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Blackjack players: Eleanore Dumont , Alice Walker, Cathy Hulbert

Women Players that Make Names in Blackjack

Way back in time, women used to accompany their husbands in casinos while playing. They just sat beside their partners bored and exhausted of being static for how many hours and found delight in seeing their husbands stood up and went home. But that was long ago. Modern life now is very different with women very much involved in everything.

Nowadays, it is not unusual to find women in fields mostly associated to men. Like in casino games women are noted players since Blackjack was introduced but to reign in the field is something very significant. Their skills and dedication in surpassing other playing strategies of both men and women are very remarkable. So, here are the top three women who show extraordinary talent in playing the most popular casino game in the world, Blackjack.

Eleanore Dumont a.k.a. Madame Mustache

Madame Mustache was the first professional player of Blackjack. She had gone a long way in her Blackjack career for three decades and became an icon of the game in her times.

It was in 1854 when she built her own casino house in Nevada, California. She just moved in the city and residents were suspicious of her intentions in residing the place. The issues on her were lifted the moment she started hosting the casino and gaining patrons. She was known as a lovely and gracious host of the house that Blackjack players are aspiring to have a match with. Nevertheless, it was her skills and professionalism in playing the game that made this French lady so popular and attractive to miners and workers of the town.

She invited many guests to join her in “Vingt-Et-Un” (her casino) and she herself made the dealing of cards and promised to share a toast of champagne to everyone coming. Citizens enjoyed playing the game with her. They didn’t mind losing at any cost as long as they got the chance of playing face to face with Madame Mustache.

As time passed by she gained more popularity even to the neighboring towns. People, especially men, took the risk of travelling just to see the alluring Frenchwoman. She was indeed a very good hostess requesting guests to remain decent by not uttering bad languages while in the house. What’s good about playing with Madame Dumont is the free drink she offered to losing party. It was a good consolation that many wished to lose a game with her than winning on any other player aside from the French hostess.

After a few years when luck wasn’t on her side, she began moving her business and it was in 1861 when she met Jack McNight whom she fell in love with. They got married and not long after they lived together her husband abandoned her taking her money and valuable possessions with him. This had left Madame Mustache in sorrow and despair with nothing to cling on financially. That started her hard times until she decided to go into prostitution to sustain her needs for survival.

This was the time when people started calling her Madame Mustache as her beauty began to fade away because of the hard life that she was into. Her once beautiful face that most men admired had gone unpleasant showing signs of age and depression. In 1879 on the 8th day of September she decided to stop all her misfortunes by committing suicide in Bodie, California, where she last moved in. She was included in the nomination list in the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2006 in honor and respect to her contribution in Blackjack game.

Cathy Hulbert / Kathy Hulbert

Cathy Hulbert or “Cat” has always shown her passion for playing cards. In fact, she made herself graduate from college with the help of her extra winnings in playing cards. After graduation she worked in New York State Senate. It was a great profession but her heart was leading her to another course. And so, she decided to move in Las Vegas in 1976 in the hope of playing poker professionally. However, when she landed in one of the casinos there she worked as a dealer of Blackjack cards; a job that is very far from her previous work but that didn’t stop her from her dream of becoming an expert player of Poker someday. As long as she’s near to cards she thought of it just somewhere waiting for her reach.

Until such time that Cat had eyed on this guy named Peter. Peter seemed to win on wagering high amounts in Blackjack and lost on lower bets. Her confusion had led her asking the guy and Peter showed her the skill of card counting. After learning, she later joined the group called “The Czechs”. This team travelled around the continent of Europe playing Blackjack at casinos and won several times gaining huge amount of money.

During her comeback in the United States she became an asset to the well-known Blackjack team of Ken Uston. Again the team had won huge amount of money until such time that Cat was being banned from all 150 casino houses in different states. She was even arrested numerous times. She kept her identity by disguising as a guy and wearing wigs to deceive the casino security. Afterwards, Cat decided to quit playing Blackjack after such instances and went back to playing poker instead. Besides, poker is where her heart is even from the start.

Right now she manages and runs her own online site called and she receives recognitions from all over the world. She is still active in Poker tournaments and she is considered as the best woman gambler. Despite her busy schedule she’s also into writing and released a book with title “Outplaying the Boys: Poker Tips for Competitive Women”.  She was also one of the contents in the book of Richard Munchkin called “Gambling Wizards”.  

Indeed, Cathy Hulbert had gone a long way. She never dreamed of becoming this popular and great in Blackjack and Poker. She’s willing to share what she has achieved and gives tips to those who want to enter the same track as hers.

Alice Walker

Another woman to make name in Blackjack is Alice Walker. She is from Houston, Texas and very passionate about playing cards. She’s also noted for being a versatile card player good at both Poker and Blackjack. She fetched the two championship award in two different niches in two successive years.

In 2006, she made herself known to all as the best player of Poker after winning the National 3-Card Poker Championship. That was a great tournament where Alice remained after each player started getting eliminated one by one. Some said that it was just her lucky day but Walker proved her skill in playing cards after winning again the World Series of Blackjack in the following year. She went home with $500,000 in her pocket. It was so amazing how a lovely black American swept out all her opponents in the track. She made everyone proud especially women who were also card games enthusiasts.

Being a champion of Poker in 2006 and a champion of Blackjack in 2007 is enough to make her name included in the list of best card players.