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Gambling in Canada

Gambling in Canada has turned into big business recently. It used to be a sparsely populated, cold, and desolate region of the world. Today, Canada's overall business presence has gained incredible notoriety, and with that notoriety an expansion in all areas of commerce. That includes gambling.

Gambling in Canada? Doesn't seem to fit the normal scenario, right? Well, sort of, and that's part of the lure of Canadian gambling. In fact, during the 1800's Canada banned gambling altogether, claiming that everything except horse racing was in violation of the Canadian Criminal Code. Slowly, but surely, the Canadian Criminal Code was revised to allow additional forms of gambling without a penalty of law. Under the control of the provincial and territorial governments, all forms of gambling have been introduced to serve the greater interests of Canada. For example, charities can open casinos for the purpose of generating revenue for the greater good of others. 11 percent of all Canadian gambling is run by charities with the remaining 89 percent under control of the Canadian government.

Internet gambling, however, is not listed as a legal and recognized form of Canadian gambling. As a matter of fact, any online gambling operations accessed or stationed within Canadian borders is outlawed. Going a step further, Canada has outlawed offshore casinos as well.

Canada has over 100,000 separate locations for players to gamble. There are 31,537 slot machines, 38,252 VLT's, 32,932 lottery ticket centers, 1,880 bingo halls, 59 permanent casinos, 70 race tracks, and 107 teletheatres. In the year 1999, the Canadian government took in a total of 5.5 billion dollars in profit. After all expenses were taken out, this figure is just under the annual alcohol and tobacco sales total of 5.9 billion. Pretty impressive, considering gambling rarely winds up in favor of the gambler.

The future of Canadian gambling looks profitable, but far less than statistical greatness of it's American counterpart. Gambling treatment programs swallowed up 28 million dollars in revenue during the year of 1999. That comes to $1.20 in taxes per year out of the pockets of every adult Canadian.

Law enforcement surrounding Internet gambling in Canada have stepped their efforts up a notch. Considering the average total loss for each adult gambling patron comes to $400 dollars, this isn't such a bad thing. The provinces think that Internet gambling crackdowns are a wise move as well, considering they take in a whopping 3.41 percent of their total revenue from their provincially controlled casinos. More and more people are finding out the hard way, saying no to Internet gambling is easier said than done.


Casinos in British Columbia Casinos & Gambling

In case you didn't know, British Columbia is a province of Canada. BC has 24 casinos and ranks second throughout Canada in terms of gambling popularity. Inside BC is Vancouver, Canada's casino champion. Vancouver has 5 different casinos, each with their own look and feel. Because this article is short, we will only be taking a look at the two most popular casinos in the province of British Columbia.

Edgewater casino is the undisputed king of British Columbian gambling. This casino is an incredibly large gaming facility, capable of providing gambling amenities to large groups of people. 30,000 square feet of impeccably clean gambling space, 60 table games to choose from, and a visually stunning feast for the eyes awaits masses of gamblers who approach their doors. Sporting downtown Vancouver's only poker room, it is an immensely popular casino location. A high limit room provides action for more financially fortunate casino patrons. It's also a slot players paradise, with 500 ticket in/ticket out style machines. They also offer generous gaming promotions that change and shift according to the financial status of Edgewater Casino. This casino also cleverly offers dining at the touch of a button. You heard right! You can be ticking away at the slots, your hunger hits, and at the touch of a button a server will arrive to take your order. Amazing eh? And if that kind of food service doesn't quite tickle your fancy, you can always dine at their in-casino restaurant: The Splash Bistro. International menu selections, an outdoor patio with a scenic view of the waterfront, and expertly trained chefs ensure your dining experience will be truly sensational. Edgewater Casino is the best and largest casino in Vancouver, so be sure to visit for one of the finest gambling experiences you could possibly have.

nooksack River casinoThe second casino we will be taking a look at is the Nooksack Casino. A perfect name for a good time if we do say so ourselves. This popular casino is home to over 450 slot machines, high value promotional incentives, fabulous dining, and all your favorite table games, all perfect for the high roller on your list. Not only does this casino offer exceptionally high class gambling options, but they are also connected to high demand musical venues. Concerts on the Green is their newest creation, designed specifically to provide something extra to casino patrons. Famous groups such as Loverboy, and even all day festivals are provided to shower this casino's customers in the lavish lifestyle of professional music.

Casinos in Manitoba

Check out the prairie province of Canada! Gambling, fine dining, and amazing control over Canada's casino industry makes this province a popular gambling locale with enough good times to be called truly impressive. Although Canada's casino industry is miniscule compared to the United States, pound for pound Manitoba's casinos hit just as hard as their American counterparts. Take a look with us, if you will, at a few fantastic casinos offered in the province of Manitoba.

Club Regent CasinoThe Club Regent Casino is one of the largest gambling locales in all of Canada. Over 800 slot machines decorate this incredibly unique casino location. A 150,000 liter saltwater aquarium provides visitors with something truly special for their hard earned dollars, featuring a real Spanish Galleon and the treasure it held when it capsized. This extraordinary view is described as a visually soothing and honestly hypnotizing experience.

There is also a parrot on the scene named Calypso, a feisty blue and gold Macaw. She loves to talk, adding an air of beautiful wildlife to all patrons of the casino. There are not many casinos like the Club Regent. Taking their nature casino to one of the highest levels of natural beauty, they have spared no expense.

Dining at the Club Regent is also a site to behold, featuring extravagant lunch and dinner buffets that don't break your budget. There Blue Parrot gift shop will appeal to any gift giver visiting the casino, featuring gifts like travel accessories and more. Overall, the Club Regent Casino is a visually passionate and thoroughly legitimate casino venue. With gambling being taken so seriously in Canada, you can ensure your visit to Club Regent is completely legal, government licensed, and quality fun for the whole family. Just ask Calypso, he knows!

The second casino we took a look at, ranking similarly high on the popularity scale, is called the McPhillips Street Station Casino. A stunning 174,000 square feet of gaming paradise sporting 1,261 gambling machines bless gamblers fortunate enough to walk through their doors a cascade of welcoming feelings. Gambling at casinos like this one provides a stronghold of good vibes and exciting thrills. No matter who you are, you have a chance to win the life of your dreams at this exciting casino. There are two restaurants on the casino property as well, fit to give your taste buds an exciting experience. As you may have guessed, the gambling and dining offered here is a world class affair.


Casinos in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a highly populated province of Canada. Nearly a million people call this area on the southeastern coast there home. There are two main casinos in this province, providing the majority of high rolling gambling experiences for the region. Canada's gambling scene is highly regulated by the government, effectively limiting the number of casinos operating within the country. Thusly, large scale casinos that stay in operation are a site to behold, offering world class gaming for aficionados across the globe. Lets take a look at these two incredibly successful casinos a little closer.

Casino Nova ScotiaCasino Nova Scotia offers 310 slot machines, free poker lessons from professional card players, a players club with participation rewards, delicious dining, promotions, contests, and more! This is one of the most popular casinos in the area, prominently displaying their success through tournaments, giveaways, and an impeccably clean casino environment. While Nova Scotia may not be the gambling capital of the world, they still put on quite an impressive display of wealth. This casino's slot tournament is a highly popular event, held during select days throughout the year. As one of the most popular casinos in the area, this unique casino offering continues to enjoy incredible success.

The second casino we will be taking a closer look at is the Dartmouth Sportsplex Bingo Hall, featuring bingo on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. The doors open at 5:30 and feature a variety of different games to choose from. The Atlantic Lottery Super Star Bingo Game is also offered as one of their most popular features. With so few gambling options available to the residents of Nova Scotia, this casinos bingo games are always packed with people. They even have a bingo information line available, making it easy to get information about new events and happenings.

Gambling in Nova Scotia has never been hotter, despite their cold weather. There is also a second Casino Nova Scotia, making a total of two across the provinces of Halifax and Sydney. In addition to those, there is the Rodd Grand hotel, offering six gaming machines and a hotel with 138 rooms. Gambling across Canada is hard to find, but if you are planning a gambling trip to Nova Scotia, these are the only places to go. Good luck in all of your gambling endeavors, and may your wildest dreams come true.


Casinos in Quebec

Quebec has some awesome places to live a high rolling lifestyle. As Canada's largest province, Quebec has some of the most sought after places to gamble. There are nearly 7 and a 1/2 million people living in Quebec today, enough to ensure that every gambling experience takes a new and exciting turn for the better! Let's take a more in-depth look at what Quebec has to offer. Two casino giants stand out amongst the rest, especially in terms of size and gaming options. Want to know which casinos are king of Quebec? Let's find out.

Casino du Lac-Leamy.The first casino to appear in our most popular listing is the Casino du Lac-Leamy. This casino is incredibly vast, featuring an incredible 319,105 feet of gaming space. 1,900 gaming machines are accessible and open to everyone, so you can be sure that you won't be left without a extensive list of gaming options to choose from. This exceptionally successful casino also offers a spread of tournaments in appreciation of their patrons business. The Haunted Slot Machine tournament occurs on October 20th of 2009. The subscription fee is set at $150 dollars with a maximum user limit of 150 people. This casino also puts on various shows, always in good taste. Come see the time, effort, and perfection that an incredibly wealthy casino can provide their patrons.


Casino de Charlevoix in La MalbaieFor purposes of conserving time and keeping this article short and sweet, we are only listing the two most popular casinos in Quebec. The Casino de Charlevoix in La Malbaie, Canada is another large scale, high class casino on the level you would find in Vegas. 69,940 feet make up the floor of the casino, and 842 separate gaming machines provide the action. For card players, there are also twenty seven table/poker games, 5 different restaurants, two bars, and an extravagant hotel with 405 rooms. This casino has all the popular gambling machines that made casinos popular throughout the ages, and with five different restaurants serving a different variety of food, you won't have to sacrifice your favorite food for convenience. The bars can provide you with drinks, should the need arise, and you can be sure they will be made by the most talented bartenders in all of Quebec. So stop by the Casino de Charlevoix to experience the finest in Canadian gambling and a dining experience delicious enough to be called world class. Good luck and see you soon!


Casinos in Ontario

Ontario is quite the gambling location in Canada. Their extensive list of casinos and horse tracks offer their visitors something truly special. This has to be one of Canada's most popular and lavishly furnished locations to live the gambling lifestyle, and we're going to take a look at the casinos that make it happen. Canada is not nearly as prominent of a place to gamble as the United States, so the gamblers appreciate any chance to play at a higher level. Without further adue, here are the casinos!

Caesars Windsor is located in Windsor, Ontario. Open 24 hours per day, this casino features 100,000 square feet of gambling splendor. 2,650 different machines and ninety seven table/poker games decorate their monstrous floor, providing so much more than just a casino. Five restaurants, one bar, and two hotels sport a total of 758 rooms.

The design of the hotel is completely modern, providing the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. The best casinos in the world are far more than just monstrous gambling grounds, and the Caesars Windsor is no exception. A 10,000 square feet natural atrium fitness center pampers their patrons with a world class exercising experience. An indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, and complex fitness equipment allows gamblers to take care of their bodies while spending their vacation at the tables.

The Casino Niagara is also a popular attraction in Ontario, serving gambling patrons through a fabulously large 85,000 foot gambling floor. 1,850 machines decorate this gambling arena coupled with a lavish forty five table games to choose from. The promotions they offer are nothing less than fantastic! If you are looking for a successful casino, wanting to make sure there are upfront incentives to play, this is a perfect place. Strong casinos always offer their patrons a token of gratitude through their generous promotions.

If you're a good player you may even be able to turn it into a night of incredible winnings. If you get hungry or the urge to spend a night enjoying spirits hits you, there are three restaurants and two bars to choose from. World class dining is synonymous with high stakes gambling. If you want to experience the best of both worlds, you should really give the Casino Niagara a visit. Serving thousands of gamblers per year, this casino earned a spot in our list with flying colors. Bar none, this is one of the most successful casinos in Ontario.

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