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If you’re an ardent regular player of casino games for fun or play casino games for money, or an expert you definitely are aware of the game, craps. It is a noisy, exciting and exhilarating dice game that requires showing up the same spot when rolled. It is also known as Bank Craps and is a table game which involves 2 dices. The dices are specially made with particular standards to be met that are strict and are inspected regularly to check for any damages.

Craps is a bewitching casino game played for money by gregarious gamblers, who get excited as much as the mercury of the dice rises. The origin of craps is very interesting and was formerly known as the game of hazard. This game was created during the time of the Crusades in Palestine sometime during the year 1100. Hazard again is a derivative from the word “Al-zahr” which is an Arabic phrase.  Although the medieval players loved the game they found the contest a bit dangerous. The game was introduced in the European countries by the crusaders and spread like wild fire as the ages passed. The game of hazard also has a mention in the Canterbury tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer. The game of Craps entered the US via New Orleans and was bought by the French sailors, who nicknamed the game to “crabs”. To the Americans “crabs” had a resonance like “craps” from where it caught on and stayed, although still known as hazard in most parts of Europe.

Craps is not difficult to learn either by those looking to play for money or if your just playing a casino game for fun. Being the fastest of all table games, it’s a major attraction for fun, games and noise. With the advent of the internet opening up gaming websites where one can play this game for fun or for money with players all around the world, is only getting popular. You can chose to play this casino game for pc, or if you’re a Mac user, you can choose the casino game for Mac. While playing in a casino, most casinos have introduced stricter rules when it comes to the dice. The dice is checked regularly for any damage, and is replaced after every eight hours. This game requires the player to use the dice with only one hand while throwing and make sure it hits the wall of the opposite sides of the table. The game begins with the first round called the “Come out Roll” and usually begins only if the first player doesn’t make a seven out or a Point. The layout has three areas where the centre separates the two areas.

The Passline bet is simple to understand. Before a new shooter rolls the dice, you can put in your bet (come out roll). If the shooter happens to get a 7 or 11 you win, incase if it’s a 2, 3, or 12 you stand to loose. If the dice shows up with another number, it is considered to be a point number. Before the shooter rolls a seven he is required to roll that particular number again, if he does, you win the money for your bet or else you loose.

The Odds bet happens when the point is already got and another bet is placed on the passline bet. Most places allow you to make a double bet, where you can place your bet twice on double the amount of your passline bet. E.g. if the passline bet is $10 your double odds would be $20.

The game of craps is also available for those who are interested to play online. It mostly requires a person to create an online account and can be played with a minimum fee deposit or free. Online casinos offer players to choose between Casino game for Pc and Casino game for Mac.

Furthermore, several games can now be played on the iphone via iphone casinos (ipad casinos, itouch casinos). If you have an iphone or a mobile phone check out the mobile casino games


The Craps Don't Pass Bet - Bridge It Or Heel It?

To give you a quick explanation of this slightly complicated betting structure, a bridge occurs when the payoff on a Don't Pass Odds bet is equal to the amount of the Flat Bet.  The bet is made up of two portions, with the portion equaling the Flat Bet placed directly next to the flat bet itself.  Then, the remainder of the Don't Pass Odds Bet is placed on top, creating a "bridge" between the two amounts. It seems confusing at first, right?  Don't get discouraged, the dealer can quickly explain this betting structure to you so it's easy to understand. 

If the payoff for a Don't Pass Odds Bet does not end up equaling the amount of the Flat Bet, then the Don't Pass Odds bet is "heeled".  What exactly does this mean?  The bottom chip of your Odds bet is placed directly next to the Flat Bet.  All of the remaining Odds Bet chips are placed on top of that single, bottom chip. 

So should you bridge it or heal it?  Experience is the best teacher in this betting scenario.  Keeping track of how many wins you accrue through both bridging and heeling, as well as the circumstances involved in the win, will help you to form a more reliable strategy.  The decision to include this bet in your craps playing efforts should be based on the statistical probability of winning through your own experience.  If you actually win with bridging and heeling, bringing you a larger profit than you started with, it makes sense to place some of these bets to win. Knowing this you can also Play craps for money at online casinos

It seems confusing at first, right?  Don't get discouraged, the dealer can quickly explain this betting structure to you so it's easy to understand.  Actually, the dealer can help you place the bridged or heeled bet depending on the circumstances at hand.  A dealer's job isn't just to deal cards and accept bets, they are also required to be helpful and forthcoming with information pertaining to the game. It won't take very long for you to learn how this bet works, and once you know, it's like riding a bike.  You never forget.


Field Bet in Online Casino Craps

The field bet in the game of craps, whether played online or off, operates on the same principle.  There are eight "field" numbers that you can win with in this game.  The field is classified as a one roll bet, meaning the bet ends with one roll, win or lose.  Field numbers give you a 44.4 percent chance of winning the bet, not bad considering the fact a field bet is just a bet, and isn't part of a strategy system by itself.  These numbers are 2, 3, 4, 10, 11 and 12.  The non-field numbers are 5, 6. 7. and 8.  Strangely enough, non field numbers come up most often and have the most possible roll combinations.  Non-field numbers make up 20 of the possible 36 combinations.   

Some say craps strategy is all hog wash and you should leave the game up to it's normal probability ratios.  Other people take a different stand on the matter and use strategy systems to tilt the odds in their favor.  Whether or not a strategy system will work for you depends on who you are.  If numbers are your thing, you'll probably do well.  

Basically, when three consecutive non-field numbers appear in a row, it would be a matter of probability to bet on the field.  Similar to flipping a coin, the odds work out to about 50/50.  When you are betting in the game of craps, you are either placing a field bet or non-field bet.  Other than that this betting method is not a complex strategy, it just is what it is.  Pretty simple.

Are there field bet systems out there to purchase? Yes.  Are there field bet systems out there for free?  Yes.  Should I consider including a field bet strategy system in my game playing?  Maybe.  With any strategy system you are using, you must come through on a premise.  This person did well and so will I.  This isn't always true because everyone is different.  Especially in craps, the roll of the dice always comes up with different numbers.

Using a field bet all the time in the game of craps is probably not a good idea.  The wisest idea would be to mix up your bets to include all the numbers and play the game the way it was meant to be played.  Less stress at the online casinos means more playing time for you.  It also ensures you will get the chance to return to the online casino for another night of enjoyment. 


Professional Craps Player MytHs?

There are many people in this world who would like you to think there is a professional way to play craps.  This is not only a myth, it's a clever way to scam you out of your hard earned cash.  Because the odds are always in favor of the casino, there is no real way to come out on top and stay a winner.  It's just not going to happen.  Statistically, the only real way to stay a winner at craps is to get lucky with the starting bonus most casinos offer new players.  Skipping from casino to casino and collecting these cash bonuses can provide enough of a head start to make anybody a winner. 

Looking at the definition of professional, there is no way that it can possibly pertain to the game of craps.  Blackjack, maybe.  Considering there is an immense amount of skill involved in it, there are professionals who know how to win more than lose.  But craps?  No way, no how.  Internet guides and gambling books try and make you believe there can be short and long term strategy to this game, but a simple fact remains.  A professional gambler survives and makes enough money to be called such.  You will never find a professional craps player who has been successful enough in the long term to be considered one. 

Never purchase a professional craps guide.  Putting stock in being able to win professionally at craps is a waste of time and can be a dangerous venture.  It's easy to be fooled by the gold and glitter of a fantasy lifestyle.  Not many people have the intelligence to successfully make gambling their full time job.  It takes a certain type of person, a mathematically proficient individual, skilled in both financial management and the ways of professional gambling to make it happen. 

If your looking to become a professional gambler, there are more worthwhile games than craps.  If a casino offers a bonus for playing craps, take them up on it.  Otherwise, most gamblers would advise you to stick to games with better odds.  With only a few exceptions, the only game you can truly master in the casino is Blackjack.  Take comfort in this truth, it will save you a lot of heart break and disappointed in the future.  If your looking to make a life out of playing craps, don't waste your time.  Remember, craps is supposed to be fun and entertaining.  It's not supposed to be looked at as a means to escape your 9-5.  Many players have learned the hard way that professional gambling is not something that's easily accomplished.  Play smart and don't be disappointment if you can't win all the time.  You will have a much better time at gambling if you enjoy it the way it was meant to be

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