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Guide to Gambling Online for Real Money

The online gambling industry is currently a multi billion dollars industry and it still manages to grow rapidly into something even bigger than that. In case you are new to the concept, it’s best that you read a little bit about what is going on and what you can do be kept safe from the rogue online casinos and to make sure that you have a fun and entertaining online casino experience where you are given fair chances to win while playing your favorite online casino games. Here you can find a beginner’s guide to online gambling where you can get all the information you need in order to take the right decisions while selecting an online casino room. This is the best way you can make sure that you will be enjoying a safe and entertaining online casino where you don’t have to worry about the problems that other casinos might bring you.

One of the very first things that you should have a look at when signing up for an online casino is the software that they are using. The online casinos are powered by a great diversity of software and what you have to do in order to make sure that everything is okay is to sign up only for those casinos that are using the software provided by reputable developers since only this way you can be sure that the games will be safe, fair and secured. Here is the list with all the software companies that you can trust: Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Wizard Gaming, Wager Works and Rival Gaming.

Another thing that you should take into consideration at an online casino is the jurisdiction where the online casino is licensed. There are currently several jurisdictions from all over the world where the authorities are making sure that the games at the online casinos are fair. This way you can be sure that you will be dealing with reputable casinos. Here is a short list with just a few of these offshore jurisdictions where you can find great online casinos: Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, Khanawake, Isle of Man and Antigua.

Another thing that you can always take into consideration is the year when the online casino was launched. In case an online casino has managed to withstand through the time it means that it has solid grounds. Most of the time the very best casinos that have a long history of providing excellent and fair casino games were launched during the 1996 and 2004 period. These older casinos have already established themselves as reputable brands in the online casino industry. This does not mean that you should not take into consideration the newer online casinos, but what you have to do is to make sure that you have a look at the reviews and what the others have to say about that online casino by checking its reputation before making a deposit.

The payment methods that are available at the online casino are also very important. You should make sure to check them out before signing up since you must be able to make a deposit and also cash out your winnings. Some online casinos are offering a multitude of online payment methods and under these circumstances it’s definitely going to be easy to choose the payment method that works out best for you in terms and speed, availability and cost.

When you are planning to sign up for an online casino, you should always take into consideration all the factors related to the welcome bonuses that are available. This means that you should take a look not only at the size of the bonus but also make sure that you read and understand what the wagering requirements are. By taking all this into consideration it’s going to be a lot easier for you to understand how everything works and to start selecting only the online casinos that will prove to be the most profitable for you. After you manage to clear the bonus and meet the wagering requirements, you can move on and cash out your bonus and winnings.

Overall there are many things that you should take into consideration when signing up for an online casino to play for real money. But after you manage to learn how everything works, you will be able to start enjoying and have a good time playing your favorite online casino games.


1) Are casino winnings taxable?

The moment you manage to win some money at a casino in the United States and you are currently a citizen of the US, the IRS is going to take up to 30% of your winnings and you have to pay it the moment you cash out your winnings at the casino. No matter how you manage to win the money, it could be keno, bingo, roulette, horse/dog racing or even poker, the moment you will want to cash in your money, the attendant is going to ask you more information about your citizenship. This means that in case you win more than $1,200, you are going to be charged up to 30%.

The same thing goes for the online casinos. Many people are saying that if they gamble online, they are doing it overseas with a company that is not part of the United States and it means that you don’t have to pay any taxes. This information is completely false! The US Tax Code says that all income that is created by US citizen is taxable, no matter if it was earned in the US, overseas, or the income was generated on the internet. This means that you have to pay taxes on all the income from whatever source it has derived. This includes gambling.

The tax laws are very different from one country to another, so this means that one player could pay more taxes than other, depending what is their citizenship. The winnings that are going to be made at an online casino are not going to be taxed automatically as it happens at land based casinos in US for non US citizens. However the players will still have to deal on their own with the tax laws that are in their country and it’s going to be the player responsibility to understand and pay the taxes and to deal with your local authorities.

Are casino winnings taxable in Canada?

The answer is very simple. If you are a Canadian citizen you will not have to pay tax for the following type of income:

Winnings from betting or gambling for simple recreation or enjoyment

Lottery winnings

This means that you get to keep all your winnings from an online casino, in case you are Canadian.


2) Are free online games worth playing?

There are many websites which offer free online casino games. You need to register into those websites in order to play those games. You may ask whether they are worth as much as that of playing games in real time at a casino. Well, earlier it would have been difficult to differentiate. The communication technology has improved so much now that latest software, such as Micro gaming software, are now available free of cost. You can download them for free and can play the games that interest you the most. There are often complaints that due to poor visual quality people are unable to play the game in the way they would like to. Also, if the games are not appealing to the eyes considering the graphics and their design, it is a big turn off.

The biggest advantage you get is convenience. You can play your favourite games whenever you find free time. Although there are websites that are not effective in producing user friendly games, online games are still worth with few websites providing exceptional service. Play your favourite games as many times as you want. You can also practise until and unless you get perfect. Meanwhile, there are some worthy websites, which provide you tips on how to play the games. In case of further assistance, you can seek support from customer service department. Avail these services 24 x 7. If you are facing software problems, you can report the same to the concerned department to get the problem rectified. These features cannot be expected when you are playing at a casino.

The process of signing up is very easy. You just need to fill in a form and you will be provided with a unique ID and password for logging in. Every time you want to play these games, you need to access your account with the same ID and password. Points will get added as and when you proceed to play. When you feel like you are perfect, participate in tournaments and earn huge profits. There are bonus points even. Your success factor will decide your fate and future strategy that you have to implement. On a current basis, it is estimated that there are over 360 kinds of games available you can choose from. One of the famous online games is Tomb Raider. Choose a quality software product to avoid frequent disconnections and reduce technical snags.

If you are a novice and not sure of how to play the online version of these casino games; you can seek the trial versions of the games. If you feel comfortable and get used to playing the games, you can start playing as you used to do in case of a real time casino. However, in order to play with a more realistic approach, you need to play with more worth. Check the way others play the game. Seek reviews and valuable suggestions on how to play the game better. Identify the areas wherein you have to improve your game playing tactics. Once you get through all such issues, you can play games with ease. In fact, others can look up for you in case they have got some doubts on how to play the game or to improve their game playing methodology.

Online games are better structured. They offer you credit points, which is based upon your game plan. Additionally, you get referral points for inviting your friends to play online casino games. The most important thing you must never forego is that you need to check the specifications of your system such as hardware, memory and software. As any online game requires enhanced memory slots, casino games are no exception.

3) Are online casinos fair?

Fixing a game is something that no casino wants to be found guilty of. Imagine it, an entire army of players, ready to give their cash up to the machines in the hopes that they walk away with a landslide win. Only at some casinos, the games really are fixed. It's hard to believe that online gambling establishments would stoop so low as to actually cheat the players at games that have odds already stacked in the casinos favor, but they do. While the lion's share of legit online casino establishments use random number generators to derive the outcome of the games, there are certain casinos that set the games to be much more in favor of the casino than a regular card game would.

The random number generators used in the great majority of online casinos are fair. They provide gamblers with a suitable equivalent to the odds of a real card game or slot machine experience. And, as such, most online casinos use this methodology to present their gambling options to their patrons. This presents a safe venue for the great majority of Internet players to choose from, but what about the casinos that blatantly cheat their customers?

Fake online casinos, the ones that make a full effort to make away with all the cash are the most notorious offenders. These fake casinos are usually spotted by smart players and authorities before they get a chance to do too much damage, but what about the players gambling experience they ruin? A great deal of these players will shy away from risking their money on gambling ventures in the future, leading to a great deal of profit taken from the legitimate casinos hands. This is a catastrophic occurrence for gamblers and casinos alike. 

How can you stay safe from these fake casinos? Well, the first thing you should do is research the gambling establishment that you choose to play at and be sure they PAY winnings. This will minimize your chances of choosing a faulty casino to play at and will direct you towards the casinos that are well known for being winners. The odds are pretty much the same for all the legitimate casinos, but when players stumble upon the fake casinos, that's when the trouble begins. Just be sure and do your research, find high ratings for the online casinos you want to gamble at, and you'll be much happier and confident in your gaming experience. You can find a list of safe online casinos

Take it from the experts! Online gambling is not something to be taken lightly. In the wink of an eye all of your gambling cash could be wasted. In order to ensure that players get a fair experience, there are many online casino rating sites that have trained eyes to spot the offending casinos and lead you to one that really pays. Be careful out there, it's a real electronic jungle!

4) Authorization forms at online casinos

Authorization forms at online casinos are one of the most effective ways of keeping fraudulent players and criminals away from the online gaming tables. While it may seem to be needless paperwork for some, for the gambling industry as a whole it's a necessity. The number of criminals trying to make their way to the gambling tables these days is immense. So many in fact, that gambling authorities have made it mandatory to require an authorization form from every single player who chooses to play online. 

It's just a formality for the law abiding citizens who like to try their luck at the many online casino games, but as far as criminals go, it acts as a net. This "net" works to catch these fraudulent thieves and put them behind bars. All in all, the authorization form method of catching online gambling criminals has worked incredibly well. In order for the authorization form to grant you access to the online casino, you must provide proof of your identification along with it. If a criminal is wanted by the police or government authority, the authorization form will allow the law to more effectively do it's job.

Your average player shouldn't worry about the authorization form, as it's not going to violate their personal freedoms, rights, or way of playing at the tables. It's simply a precaution used by casinos to keep themselves safe from financial harm. Rules and laws surrounding online gambling have become more, and with Visa and Mastercard exiting the field as a funding method for gamblers, the stakes are getting higher. Only a select group of people, financially fortunate enough to legally gamble, are allowed to play at the online casinos.

In the future, online authorization forms may become more detailed, requiring additional information about players and their spending habits. As your typical, law abiding gambler has nothing to hide, this shouldn't present much of a problem. It will also help to build an individual profile for each player who chooses to grace the online tables. For criminals, these authorization form addendum's will mean swift and decisive action by authorities. 

Simply put, if you want to gamble at online casinos today or within the near future, you're going to have to be a completely legitimate player. Running background checks and knowing every player who is an avid online gambler helps to deal with crimes before they happen. If authorities know who is playing at the tables, their criminal histories, and other pertinent information, they can be on top of every crime that could possibly be committed. 

Authorization forms are just the beginning of an increasing effort to thwart online crime before it happens. The great majority of players have nothing to worry about, but thieves and criminals beware! With such strict identification and background research, there will be very little chance of any illegal behavior getting past the watchful eyes of the gambling industry


5) What is the auto Play Feature at Online Casinos

There is a feature called auto play available at many online casinos. This feature makes it easy for you to play a repetitive game, such as slots, while focusing your attention elsewhere. One example of where you can find an auto play feature is through rtg casinos. You can enter the number of slot spins you want to use for auto play. There are also criteria you can specify and if the criteria are not met the auto play feature is turned off.

For example, the auto play will stop if a jackpot is won, or stop when you have won a specified amount. You can program it to stop on any win or if you balance is increased by a specific value. You can also specify the feature to stop if your balance is decreased by a certain amount. If a bonus is triggered you can program the auto play feature to turn off. This is very helpful for players of games, especially slot machine players, who are away from their computer or have another screen opened where they are playing a different game or doing something else.

You can even use the auto play feature at online casinos which support the technology on video poker. The feature automatically holds the best cards and discards undesirable cards. If you are an inexperienced player this feature can be ideal for you, however more knowledgeable players who enjoy playing video poker may not want to utilize auto play.

The auto play feature may not be available at all online casinos. When you are considering which online casino to choose, check the FAQ section to see if auto play is offered and if so, on which games. While it is certainly not necessary to play, the feature is convenient for frequent players of games that do not take a lot of thought or skill who want to do other things. You may be a good candidate for the auto play feature at online casinos if you enjoy games like slots, know the criteria you want to specify and want to do something else while your game is running.


6) Can online Casinos be trusted?

Online casinos are tremendously increasing in number targeting many gamers with their new games and fanciful presentations of video games and other traditional casino table games like the Blackjack and Texas Hold’em. Despite the remarkable increment noted there are still gamers hesitant to try out these “in the trend” online casinos. Many wonder if online casinos are rigged or safe. Beyond convenience, as what these internet casinos are of advantage than real casinos, players are still securing their funds and credit lines before thinking of playing on.

How strange it is to wager some amount of money to anyone you don’t even see and know about? Anyone can have second thoughts in betting for security purposes. Scammers are everywhere in the internet and can attack anytime. So, how will you know if the online casino you are about to join is legit or not?

First, let us identify the difference between offline and online casinos. Online casino games are usually presented in fascinating and eye-catching interface compared to slot machines. Symbols and patterns are being added for desirability reasons. Offline casinos or in-house casinos are easy to judge their reputation. Most gamers are inside casino houses which are respected for their honest and fair operation. However, in online casinos, there’s a big difference in that judgment alone. You cannot tell the legitimacy of an online casino through its name. The basis here will be the software manufacturer of the casino games. You should and must know about this fact.

Casino games in the internet seem so good to be true. You will be offered with great playing options and discounts. Some charge registration fee and some don’t. Before giving out any money try to background check the casino site. Search for testimonials from previous gamers and winners. Be cautious on this aspect too for there are testimonials intentionally designed to attract more gamers but are not authentic at all. Don’t stop asking questions about customer service and technical support provided by the site. Sites without contact info or feedback features can be very suspicious. Try to avoid these casino sites for they are only after for your money and not on your winnings.

As much as possible read on the payout process of the site. There are sites which will email you for your winning payout notification or will directly put your winnings in your credit cards after verification. The downside of most online casinos is that the payout process can take some time. Some can even last up to a couple of weeks and the worst scenario there is that you are actually waiting for nothing at all and your credit line being hacked already. You can’t afford to lose your stand when all you want to do is have some fun while playing casino games and unknowingly your financial status has already been shattered.

Legit online casino games exist! You can easily tell with the pictures and contents of the website if it’s honest or not. If your instinct tells you otherwise, I will advise to follow your instinct at once. Personally, the best pick of online casino sites are through recommendations from online patrons. They can give and advice you with what and what not to do and how to avoid any online scam just like this site serves!

Online casinos can be trusted if you play on legal sites only. There’s no exception for this. By finding the real one you will get to enjoy more the casino games you used to play on casino houses only. Now, in the convenience and comfort of your own home you can play, have fun and win with the myriad online casino games available.


7) How to get rid of Casino Debt?

For those people that are gambling a lot and they have managed to develop some dependence regarding gambling getting out of casino debt is going to look like an impossible thing to do. The good thing is that there are currently many ways available for you to get rid of casino debt and with the help of your money management skills and a lot of determination you can eliminate both the debt and the nasty repercussions that come with a high amount of debt.

In this article we are planning to offer you few tips that are meant to give you a good overview of the things that you have to do to get out of casino debt.

First of all you must be aware of the exact situation in which you find yourself currently. This means that you will have to calculate exactly all the debt which was created by your casino gambling. Knowing what is your current position is very important since only this way you will know what you have to do in order to get rid of the casino debt.

When you will start getting out of casino debt it’s vital that you stop gambling for the period because you will need to see the fact that you are making progress. In case you are not going to put a stop to your current gambling habits, the chances that you end up in more debt, even if you have made some significant efforts not to.

The next thing you must do is to get rid of your credit cards. This means that you will have to start buying everything with cash. This way you will automatically be able to get rid of the high interest rates which are being charged by credit cards.

In order to keep yourself motivated you should always keep track of the progress that you are making. You can even create a graph where you can see exactly how all your current financial obligations created by your gambling habits are starting to go down. Every time you are going to make a new payment, you will get the chance to start seeing the fact that your debt is going down.

As soon as you get out of casino debt, it’s always best that you start doing things right in your life and you need to gamble only sums of money that you can afford to and as soon as your monthly gambling fund is going to get empty you need to stop gambling, in order to stop repeating the same scenario over and over again.


8) Some General Tips for Playing at an Internet Casino

When you want to begin playing at an online casino, you will have several options. The first thing that you need to do is choose a reliable casino that has simple deposit and withdrawal methods, and then you are ready to begin learning how to play. A casino that offers free games is the perfect place to begin.

After you have found a casino that you want to use, you will need to take the time to learn how to play the games that you are interested in. It can take several weeks to several months to learn the basics of the game that you are interested. Some games, like poker, will take an even longer amount of time to master. I you want to take the jackpot for the game, however, you will want to become a master of your favorite games.

Taking advantage of free games is perhaps the best way to learn how to play. Free games are on almost all online casinos, and can be played frequently to learn everything that you need to know. You may also want to look through a few online guides for tricks and tips that the pros use to win big.

When you are ready to play real money games in an online casino, you will also be able to receive a sign on deposit. If you want to really maximize your bankroll so that you can play more games, then you will want to look for the best sign on bonus around. Most online casino offer a 100 percent sign on bonus of up to five hundred dollars for new players. You can turn your sign on bonus into real winnings as long as you have practiced your game.

You will also be able to choose between live dealer online casinos and virtual online casinos. One of the benefits of choosing a virtual casino is that you will have slightly better odds of winning, because of the way that the software is designed, and you will see larger jackpots. Because online casinos do not have any overhead, they are able to pay out more of their daily take than traditional casinos are.

If you are new to gambling, then you will want to take a little time to set a budget for your online gambling hobby. You will also want to make sure that you stick to the budget carefully, so that you don’t accidently overspend. You will be able to deposit from all major credit cards, your bank account, or an online bank. Some casinos also accept wire transfers for deposits. Once you have made your deposit for the week, you will want to resist the temptation to add more until the next week.

You will also want to avoid betting when you are angry, upset or excited. It is easy to get caught up in a game and spend more than you wanted to, especially when you can deposit without even leaving your computer. Money management is the key to winning in an online casino.

Another of the great benefits of playing in an online casino is that you can play anytime without planning a special trip. Since many people have to drive to gamble, online casinos are both convenient and simple alternatives. You can find all of the games that you would in a traditional casino, without fighting the crowds and finding a room for the night. With thousands of people joining online casinos everyday, you will never lack for competition.


9) Tips for Online Casinos Bankroll Management

A fool and his gold are soon parted. Have you heard that saying before? Well it is true. After gambling for over 7 years, and playing heavily in the online poker scene, I have seen my fare share of losses and wins. The days that you win several thousand dollars in a few hands are memorable, but they are NOT as memorable as the days that you spend several thousands of dollars just trying to make up for a few lost hands. This is called tilting. Here I will outline a few steps to manage your tilt, when you do tilt (remember, everyone tilts) and then I will talk about the habits of a winning player. The name of the game is bankroll management.

The game that we are playing here is Texas hold’em. Yet these rules will apply to several other games including blackjack, craps or online roulette. The key here is identifying your game, and knowing whether or not you are going to play a positive expectation game such as Texas hold’em poker or a negative expectation game like roulette or blackjack. The point here is knowing what your win percentage is over several hundred instances…the positive expectation game (based upon equity value or EV) will be a deciding factor in making money over the long term play, whereas negative expectation will ensure that you will lose money over the long term. It’s all statistics! Every day, let’s say you play 500 hands. 

Over the course of 500 hands you may win or you may lose, based upon your skill and luck. If you are winning and losing, there is a term called variance that you are experiencing. Yet in a positive expectation game, over the long term, say 5000 hands you will definitely win money and you will not lose money. I would say, steer clear of negative expectation games because over 5000 hands, when variation no longer is taken into account, you are definitely losing money! That is just stupid and definitely poor bankroll management!

So, here we’ve established that it doesn’t make any sense playing a negative expectation game. So now that we’re playing positive expectation games like poker, we should get a feel for the competition. Know that everyone is virtually a loser when it comes to money, only a few percent of the players will end up making money by playing positive expectation games. The key that separates a loser from a winner is the ability to consistently pick yourself up and play yet another hand until you learn the ropes towards winning. This is where effective bankroll management is important. 

A winning poker player is winning because he has much more money than the loser so that if he does experience variance and lose money in a couple hands, he can get right back up and make money when the opportunity does arrive. IF these opportunities, where money can be made do equal out and increase your bankroll, then you are onto increasing your bankroll (positive bankroll management)

The secret is having 100 times the big blind that is being played in a particular game. So if you are playing the penny tables at .10/.25 cents, then be sure to have 250 dollars available to ease the pain on variance when you get hit on those few bad hands. Remember that games that are heavily variant will need more bankroll than those that aren’t. If you are playing 500 hands, and you lose a lot of money, remember your limit and be sure to take a break for a couple days so that you don’t destroy your bankroll for the next day. Otherwise you’re on tilt!! 


10) How do I play at an Online Casino? How big are Payouts & is my information Safe?

The most frequently asked question about online casinos has to be how they work. In order to get started at an online casino, you usually have to download the casino program to your computer, create an account, and provide financial information so that you can pay for your games. Finding good casino software isn't too difficult; there are plenty of websites dedicated to reviews of casino software. Just make sure to choose one that's widely acknowledged as reputable. There are unfortunately plenty of scams out there that prey on online gamblers, so if the cost to gamble sounds unbelievably low, then don't believe it.

Before you download casino software, you should also check to see how this program works to protect your privacy, especially your financial information. Another frequently asked question about online casinos is whether or not they're safe to use. A legitimate online casino should be able to outline how they keep your information secure, and should use the same measures as any other e-commerce website to keep your personal information safe. If the software you're considering is very fuzzy on the details of how they keep your information secure, then you may want to keep looking.

Ultimately, the appeal of online casinos is the same as traditional casinos: the potential for a big payout. So another frequently asked question about online casinos is how big their payouts are. This really depends on the software or website that you decide to play with. Some casinos offer payouts and odds similar to those at traditional casinos. Others offer even better odds to give people more incentive to play online. But the odds don't vary too dramatically, so you can rest assured that, no matter what game you're playing, it's still a gamble. That's the point, after all.

EUR Casinos

The internet is now just filled with manyonline casinos. However you can only try few of them since your time and budget is limited. In case you are located in Europe and the currency that you are using and that your credit cards and other accounts are is EUR, then you should definitely go for a EURO Casino.

Some of the biggest and most popular online casinos these days are able to offer you their games in multiple currencies. This way you will be able to use the EUROs from your credit card in case you are going to open up an EUR online casino. By selecting an online casino that allows you to play their games in your local currency you will definitely feel a lot more comfortable. This is happening because you will know exactly how big or small your bets are and at the same time you will no longer have to pay the currency exchange costs. This means that there are only benefits on your side.

Right now there are many online casinos out there that are allowing its players to sign up for an euro account and play all the games by using euros. This way it’s only a matter of time from the moment when you sign up until you will enjoy all the latest games like: roulette, blackjack, slots or video poker in your favorite currency.

USD Casinos

USD Casino: Almost 99% of the online casinos out there are accepting US Dollars as a currency. There is a very small amount of online casinos that are not supporting this currency. In case you have a USD credit card, or your ewallet accounts are using this currency, then you should definitely sign up for any online casino that is accepting this currency.

All you have to do in order to start playing at a USD casino is: download the software, sign up and make a deposit. And this way you will by finding yourself in front of your favorite games in only a matter of minutes.

Overall the multicurrency online casinos can definitely bring a lot of benefits to the players and next time you will be searching for an online casino, make sure that it’s going to bring you plenty of currencies in which you can make deposits and play games. This way you will be avoiding a lot of trouble and fees.

CAD Casinos

In case you are located in Canada, then it’s more likely that your credit cards and e-wallet accounts are opened up by using the Canadian Dollar. In case you are in this situation it makes perfect sense to sign up for a CAD casino, which is an online casino that is able to offer you, your favorite online casino games in the CAD currency.

This way you will no longer have to calculate every time you make a bet, in order to know how much you are actually betting. By selecting a CAD casino, you will not only make your life easier but at the same time you are also able to save money by not paying the exchange fees that your bank might charge you during the moments when you make a payment in a different currency than your credit card has.


10 Tips to Select the Best Online Casinos to Play at! 

If you or anyone you know that is interested in online Casinos, the first things you should consider are how to identify the best online casino. There are several factors that are involved with this selection, and it would be wise to be well versed in every one of these – as they may be the difference between a winning casino player and a perfectly dreadful loser. 


11 Finding the Best casino payouts online

How to get the best payouts from an online casino?

Right now there are thousands of casinos on the internet to choose from. Under these circumstances it’s going to be rather difficult for you to choose an online casino that manages to offer you the best chances to win.

Each and every online casino out there is going to offer you a totally different house edge or odds. In order to better understand how this works we are going to give you an example: for each $1 that you will use to place bets at an online casino with a payout of 97%, the casino is going to pay back $0.97. Here in this example the house edge is going to be 3%. Some online casinos are going to make things very simple and the moment when you are going to visit their homepage, you can easily find all the information you need about the casino’s payouts.

The payouts at an online casino are definitely going to be different from one game to another. For example the average payout at Blackjack is most of the time going to be situated around 99%, while for other games like roulette; the average payout is going to vary from 95% to 98%.

In order to make sure that all the casino games for money which are being played at an online casino are going to be completely fair, the payouts are going to be monitored by independent auditors, like PriceWaterHouseCooper or other large and trusted consultancy firms. After that you can easily find all the information you need about the online casino payouts on their website.

This means that in order to get the best casino payouts from an online casino you just have to do a little bit of research and this way you are going to be able to tell which online casino holds the best payouts. We can tell you that the ones listed to the right are very good and you should also consider the casino tips we offer and the information blackjack and roulette information for casino highrollers.

The moment an online casino is going to offer you better payouts, your chances of winning at that very online casino are definitely going to be increased, so this means that you should be after those online casinos where the payouts are the highest.

The online casinos can be a lot more profitable for a player compared to the land based ones thanks to the fact that the costs of running them are going to be lower. Under these circumstances the online casinos will give you the chance to play against some of the most competitive odds in the industry.


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