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Lifestyle of Billionaires

The wealthiest Russian billionaires have managed to reach and remain in the top 100 wealthiest men in the world. Most of these billionaires have managed to reach that status with the help of the natural resources of Mother Russia and they are not some of the most searched for the moment when the high end real estate in the most expensive parts of the worlds are for sale, for example London or the French Riviera. They are also able to order the largest custom made yachts in the high end industry and they also rent a very large part of the posh Swiss ski resorts.

In case you are wondering how much this exclusivist lifestyle costs, well you are going to find out in this article. You should not take into consideration the exceptional cases like Roman Abramovich who has spent only on the Chelsea football team $450 millions.

One of the common things that the Russian oligarch’s share, is the fact that most of them are spending large amounts of money outside Russia. This means that they do have an apartment in the center of Moscow, which is worth a lot of money, but at the same time they tend to spend ten or twenty times more money on real estate outside the Russian borders.

The expensive automobiles are also a strong point of the Russian oligarchs since they tend to spend money on expensive cars. However there is this new tendency which seems to be followed by many of the Forbes Russia 100 billionaires. They are going to buy normal luxury cars like: BMW, Audi or Mercedes Benz and this is happening because they don’t want to attract the eyes of the public while traveling. Some of the richest Russian people are going to ship their cars exclusively to the spot where they are going to visit or spend their vacations. While others just tend to use the services of rented luxury cars with drivers.

Even if driving along a sports car in the wonderful French Riviera might seem to be an excellent place to spend your time, the super rich from Russia seem to be busier with business than enjoying the pleasures of driving a sports car. This is the reason why they tend not to show off on the roads with expensive cars.

But at the same time almost each and every Russian mega-rich person is the owner of a private plane and a yacht. This way they tend to make some investments that are going to pay off better in time, since the cars are by far some of the things that are going to lose their value faster.

The planes are very good because they are going to allow the rich Russians to enjoy traveling more and since Russia is going to be situated far away from the main points of interest that the occidental world tends to offer.

The yachts however are going to be always associated with holidays and these are probably one of the things that keep on taking the largest amount of money from the super rich Russian billionaires


Amancio Ortega : Biography

Amancio Ortega (formally called Amancio Ortega Gaona) was born March 28, 1936 and is a wealthy Spanish entrepreneur in the fashion industry. With his former wife Rosalia Mera, he founded and is the chairman of the Inditex Group. Ortega is listed by Forbes as the richest man in Spain, the second richest man in Europe, and the ninth richest in the world. Ortega resides with his second wife in A Coruna in an apartment.

At age 14, Ortega came to A Coruna with his father who worked on the railway. He began his life in the fashion industry as a basic laborer in shirt stores. Ortega founded his first company, Confecciones Goa, in 1972. This company produced bathrobes. 1975 was the year when Ortega opened Zara, which would eventually expand into a wildly popular chain of fashion apparel stores. Ortega holds 59.29 percent ownership of the Inditex Group under which are the brands Zara, Zara Home, Massimo Dutti, Kiddy's Class, Stradivarius, Kiddy's Class, Pull, Bershka and Bear/Often. All the companies in the group employ over 14,000 people.

You wouldn't call Ortega a flashy billionaire, in fact it is difficult to find any photos of him, other than the official one at the Inditex site. He is low-key in that he wears denim and T-shirts, refusing to dress in a suit and tie. And, many would describe Ortega as hands-on when it comes to the design and production of his company. Because he is somewhat reclusive, his appearances in public make the news. In 2000, Ortega made a public appearance that made news in the Spanish financial sector. One interesting fact is that Ortega has never given an interview.

This protection of privacy has spawned books like Amancio Ortega: From Zero to Zara. People want to know more about this interesting man who has made so much of himself yet is so private. Recently he announced his impending retirement from Inditex. Ortega declared he will ask the CEO and Vice President of Inditex, Pablo Isla, to replace him. This will put Isla at the head of a vast empire of fashion and textile companies and surely raise his monetary worth as well.


Bernard Arnault: Biography

According to the Forbes magazine, Bernard Arnault is the 4th richest man in the world, and at the same time he is the richest man in Europe. His net worth is more than $41 billion dollars.

He is the chairman, founder and CEO of LVMH. This company represents a conglomerate of different luxury goods that include more than 50 luxury brands like the popular: Luis Vuitton, Dior and Fendi.

Bernard Arnault was married 2 times and he is the father of 5 children. A good number of his family members are part of running some of the LVMH business, while others have different professions.

Bernard Arnault was a witness at the wedding of the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy with Cecilia Ciganer-Aleniz. And he was awarded with the French Legion of Honor.

He managed to make his business companies to own some of the world’s largest and most popular luxury brands in cosmetics, goods and beverages. Back in the year 2002 the LVMH had sales worth more than $13 billion dollars. Here are just a few of the brands that his company promotes: Luis Vuitton, Loewe luggage, Christian Dior, Ghivenchy, Sephora, Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Hennessy and Hines cognacs plus many others that you have already heard of.

Bernard Arnault was born in the northern region of France called Roubaix. He graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique one of the most prestigious engineer school in France and he worked while running his family’s construction and property business. When the French socialists arrived, he emigrated to US with his wife and 2 children. There he managed to successfully develop condominiums in Palm Beach, Florida.

One thing that more than probably marked his life is the fact that when he wanted to leave US, he sold his Mediterranean style home that was located in NYC to a neighbor. That man instantly had the house demolished in order to get a better view from his house. This event has managed to teach him a lesson: "When something has to be done, do it! In France we are full of good ideas, but we rarely put them into practice" ( Forbes , June 2, 1997).


Carlos Slim Helú

In 1902, a man with the nickname of "Slim" was born.  Little did Mexico City know that Carlos Slim Helu would become a Lebaneze-Mexican business czar and world famous philanthropist.  Like many of the most famous philanthropists in the world, Carlos Slim Helu is rich beyond our wildest dreams.  At various times throughout recent years, he has been dubbed the richest man in the world.  He is chairman and CEO of various telecommunication companies around the world.  As of a recent study conducted, this man is reportedly worth around 49 billion dollars as of 2010. 

At the age of 12, Carlos Slim Helu was taught basic business commencement by his father.  His father also taught his siblings his business practices, but none of them would go on to become as successful as Carlos Slim Helu.  Early involvement in construction, real estate, and the mining business were the focus of his early career.  From there, by 1972, he was well on his way with seven additional businesses owned in these fields.  In 1976, this man bought a 60% share in a printing business and by 1980 he had formed his first business, Grupo Galas.  This is an umbrella company, strangely enough.  With interests in mining, industry, construction, retail, food, and tobacco, Carlos Slim Helu was indeed the business man he had sought out to be. 

After going through a series of incredibly lucky streaks of business as well as expansions and acquisitions, Carlos Slim Helu had developed an empire.  On August 8th of 2007, Forbes magazine reported that Carlos Slim Helu was indeed the richest man in the world.  His estimated fortune was valued at an extremely impressive $59 billion dollars, making for a dynasty of riches that wowed the world.  The fact that Carlos Slim Helu is from Mexico is impressive in itself, considering Mexico is a developing country.  All the rest of the richest men in the world are from the United States. 

Carlos Slim was awarded the Entrepreneurial Merit Medal from Mexicos Chamber of Commerce, he's a gold patron at the American Academy of Achievement, and a Commander in the Belgian Order of Leopold II.  All of these awards are not as impressive as the enormous amount of financial wealth itself.  Can you imagine being worth $59 billion dollars?  He has also been named CEO of the decade by Latin Trade magazine, a thoroughly upstanding publication. 

Helu is considered an operator of the companies he is involved in, not just an investor.  Helu is also a well known philanthropist and purveyor of life.  He is famous for making amazing charitable donations to a variety of different causes.  The Latin American Development Fund, which he heads, has an impressive budget of over 10 billion dollars.  They use the fund to sponsor various cultural projects throughout Latin America.  Carlos Slim Helu, one of the richest men in the world, plans to continue his generosity in the years to come and expand his business ventures as wel


Christy Walton

Christy Ruth Walton was born back in the year 1955 and she is the widow wife of John T Walton, the son of the Wal-Mart founder. John Walton died back in the year 2005 in June. That moment she managed to inherit a fortune of more than $15.7 billion dollars. The Forbes magazine catalogued her to be the richest woman in the world and the 4th richest person in United States, while being at the same time the 10th richest person in the world.

The death of her husband was totally unexpected for her, as he died in a aircraft accident, while flying an experimental ultra light aircraft, and at the age of only 58 he died.

Ever since she managed to inherit the wealth from her late husband, she was not shy to give some of the millions away for charity. Even during the moment when her husband was alive, she was very actively participating in many non profit organizations and she donated a lot of money with the help of the foundation: Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation.

In the 4 years period between 2002 and 2006, Christy Walton donated more than $3.5 million dollars in the projects she was actively involved. This way she automatically managed to become the highest ranked female philanthropist.

This way she has managed to get involved in many philanthropic activities and ever since her husband died she seems to have gotten even more actively involved in the projects.

Christy Walton is right now ranked to be the number one female philanthropist in the world and she continues to grow that everyday. Christy Walton did not stop to make donations to the education field; she is also donating money to the San Diego Zoological Society and the Mingei International Museum. She managed to enjoy a lot taking part of the philanthropy activities and a very large period of time is spent taking part of these activities


Eike Batista: Biography

Eike Batista is the eighth richest person in the world. He is of Brazilian descent and the majority of his companies are in the mining industry. His father is Eliezer Batista da Silva, who was the head of a mining company called Vale for many years. Batista was born in Brazil but spent the majority of his childhood in Germany. He dropped out of Aachen University where he was an engineering student. Batista returned to Brazil in 1980 where he started a gold and trading business. He then joined forces with TVX Gold, a Canadian mining company. This venture was up and down, he made then lost money. In 2000, his share of the company was sold for $1 billion.

Following the sale, Batista invested in a variety of businesses. Much of his money came from an oil and gas exploration company called OGX. The year 2010 found him as the richest person in the country of Brazil, with his worth estimated at $27 billion USD. He is the fourth wealthiest individual in the Americas. Batista's company OGX is scheduled to begin oil production in 2011, which will mark the shortest period of time a company of this type has begun production. Eike Batista is not all work and no play, however. He is actually quite high profile in his personal life.

In 1991, Batista married Luma de Oliveira. Her accomplishments include Playboy cover model, actress and carnival queen. Two children resulted from the union, which the couple named Thor and Olin. In 2004, Batista and de Oliveira divorced. Another interesting tidbit about Batista is his goal of becoming the richest person in the world, which is something he is quite outspoken about. He makes large charity donations which often make the news. Batista has promised to donate R $20 million annually for five consecutive years to the Pacifying Police Unit in Rio.

Some might call Batista rather eccentric, as he has a few superstitions. For example, the letter X is included in all his company names because he believes it attracts money. He also finds mystical qualities in the Sun and his lucky number is 63. Something that is a bit more mainstream is his fondness for speed boats. He enjoys this hobby with his oldest son Thor. The boat he owns is 48 feet, made from kevlar and carbon fiber, with dual 1600 horsepower supercharged V8 engines. This boat can go at least 160 miles an hour. One thing is for certain, Eike Batista is one of the richest and most fascinating people in the world today.


Ingvar Kamprad: Biography

Ingvar Kamprad is the founder of the popular furniture retail company: IKEA. He was born back in the year 1926 on 30th of March and it is now one of the richest men in Sweden. The popular Forbes magazine is ranking him to be the 162th in the world and his net worth is right now estimated to be $6 billion dollars. However a Swedish magazine about business called Veckans Affarer is considering him to be the wealthiest man in the world and have a fortune which is worth between $50 - $90 billion dollars.

Ingvar Kamprad is currently owning and running the IKEA franchise with the help of both Interogo Foundation and Stichting INGKA Foundation.

Ingvar Kamprad was born and grew up in a small farm near a small village in Sweeden. His parents were the first generation of Germans who were born in Sweden, while he is the second generation of German from Sweden.

He started to develop his business skills every since he was a young boy. He found out that he could buy matches in bulk from Stockholm at a very low price and after that he sold them to his neighbors at a very small price compared to the local price and he could still make a decent profit off this business. After that he managed to raise some capital and he moved on to sell more products: fish, Christmas tree decorations, seeds, ballpoint pens and pencils. At the age of only 17 he managed to receive a cash reward from his father for finishing successfully his studies and he invested all that into setting up the business which is now known as IKEA.

Ingvar Kamprad has come up with the IKEA name from the initials of his name (Ingvar Kamprad) plus the two towns that managed to mark his childhood: Elmtayrd and Angunnaryd.

Ingvar Kamprad is considered to be an unusual type of billionaire due to the fact that he still drives a 15 years old Volvo and when he flies he always keeps on using the economy class. And he always keeps on encouraging his employees to write on both sides of a paper in order to save money for the paper that they are using.

Ingvar Kamprad managed to gain a lot of popularity from all over the world thanks to the fact that he still lives an ordinary life even if he owns billions of dollars. For example another thing that the press has managed to find out that he keeps on buying Xmas paper and gifts in the after Christmas period when the prices are going done.

Even if he just keeps on sending the right messages to its employees in order to be able to keep the prices low on a continuous process that seems to never end, he still managed to have a few benefits of being a self made billionaire.

He drove a Porsche for a couple of years and at the same time he also owns: a vineyard in France and a large country estate in Sweden plus a villa in Switzerland.


Jim Walton: Biography

Jim Walton currently resides in Bentonville, Arkanasas and is the Chairman of Arvest Bank and the youngest son of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Jim Walton is listed as the 20th richest person by Forbes Magazine. His worth is approximated at $21.3 billion. Walton attended the University of Arkansas where he obtained his bachelor's degree. He married Lynne McNabb, and together they have four children.

Even with the economic downswing hurting the retail market, Wal-Mart remains strong because of the affordable merchandise and worldwide presence. Founder Sam Walton had a humble start as a clerk at J.C. Penney in 1940, then opened his own discount store called Benjamin Franklin in 1945. In 1950, he lost the least for the company. However in 1962, Sam Walton started another discount general store with his brother James in Bentonville, Arkansas. It was what we now know as Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world today.


Karl Albrecht: Biography

Karl Hans Albrecht was born back on February 20th 1920. He is an entrepreneur that along with his brother Theo has managed to build the famous discount supermarket chain: Aldi. He is known to be one of the richest men in the world and he is currently the wealthiest man in Germany with more than $25.5 billion dollars according to the popular money magazine Forbes.

Karl and his brother had a modest childhood while being raised in Essen in Germany. His father was a miner and as things changed he became a baker’s assistant, while her mother had a little grocery store. Karl served in the German Army in WWII and he also worked in a delicatessen shop at the early stage of his life. The two brothers have taken their mother business back in the year 1946 and the first discount shop was opened back in the year 1961.

Since he is not a very popular public appearance there is very little information known about him. However the Forbes magazine did manage to find a couple of interesting information about him. Like the fact that he loves to collect antique typewriters or the fact that he enjoys to play golf and raise orchids.

He still lives in Essen and he has two sons none of which work at Aldi. Ever since te year 1994 he no longer takes care of the daily operation of the Aldi, then he only find himself with the position of the chairman of the board, and at the beginning of the year 2002 he also gave up on that position.

The mother of Karl and his brother ha managed to play a more important role in the success of their future business. Since she already owned a grocery shop, they were very much in touch with the information they needed about how to run a business in the grocery industry. That very store was later turned into the multi billion business that is today. And that first store was considered to be the first Aldi supermarket.

Another important aspect of the life of Karl Hans Albrecht is the fact that they have both divided their attention between the two different regions where the shops were located. This way Karl Hans Albrecht has taken the shops from the southern section while his brother Theo managed the branches which were situated in the north of Germany.

Karl Hans Albrecht is very well known for having a very discreet personal life, this way there isn’t much information for the press available about him. Another notable thing is the fact that back in the year 1976 he has managed to build his own personal golf course. And he is still playing there.


Lakshmi Mittal: Biography

Lakshmi Mittal is one of the riches man in the world. He is also a philanthropist. Even if the average income people from our society is never able to stand out of the crowd by making charity donation, the richest are always able to find the enough funds to support the charity in the world. Probably it’s because once you have millions and billions lying around it makes absolutely no difference in their lifestyle to make a donation of a few millions. Lakshmi Mittal is one of them.

Back in the years 2000 and 2004 when India has managed to win just 1 bronze and 1 silver medal, he managed to set up a fund that is going to support the athletes and the $9 million dollars managed to help the training of them and back in 2008, just 4 years later India managed to win the first Gold Olympic Medal at shooting.

Lakshmi Mittal is currently known to be worth more than $46 billion dollars. He was born back on June 15, 1951 in India, Sadulpur, Rajasthan. Back in the time when he was born, his family was already wealthy and already working in the steel making business. He was the next one in line to support and run the company of his father.

Right after he managed to finish his studies he immediately went to run the family business and started his own steel company called: Mittal Steel (which was found back in 1976). The ascension of the Mittal steel company was very fast and they quickly managed to become a global steel producer with operational facilities in more than 14 countries.

Right now the Lakshmi Mittal’s company is the number one steel producer in the world and they are earning billions of dollars every year. The moment you are looking at almost any skyscraper, plane, bridge or anything that is built with steel, you are looking at Lakshmi Mittal’s products.

Lakshmi Mittal managed to win many awards through out time. For example he was named to be the 2004 European Businessman of the Year Award by the Fortune magazine.

Right now there are many steel companies out there in the world, but Mittal managed to reinvent the process and do everything completely different than the competition. There are many things that are making him very competitive in this industry. For example the steel which is being produced by the Lakshmi Mittal’s companies is able to be cheaper, stronger than the competition and at the same time it can easily be shipped anywhere in the world. These are some of the reasons why Lakshmi Mittal’s companies are on a continous growth trend


Lawrence Ellison : Biography

Lawrence Ellison is one of the world’s richest men. He is known to have a personal wealth which is worth more than $39.5 billion dollars. And in the year 2011 he was designated to be the 5th richest person in the world.

Lawrence Joseph Ellison is usually known as Larry Ellison and is an American businessman who is the co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, one of the world’s largest software developers.

Lawrence Ellison was born in New York City. His biological father was a US Air Force pilot that was stationed abroad right before finding out that Florence Spellman (Lawrence Ellison’s mother) was pregnant. Lawrence Ellison started of his life on the wrong foot, and at the age of only 9 months he caught pneumonia. This is one of the reasons why his mother decided to arrange so that he gets adopted by her aunt and uncle. Lawrence Ellison did not meet his biological mother until he was 48 years old.

Lawrence Ellison is currently the co-founder and CEO of the Oracle Corporation, the leading company in the database industry.

He has been married and divorced 4 times so far:

1967 – 1974 – Adda Quinn
1977 – 1978 – Nancy Wheeler Jankins
1983 – 1986 – Barbara Boothe: two children born
2003 – 2010 – Melanie Craft – a romance novelist

Lawrence Ellison used to be the owner of the 6th largest yacht in the world. But he recently sold his shared in the yacht to David Geffen. The total cost of this yacht, which is called the Rising Sun was 200 million dollars.

Lawrence Ellison is a licensed pilot and at the same time he owns a couple of aircrafts. And along with that he also enjoys driving exotic cars. He owns an Audi R8, McLaren F1, but his favorite car is by far the Acura NSX. Back in the time when this car was in production he used to give 1 as a gift every year.

The Lawrence Ellison’s home is estimated to be worth $50 million dollars and it is located in Woodside, California. Back in the years 2004 and 2005, Lawrence Ellison brought more than 12 properties in Malibu, California, and the experts are saying that they are worth more than $180 million.

At one of his homes he has an entertainment system which is worth $1 million. This piece of equipment includes a rock concert sized video projector that has at one end a drained swimming pool, which is being used as a giant subwoofer


Li Ka-shing: Biography

Li Ka-shing is the wealthiest person from East Asia and is a Hong Kong businessman with an estimated worth of $26 billion. He is estimated to be the eleventh richest person in the world. Currently, Ka-shing is the chariman of Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. making him the largest operator of container terminals in the world as well as the largest retailer of health and beauty products. In 2006, he was honored by Forbes Magazine with the premiere Malcom S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award.

Li Ka-shing is not a flashy billionaire, he is quite the opposite and is known for his simplicity in his apparel. However he owns a home in Deep Water Bay, one of the most expensive areas of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Li has earned the nickname Superman. He is a notable philanthropist, and has donated more than $1.41 billion to various causes around the world.

Li was born in 1928 in China, and fled with his family to Hong Kong in 1940. The family stayed with Li's wealthy uncle, who inspired him to build his own wealth. Li married his uncle's daughter and his first cousin, Chong Yuet Ming. After his father's death, Li left school at a young age and acquired work at a plastics trading company where he was a laborer, working long hours. However, in 1950 he founded Cheung Kong Industries. This company started out selling plastic flowers and became a real estate investment firm, which expanded when Li acquired Hutchison Whampoa and Hong Kong Electric Holdings.

Other than the companies he owns, Li has been an avid real estate investor on a personal level, buying properties in Singapore and even Canada. He held the most shares of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce until he sold them in 2005, donating all proceeds to charity. Li holds the majority of shares for Husky Energy which is located in Alberta, Canada. He has founded his own charities, such as the Li Ka Shing Foundation which has locations in Hong Kong and Canada.

Li has two sons, Victor and Richard, who are also businessmen in Hong Kong. While son Victor works with Li as deputy chairman and managing director of Cheung Kong, Richard heads up PCCW which is the biggest telecom company in the city. Both sons have Canadian citizenship. Over the years, Li Ka-shing has achieved a great deal of international accomplishments and donated a lot of money to various charities and causes, making him not just one of the richest men in the world but one of the most generous.


Mukesh Ambani : Biography

Mukesh Ambani was born on 19 April 1957 and it is now one of the most popular and richest business magnates from India. He is right now the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries, which represents the largest private company in India and it is part of the Fortune 500 companies while being considered to be one of the largest private sector conglomerates of companies in the world.

Mukesh Ambani is considered to be the richest man in Asia and at the same time he is the 4th richest man in the world with more than 29 Billion Dollars in 2010 according to Forbes.

He is married to Nita Ambani and they have together 3 children: Akash, Anant and Isha. He also owns a team from the Indian Premier League team: the Mumbai Indians.
Mukesh Ambani and his family are currently living in a building downtown Mumbai, which is 27 story high and it is named Antilia. This building is estimated to be worth more than $1 Billion Dollars, or at least those are the estimates. And at the same time, this building is considered to be the most expensive home in history.

Mukesh Ambani fist started working for Reliance Industries back in 1981. The company started its backward integration journey from textiles into polyester fibers and the other petrochemicals and the petroleum derivates. And the company is now investing into oil and gas exploitation and production. His company owns the world’s largest petroleum refinery and the total manufacturing capacities went up to 12 million tones per year.

The magazines have given a lot of information about the habits of Mukesh Ambani. First of all he likes very basic food: dal chawal, roti and sabzi or other vegetarian dishes. His life is not only based on eating into fancy restaurants, as long as the food is good, he could be eating almost anywhere: road side or in a fancy restaurants.

His wife Nita Ambani is practicing on a daily basis her classical dance and Mukesh Ambani just can’t resist watching that dance.

The richest man in India has a photo of his father or a family photo in almost every single room of his house. And he loves to spend the Sundays with his family or to watch movies. His favorite movies are the Hindi movies, but he also watches the latest releases from Hollywood.

Mukesh Ambani gets up usually at 10.30 in the morning. And he has never celebrated his birth day, except for his 50th anniversary when he considered it to be more important. And at the same time he spends more than 3 months planning the birthday party and presents of his wife Nita Ambani. He always prays before leaving the house and he considers that the best celebrations in life are going to happen with his family.

Mukesh Ambani is living the life of a billionaire and he enjoys a lot the British expensive cars. He currently owns cars of the following brands: Mercedes, Bentley and Maybach


Stefan Persson: Biography

Billionaire Stefan Persson was born October 4, 1947. He went to the University of Stockholm in Sweden and currently resides in the city. Married to Carolyn Denise Persson, he has three children. Persson is the 13th richest person in the world, and the second richest in his home country. His father founded H&M, which stands for Hennes & Mauritz and is a popular fashion brand. Persson became main shareholder and chairman in 1982 and acted as CEO until 1998. Today, his son Karl-Johan runs the company. Persson supports Djurgårdens IF, a Swedish sports club. Not only that, but he owns Linkenholt, a village in England.


Warren Buffett: Biography

Warren Buffett, or more appropriately, Warren Edward Buffett, was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30th, 1930.  This man is one of the most successful investors in all the world but is also one of the most frugal spenders.  He is currently worth billions of dollars and makes sure that he runs one of his most cherished businesses, Berkshire Hathaway, with all the know how and smarts that made him famous. 

As well as being an investor, Warren Buffett is also a famous philanthropist.  This means to love what it is to be human, or the "love of humanity".  Upon passing, Warren Edward Buffett has pledged to give away 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes.  This is an incredible amount of money and such an amount can truly change things in certain sectors of life in a major way. 

As a child, Buffett was always interested in making money.  He cherished the idea of being able to become wealthy and successful in the areas of finance.  Going door to door selling chewing gum, Coca-Cola, and even weekly magazines, Warren Buffett made all the efforts he could to get a foothold in the business world at an incredibly early age. 

Buffett also had an interest in the stock markets and investing as a child and as an adult.  By the time this man finished college, he had amassed 90,000 dollars in savings.  And, as of the year 1962, Buffett became a millionaire because of his many partnerships.  But his amazing story of riches doesn't stop there.  Buffett went on to become a billionaire as well, namely due in part to Berkshire Hathaway and the selling of its stock. 

Incredibly, in 2008, Warren Buffett became the richest man in the world, overcoming the financial depth of even Bill Gates.  He was reported to be worth 62 billion dollars.  However, due to Warren Edward Buffetts vast  amount of charitable donations, he is now rated to be the second richest man in the world, worth approximately 37 billion dollars.  Still even though he gave away so much money, his immense wealth grew again to an incredible 47 billion in the past 12 months. 

All in all, Warren Buffett serves as an incredible example of what it can mean to be successful in investing.  He is one of the most successful, generous, and richest investors in the whole world, proving that hard work and perseverance really does pay off in the end.  Most notably, Warren Buffetts love for philanthropy, the "love of humanity", will go on for long after he dies.  All that money, that incredible sum of billions of dollars in cash, is going to be donated to causes that coincide with his views on life.  Thankfully for us, that love for humanity will probably work to better hundreds of thousands of peoples lives in the United States and possibly abroad. 

One thing we can all learn to appreciate about Warren Buffett is the fact that he went from nothing to billions.  Nobody put that cash in his hand, he earned it through his smarts and his many ventures throughout his life.  If there ever was a business investing genius, Warren Buffett would be it.. 


William Henry Gates iii

William Henry Gates iii commonly known as Bill Gates, is the founder of Microsoft along with Paul Allen, his then partner.  Bill Gates is continually known as one of the worlds most wealthiest people.  He is also, like Warren Buffet, a well known philanthropist.  Philanthropy is the "love of humanity".  People who are philanthropists usually understand quite well the delicate fabric of life and how to make things better.  Something drives these individuals, usually incredible sums of wealth, to do good onto mankind and ensure that they leave of a positive mark on this planet. 

Bill Gates, from 1995-2009, was ranked the wealthiest man in America.  Since then, he continually shows up within the top 10.  As one of the most well known entrepreneurs of the computer revolution, Bill Gates stands as someone you can both respect and admire for both his contributions and accomplishments in his areas of business. 

As of now, he isn't the official chairman of Microsoft anymore, he is a non-executive chairman.  Instead, he has set his sights on a new glory, one that will fulfill his mission this earth as a purveyor of noble deeds and monumental wealth.  It's called the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  This foundation is dedicated to charitable donations and scientific research programs to make the world a better place.

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, to an upper middle class family.  They didn't have millions of dollars like Bill Gates does now.  Instead, the love of computers and technology drove the success of Bill Gates to unprecedented proportions.  The legendary Microsoft corporation is now the owner of the most widespread operating system on the planet.  Microsoft Windows. 

Since stepping down from the creation of Microsoft and pursuing more personal aspirations, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has become the largest seemingly invisibly operated charitable foundation in the entire world.  This is a fantastic accomplishment and one that will go down in history as far as the world of philanthropy is concerned. 

Extremely wealthy philanthropistic lives don't come along every day, and as a matter of fact, they are very few and far between.  The fact that Bill and Melinda Gates have donated large sums of money to make the world a better place should tell you something about human nature in general.  Bill Gates realizes that the world isn't as it should be, and not many people know about his heroic ventures to change things with the financial power that was bestowed upon him.  This article should shed some light on the fact that Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, are two of the most generous and appreciative people on this earth. 

Bill Gates and his wife were awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle for their philanthropic work they have conducted.  Bill Gates was also awarded the 2010 Bower Award for business leadership of the Franklin Institute.  Also, the Silver Buffalo Award from the Boy Scouts of America was also awarded to him for his service to Americas youth. 

Gates has appeared in at least one film and hopefully it won't be his last.  Waiting for Superman featured Bill Gates as himself, which isn't a farfetched thing, considering Bill Gates is one of the most memorable business contributors on the entire planet.