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High Roller Gambling

Earn bigger prizes with High Roller Gambling: Gambling is a very enthusiastic game, with loads of prizes that one can win and that can be put on stake. If you’re looking to earn prizes that are bigger by betting larger amounts then one needs to play some high roller gambling. Those who play high roller gambling have the opportunity to win bigger prizes, and apart from that high roller casinos give you a VIP treatment.

High roller gambling games are also known as Whale games in the casino gaming industry. The high roller gambler usually wagers big amounts of money. VIP treatment for these players include limousine use, free private jet and other lavish perks that are offered by high roller casinos. Sometimes, these casinos also offer an extended credit especially to players who want to continue with their high roller gambling.

A player can be a high roller gambler through any of the online casinos or at the various high rollers on land gambling casinos. Online casinos get all their profit from the house edge which makes the profits that they earn almost in proportion to the casino wagering. Therefore it is a well known fact that online casinos look for clients that are into high roller gambling. Casinos that work online do not actually call themselves as high roller casinos. But a seasoned player will know which online casino is as he is already well versed with the software used and has enough knowledge of the games. For those who would like the information, would find that high roller online gambling casinos have a higher upper limit of bonuses. This usually benefits those players who make larger deposit amount.

The high rollers often prefer high stakes casinos however benefit from the various loyalty rewards that were given by casinos, and to qualify for these rewards / bonuses, they are given different levels in the VIP club. The players on the top of the tier get much more benefit that then ones at the bottom of the tier. The ones on the top are usually the higher players and they are the ones who definitely enjoy higher benefits. They players collect their rewards through the comp points which are directly proportional to the wagering done and are redeemable. There are different schemes that different online casinos follow to attract high rollers e.g. writing off a few gambling losses that high rollers incur.

The on land casinos as well function in a similar manner. It is estimated that nearly 50% of gambling income in Nevada comes from slot machines as against card games. This is a clear indication that the main source of income is not the high rollers. However high roller players do have a strong effect on a casinos net income. There are also costs that a casino has to incur to attract high roller players and if a casino goes ahead and attracts one and if the whale happens to win, the expenses a casino will have to take care of is definitely huge. On the other hand the casino stands to benefit if the high roller happens to lose.

The gains incurred by the casino are much higher than its expenses for the high roller player’s visit. Here as well each high roller player is put on a special tier level as per the wagering in the game. Facilities given to those players on the top of the tier are much higher than the ones at the lower level. For example some casinos offer 15% cash back on the losses on tournaments that are special and are played on certain days like Thursdays. The deposit bonus range also widens up a lot.


Premium Casino Players

The high roller casino players have always had a very good amount myths floating around them and the casinos will get the chance to win so much money with them that they are willing to do anything to keep them satisfied and this way the premium casino players are going to get special treatment.

Right now there is a large amount of people that are thinking of the premium casino players to be some shadowy figures that are going to move in different circles and do their gambling at some private tables where only the high rollers are allowed to play.

Right now the offline high roller gambling is going to be made mostly in the following gambling cities: Las Vegas, Monaco and Macau. Each of these gambling centers are situated on a different continent and based on the location of the gamblers they can reach the perfect gambling destination.

Even if the total amount of high rollers or premium casino players is small they are going to spend some really high amounts of money gambling and under these conditions it makes perfect sense to take them very seriously. Most of the time the 80/20 rule is going to be valid in this industry too. This means that 20% of the players are going to generate around 80% of the casino income.

Under these circumstances the premium casino players are going to receive a great number of perks. These perks will mean some incredibly great benefits that the high roller players get for choosing a certain casino. This means that the moment they are going to receive: free limo rides, private jets transfers, and luxury suites at some of the finest hotels in town.

In order to better understand what a premium casino player means and what is required to be one we are going to present you three of the most popular and important casino players categories. This way you will get a better overview of what is going on in the online gambling world and what kind of money is required to become a premium player.

So here are the main categories of casino players:

Whales – The name says it all. The whales are those players that are going to place the largest bets. This means that these players will have absolutely no problem with betting $1 million dollars just during one visit at the casino. Some people are saying that there are only around 1000 whale casino players in the world and sometimes they will even place bets worth $100k on a single hand. The wealth of these players can sometimes go up to $1 billion dollars and sometimes it’s even more. However the total number of these players has been drastically reduced during the last couple of years.

Premium Casino Players – These players are also very important for a casino, since they are going to be able to bet between $100K and $1 million dollars on a single visit that they take at a casino. At the same time the premium casino players will be able to stake as much as $10k per hand.

Players – In the biggest gambling cities you will be considered to be a player in case you will be able to come at a casino table with a stack of chips of at least $10k. These players are another important part of the gambling world since they tend to get a lot of attention lately as the other two types of casino players have started to disappear. Even if these players might not receive the penthouse of the hotel, or a Ferrari to cruise around Las Vegas, they will definitely not get a Fiat, but rather an Alfa Romeo


High Stakes Casino Online

Those online casinos that manage to attract the high stakes players are very often called high roller casinos or high stakes casinos. The high stakes players are some experienced players that have a lot of knowledge of the games and of the strategies that have to be used in order to win at casinos.

The definition of a high stakes player is extremely simple. These players are going to wager some large amounts of money. These players that are able to spend some massive amounts of money at a casino are going to be treated like VIPs.

The high stakes casinos are going to offer the high roller players a lot of facilities for free. This includes free private jet transfers, limousines plus some of the most extravagant hotel suites and other smaller gifts and bonuses. Some high stakes casinos are going to offer to their regulars even some lines of credit so they can continue the betting when they go through a tougher period.

Even if movies and television is going to give you the impression that there is a very large number of high stakes players, the reality is that this number is very reduced compared to the common knowledge about it. The high stakes casinos are not getting a large proportion of their income out of these high roller players but they definitely do have a positive impact on their net income.

Now that we have explained you the situation in the land based high stakes casinos, we can proudly say that there are also some high stakes online casinos available on the internet. These casinos are going to allow players to spend some incredibly large amounts of money on their games and they will offer them a VIP treatment.

The high stakes online casinos are going to start by offering their players some good and rewarding bonuses for the high deposits that they make. Some online casino will require you to deposit at least a couple of thousands of dollars in order to get a high roller bonus. The high stakes online casino bonus is usually able to be a lot more rewarding by being offered at some higher match rate and at the same time the terms and conditions imposed to these large bonuses are also going to be softer.

The high stakes online casinos are going to keep their high roller players close thanks to some loyalty programs designed especially for those players that are going to spend a lot of money betting. Along with these the high stakes casinos will also offer different prizes to their top VIP players, this includes: luxurious trips, sporting events tickets, music concerts and much more.

Another interesting and useful feature of the high stakes casinos is the fact that they will not only offer you the opportunity to make large deposits, but the limits at the games and at the playing tables are also going to be larger and this way you will be allowed to bet a lot more at the same time compared to a normal online casino.

Before you sign up for an online casino that claims to be designed especially for the high stakes players, it’s very important that you read as much information as possible about it, by checking out different forums. The reason why you should be on a lookout when signing up for a high stakes online casino is because you are about to deposit a relatively large amount of money and you have to make sure that the casino you are about to join is 100% legit and it’s going to offer you fair chances to win.


High Roller Blackjack Casino Game

High Roller Black Jack, High Stakes, High Winnings! One of the most popular table games in gambling is the game of Blackjack, and it also gives several opportunities for a player to win in the game. It doesn’t really matter if you as a player have expertise levels that vary in counting cards and can get a proper edge over the house. Even those who want to play a causal game of blackjack can play a game that is close to even.

High roller players find blackjack as a game of choice. It is chosen among others because of it being a fast paced game and is equally spontaneous giving the player an opportunity to win huge gains in a shot time. For those players who are looking at earning and seeking high paced action online, are looking at playing high roller black jack. The big betting chances in high roller black jack allow a player to lower the edge of the house, which in turn gives them a better chance of winning loads of cash.

ost of the high bets for high roller black jack is usually $500 per hand - $1000 even before a splits and double down is called.  If a player is looking at something with a higher action, he can then request the online high roller black jack casino to raise the tables. It is also advisable that a high roller black jack player joins the VIP program for players which help them gets player reward points, comps along with bonus cash.

Apart from the traditional style of blackjack there is also the black jack switch where the player receives four hands. Players who play these two games are considered to be high roller black jack players of which there can be a side wager. If the player receives 2 cards off the four, there would be a certain percentage to the side wager. The percentage is however also dependent on that particular casino.  These two games attract the typical high roller in black jack in casinos that are located in places like Monte Carlo and Las Vegas.

Things have however changed considerably and this game is played by enthusiasts online as well. The high roller black jack games are not many though online as compared to other online casino games. The online casinos function and are more interested in players who are willing in to put in a larger amount of money as stake in their online accounts.

In a high roller black jack game, it is possible that a player can win an astounding amount of a million dollars in a single game night. However if your aiming to win in millions then you will have to spend and equal amount of money as well. It is a risk one should be willing to take if they are looking at winning big. High roller black jack also works on odds like any other high roller game. If you’re looking at winning a lot of money, then the high roller black jack player will have to put in a lot of money as well.

The online black jack high roller games are made of advanced software, that have the best graphics and the speed for the game can be chosen as well and are complete with promotions that are sure to lure a player.  There are promotions offered by these online casinos for a high roller black jack game player who is new as well as for loyal players. Apart from this a player can earn a good amount of loyalty points with they can cash in for credits in a casino, who in return will give them more money to play. Some of these online casinos also give a bonus signing in amount when you join their high roller black jack website.


High Roller Roulette Casino Games

High Roller Roulette: The game of roulette may seem to be complicated to comprehend. An experienced roulette player can always get something that’s close to what he bargained for. The game of roulette is simple to understand where players can choose a number of their choice and then place their wager. The odds of a player winning at a roulette game are 2 to 1 or 35 to 1 odds. The more seasoned player would opt for the high roller roulette game as with this he will be able to enjoy high rewards. The high roller room slot can be arranged for by getting in touch with the manager of the casino.

The high roller roulette game room is usually an exclusive room where players are either invited beforehand to play, or an early reservation is made by the player himself. The host runs the entire game while the pit boss is responsible for managing and overseeing the game area and the complimentary vouchers.

High roller roulette gamers can expect to get complimentary gifts for playing high roller roulette game. The most rewarding for a high roller roulette player is the reward he receives after he wins the game.

The high roller roulette is a bit different from the normal game of roulette. The difference is that in the high roller roulette the player can put in a high wager. This stage of the game is only affordable by players who have a functioning huge bankroll. The main objective of the game is that, the player will have to predict where the ball will land from among the 37 numbered slots. According to what the player predicts and wins the amount accordingly to the winning bet.

The bet includes a combination of bets or one type of bet which included the normal table bets along with the a few better patterns that are in accordance to the bet limit and the table. Only after placing the bets and hitting in the SPIN will the wheel go round.  Before the ball on the wheel stops at a random selection, it moves in the anti clock wise direction, the number where the ball lands is obviously the winning number.  To let the others know, a dolly is placed on the number where the ball has stopped.  The bets that do not match the winning number are taken away, and the ones that win are paid in accordance to the winning bet payout.

Playing a simple game of roulette includes selecting the value of the chip and then placing the bet, spin the wheel and see if you’ve wrong.  High roller roulette is not much different from the regular roulette game. In fact the only difference that high roller roulette has is that the bet limit is much higher than the normal roulette betting limits. The odds of the game are the same and there are no changes made to it. However the payouts are much larger and increase as per the increase in bets.

The high roller betting in a game of roulette is of different categories.  Some of them are the inside bet that is based on lines or numbers which is in the internal area of the table.  These bets can include the split, straight, three lines, six line and the corner bets. A single number on a straight bet has the number 0. On 2 numbers that are adjoining the split bet can be either a single or horizontal line. With a layout that is square is shape is where a corner bet can be put on four numbers. There are also the outside bets that include the right row, left row and middle row.  These are the same even for a high roller roulette game.


Whale / High Roller Perks at casinos

Imagine arriving at the Las Vegas airport and a personal driver is waiting for you in a Bentley, getting an unlimited amount of cocktails available on the house, private Jacuzzi, fine dining, private gambling rooms, VIP nightclub treatment and these are just a few of the most important perks that you can get as a high roller player in Las Vegas.

Receiving all this for free is definitely not going to seem like a profitable thing for the land based casinos, but it’s the truth. The casinos will offer plenty of high roller perks in Las Vegas thanks to the fact that the casino industry has started to become more and more competitive. And the whales (as in high roller players) are definitely one of the greatest things that could happen to a casino.

The statistics are showing that the Las Vegas casinos have been offering tons of high roller perks last year, and the free rooms, goodies, gifs and upgrades that were offered were worth more than $10 billion dollars. This trend is definitely going to keep going and the number of high roller perks in las vegas is expected to go up.

Here we have made a short list with the perks that are usually offered to casino players. This way you should be more familiar with all the information you need about what you should expect to get from a casino when planning to play just like a high roller.

The high roller perks in Las Vegas are definitely a very important aspect of the gambling life at the land based casinos. Even if the online casinos might be able right now to offer you a lot more money by giving you bonuses and other promotions, the brick and mortar casinos will give you the opportunity to take advantage of many perks

Foxwoods High Rollers Menu Promotions etc

Foxwoods High Rollers currently represents one of the most luxurious entertainment complexes where you can find a combination of restaurant, casino and bowling that caters to premium casino players and whales + everyone else.

They have managed to combine all these entertainment facilities excellent into a luxurious place where you will feel the glamour that bowling and casino once had.

The bowling used to be very popular back in the ‘50s and it has also managed to come to life back in the ‘80s and now with the help of this complex it will start once again to shine. The main purpose of the people that built this was to recreate the same atmosphere that managed to conquer the heart of the people back in the days when bowling was extremely popular and well regarded by everybody. This way they have added first class luxury lanes.

Foxwoods Casino was a company launched back in the year 1986 and it has managed to grow right now to be one of the largest casino resort in the US + Canada. Initially the Foxwoods Casino company launched a high stakes bingo hall in Connecticut and it has managed to grow right now to 6 casinos where you can find the most slot machine of any other casino in the world. Along with that there are also more than 400 tables where you will be given the chance to play 17 different casino games, while 100 of them are made especially for playing poker.

Along with that you will also get the chance to find one of the world’s largest bingo halls. There will be 4 hotels that are ready to give you a comfortable place to stay and the whole facility has more than 35.000 square foot of entertainment. This way the fun at Foxwoods High Rollers is never going to stop.

The Foxwoods High Rollers is a place that is concentrating mainly on creating the perfect environment to have fun. This means that you should expect everything to be impeccable. The high roller players will always demand everything to be perfect and the Foxwoods High Rollers is probably one of the few places in United States where you can find that.

Here we are going to present you a short description of some of the most important facilities that you can find at the Foxwoods High Rollers:

The Foxwoods High Rollers is definitely the place to be in case you are looking for the highest quality of entertainment.


High Rollers and High Stakes Gambling!

Evern wonder what is a high roller? How is a highroller lifestyle like? Are there online casino whles just as there are highrollers playing casino games in Las Vegas, Atlantic city & Maccau? Believe it or not, online casinos cater well to to High Rollers!!

A casino whale is a person that likes to gamble large amounts of money. The casino whales are considered to be the crème of the high rollers that are part of the gambling world and that are ready to spend considerate amounts of money playing at a casino. Some people are saying that there aren’t more than 500 casino whales in the world. They are going to be part of the VIP membership that online and offline casinos are offering. All casinos love to have high rollers for obvious reasons, this is why they are offered tons of promotions and rewards.

The casinos are ready to do anything for these people and they will go crazy in order to make sure that they will feel as welcome as possible staying at their hotel and enjoy placing the bets. It is believed that 4-5 casino whales could place bets in a day that is more than the total amount of bets which are being placed by the other few thousands customers that a popular casino in Las Vegas receives.

For High Rollers online, a casino would add some generous sign up bonuses, this way the whales will come and make a huge initial deposit, in order to have a high amount of money to play with and not waste time constantly reloading their casino player account.

Here we are going to offer you some more details about casino whales and how they are treated:

VIP Membership: At a land based casino a highroller could be offered a free room in a luxurious hotel, but in order to receive that there will be a certain amount of money that you will have to gamble in their land based casino resort. A VIP member of an online casino is going to be offered a massive sign up bonus, and a lot of promotions along the way, they strive to satisfy a high roller in any way possible and allow for players to deposit large amounts of money.

Higher Table Limits: At a high stakes casino the average bet size of a casino whale at a blackjack table is going to be around $50k per hand. This means that they will be risking a considerate amount of money. Under these circumstances the casino whales are going to have their own blackjack table and they will play against the dealer with no other people around. At an online Casino that is not the case but they do raise the table limits substantially for the high rollers. As a result high rollers can enjoy online casinos more due to the raised table limits but the maximum excitement would be at a brick-and-mortar casino.

The casino whales are going to get a line of credit. This is going to happen most of the time for those casino players that are regulars at a certain casino, and there the casinos know exactly what the financial possibilities of a certain person are. Sometimes the line of credit that is being given to a casino whale can go to as much as 4-5 million dollars per weekend. Giving away such a big credit line is definitely not going to be difficulty for a casino by taking into consideration the fact that these customers are most welcome at any land based casino around the world.

Generousity : Staff at a hotel and casino is definitely going to be very generous with the casino whales due to the fact that everybody is going to be happy with them playing at the tables. Especially during the moments when these persons are winning, the tips for the hotel staff is definitely going to be a lot higher.

Casino whales are usually going to be easy to spot in a casino and in Vegas because they are usually going to be escorted by bodyguards, surrounded by beautiful girls and close friends. Most casino high rollers are going to be found in land based casinos around: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Maccau. These are the most popular places around the world where you can find many casinos.


High Stakes Gambling: What does it mean... what is involved?

High stakes gambling is know throughout the world as the hobby of choice among care free billionaires. The actual definition of high stakes gambling revolves around the current value of currency itself, as well as a wide range of other factors. In laymen terms, high stakes gambling costs extremely large amounts of cash to participate in, and is reserved for some of the richest gamblers in the world. There are many casinos in Las Vegas and other prominent gambling locations that offer high stakes gambling.

In order to become a high stakes gambler, many casinos require that you register with them first. This makes it easy for the casino to provide their high roller treatment and give tender loving care to these extremely wealthy individuals. Some casinos go all out, they want the richest players in the sport of gambling to bless their tables. They are even willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure they lock in these types of players to come back time and time again.

If you don't know about these special casino perks, just listen to this. Private jets, limousines, and the casinos owners own lavish suite to stay in are just a few of the strategies used to bring these players in. Some employees receive special bonuses for finding these players, but the final decision is up to the players themselves.

High rollers, also referred to as "whales" by the casino industry, provide a portion of the casinos income. By no means are these players the casino's primary focus, but they do provide a substantial enough chunk to be set apart from the rest. The costs involved with finding these players is very high, so when a high roller wins the casino loses a lot. Considering a great portion of the gamblers are professional gamblers, it's somewhat of a risky venture for casinos to participate in. All in all, despite the fact that rich gamblers often get richer, the casino seems to stay on top.

If you looking to become a high roller, a high stakes gambler, or just find out the amazing lifestyle these people lead, then check with the casino management for a more detailed explanation. Every casino is different, and there are so many different and amazingly creative perks that are being offered. If you got the cash, high rolling casinos can provide you with an amazing time.