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Griffin Investigations : Blackjack Fraud

In the onset of Blackjack card counting teams, casinos have been reported to lose large amount of revenues. Successive wagering and winnings of these teams can disable any casino which will further result to filing of bankruptcy. This is when the Griffin Investigations had been organized by Robert Griffin and Beverly S. Griffin in 1967. The company is made up of private investigators disseminated in the venue of the casino house spying on possible card counting cheats and professional players using such technique in playing casino games.

A certain casino must subscribe first before getting such services of the Griffin Investigations. It had been reported that almost half of all the casino houses in US have subscribed for profit security and attack prevention of infamous teams using the art of illegal Blackjack card counting method.

Private investigators were properly trained in using biometric strategies in spotting anyone trying to use illegal measures of winning or those trying to steal chips and impersonating casino employees. These people will be put in the Griffin Book with photos, complete profiles and other related information and will be handed over to the security force of the casino for surveillance. Any subscribed casino operator has access on the Griffin’s database where programs for easy investigation like face identification, history and information of the counters of Blackjack games, all-day access to the investigators and other safety and technical support that the company provides.

The notorious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Blackjack group operations were stopped by the Griffin Investigations. It was a good performance of the company that made other casino houses to incorporate its services in their own houses. Even professional players who do not use any equipment or instrument in counting cards are also being tracked by investigators. Casino operators do not want these “head counters” playing for they are sure to win the jackpot consecutively by merely applying some probability techniques. These people can still contribute to the downfall, if ever, of the casino.

Despite the beneficial effects of hiring private investigators from Griffin Investigations there are still some downsides of the company to consider. Since the company used biometric technology in identifying individuals, chances of hitting the wrong identity can surely happen. Comparing faces and other facial features aren’t enough. And once you are under or in the Griffin Book you have no escape. Even those who are close to people under surveillance are being pursued too. It’s like a contagious disease that once you acquire you can easily pass on to anyone you get in contact with.

Las Vegas Sun reported in 2005 in the month of September that the Griffin Company had filed for bankruptcy protection after being sued by two gamblers namely, James Grosjean and Michael Russo for defamation charges. The two gamblers were called swindlers and illegally detained after Griffin Investigations provided the information about them. The company, together with the casino house where the two were arrested, was ordered by the court to pay the amount of $25000 both to Russo and Grosjean. In 2000 of April, the same incident also happened with two gamblers. They were arrested after winning $18,000. After staying in prison for a couple of hours the two were released after proving that they were wrongly included in the watch list.

That incident has blemished the reputation of the Griffin Investigation Inc. calling it uncompetitive and unreasonable in providing credible information by those being arrested illegally and being associated to other cheaters whom they absolutely did not know. According to Nickalus Anthony, the only problem with Griffin is the system of putting together all those in their watch list. Counters must be separated from cheaters for the two are very much different in nature.