of ECO Card is to offer a trusted online payment alternative to clients from more than 25 countries. This payment method is popular among the gamblers from Europe and United States.

They are offering a safe and reliable alternative to credit cards, that started to be not so reliable when it comes to buying casino chips. Most banks from US are not allowing to make these purchases, this is the reason why ECO Card is a great solution.

ECO Card is a prepaid debt card, that will allow its clients to use it in a safe environment. ECO Card is a popular payment method among online casinos around the world. The clients that want to fund their ECO Card casino with chips will have the opportunity to send payments by bank transfer, western union, and even money gram. After they deposit these funds in their ECO Card account, they will be able to start making purchases at any online casino that accepts this payment method and can be referred to as an Eco Card Casino

Please note that ECO Card does not allow any more customers to join their online payment system since 08.2007. So in case you will want to join an online casino you should try to search for a different payment method that is still accepted there.

ECO Card is not going to charge you any fees for the online transactions that you will be making. You might pay a fee the moment you decide to withdraw money, from your ECO Card account, and the moment you will fund your account you might pay a fee to your local bank. Making online payments will be free of charge.

Right now there are plenty of ECO Card casinos. And this online payment method is still very popular among the Europeans, that have the opportunity to fund their online casino account in their local currency. ECO Card is currently accepting: US dollars, Euro and Pounds Sterling.

In order to sign up for ECO Card you will need to have a credit card or a bank account, since this way you will be able to fund your account, or withdraw some money.

This online payment system is 100% secure, thanks to one of the most secured online payment technology that is used by ECO Card. The main goal of this company is to make sure that all the transactions done online are processed completely secured.

By using ECO Card you will be able to cut down the identity theft or Internet fraud, two problems that started to be encountered more and more often. Play safe, pick an Eco Card Casino



What is citadel? they are Canadian and based in Vancouver. They offer members the ability to transfer money in a fast and secure manner from their banks to the internet casinos. You can use checks, debit cards, credit cards or wire transfer (USA or Canada) as an option to fund your online citadel wallet.

The method is popular amongst casino players as an option for making payments to fund player accounts.


Credit Card Casinos - Very Convenient & Fast Deposit Option

There are many Credit Card Casinos and if you already have a credit card and you most likly have one ;) than all you need to find is a credit card casino that will accept the visa credit card, master credit card, dinners club card etc. to use for a deposit. It is the BEST deposit option for online casinos as most 99% will accept them and can be used by USA players too.

Most casinos will accept VISA and MASTERCARDS and using them is very simple. Once you successfully register you credit card with the casino cashier, you can than start depositing funds into your casino player account.

All casino credit card transactions are processed in less than a minute and once complete you can immidiatly play casino games using the deposited funds. What is ever better is the fact that there is NO SERVICE FEES and when you receive your credit card statement it will only state "Purchase" for the deposit you made at the casino.

Because it is perhaps the simplest deposit method to use, I advise that you keep a good record of every credit card deposit (visa deposit, mastercard deposits). Most casino will make this easy for you by keeping a record for you in your player account.

Another positive feature is that you can also increase your deposit limits after contacting the casino in question.

As already stated, visa and mastercard deposit option is fairly common amongst gamblers and we recomend the casinos below if you wish to try them. There are other option for deposits.


Deposit at Casinos using Central Coin e-wallet

There are many casinos that accepts Central Coin to make deposits. If you have a central coin ewallet account than you can check the casino we recomend further down. If you are new to Citadel, you may want to consider opening an account and it is free to do so!

Central coin is powered by PAGO eTransactions Services GmbH that is a member of the Deutsche Bank group of companies. Central coin allows you to move funds from your bank account to the casinos with ease. Depositing at the casinos using central coin and withdrawing winnings from your ewallet account is a matter of a few clicks. If you wish you can also have them issue you an ATM card that you can use at any ATM to withdraw the cash fast :)

Accessing the account can be done at anytime 24/7 by visiting their secure website. They have not been around as long as ex. Neteller and they are fairly new and cater to the online gambling sector.

There are many Central Coin Casinos to choose from and below you will find our recomendation that will not disapoint you, only IMPRESS you! ;-)


The ACH Deposit Option (Automated Clearing House)

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and it is a fairly simple but very secure method to make online payments to casinos. This option is only available to you if you reside in the United States!

If you use this method month will be sending to a checking or savings account and receiving from a checking or savings account. You may have already guessed but there is a disadvantage that many are not willing to suffer. If you use this method, payment is not available until it clears and it usually can take 10 for this to happen. Thus delaying your deposits into your casino player account and also a delay when you decide to have your winnings paid out and made available to you for withdrawal from the bank account.

Other than that, there is a minimum payout amount that the casinos enforce. usually it is about $50. Please find below ACH casinos that would allow for ACH Deposits and ACH Withdrawals of winnings.


900Pay - Use your Phone to Deposit at an Online Casino

900 Pay represents a very good alternative to credit cards that you can use in order to start making a deposit at online casinos. Right now many online casinos are declining credit cards and in case you find yourself in that position, the best thing you could do is to start looking for alternative payment methods and 900Pay is the perfect one.

900Pay is also a great alternative for those players that don’t have a credit card. The concept behind this payment option is very simple. Instead of using online payment ewallets or credit cards all you have to do at 900pay is make a phone call at the number provided by them and your phone bill is going to get charged and you can automatically start enjoying the online casino games.

So when you will select at an online casino the 900pay payment method, all you have to do is to click on the button and you will be provided with a 900 number. When you will call that number, the payment is going to be automatically made and you can then proceed with the transaction.

This service can be used even by those online casino players that do have a credit card, but they don’t want to share their sensitive credit card information with the online casinos.

The 900Pay service is currently available only in United States. And in order to use it you must not have your 900-service block on the telephone number that you are using. In case you have the 900-service blocked you will have to contact your phone service provider and ask them to remove the 900 calls block.

Everything is very simple and easy to use. The best thing about this payment solution is the fact that there are no additional costs involved. The same amount that you will be charged on your phone bill is going to be deposited at the online casino where you are planning to play. This means that there will be absolutely no hidden fees or long distance charges to your telephone bill. Before you will use the 900Pay payment method you will have to confirm that you are of the legal age and that you will later be fully responsible of paying your phone bill when it will arrive.

This payment method represents a very safe way you could start making deposits at your favorite online casinos, even if you are located in the US.

Thanks to the fact that this online payment method is so great, there is a really impressive number of online casinos that are using this payment method. Especially Casinos that accept us players

This payment method is mostly used for making deposits at online casino, but in case you would like to use it for withdrawals; they are going to issue them in the form of bank drafts.

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