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Guide to Playing at Live Dealer Online Casino!

When playing at some online casinos, you will have the option of choosing to play at a live dealer casino. This is one of the newer options offered by online casinos, but it is one that is definitely worth checking out. You will get the excitement of enjoying a live game, dealt just like any game at a land based casino. Along with this benefit, you will also find that there are many other aspects of using a live dealer that make online gambling more appealing than ever.

Computer vs. Live Dealer

One aspect of using a live dealer is that you are ensured that each roll of the dice is as random as possible. You can even play live roulette. Even though online gambling programs are tested for randomness, few players feel as through the cards, dice or roulette wheel are truly random. When playing a real dealer, you are experiencing the casino games with the same chances of winning as you would in any land based casino since you will be playing on real life, hands on gambling equipment that is located in a land based casino. With a live dealer, you will really be playing the casino game of your choice without ever leaving home.

Just Like Going to the Casino

With a live dealer casino game, you will find the experience is less like playing online than going to your favorite casino. You can choose your dealer, who will be available at set times each day. To make your wager, you will enter the bid online. The dealer will deal you into the game just as if you were sitting at the table. With games of roulette, all you need to do is make your bet and wait for the turn of the wheel to collect your winnings. All of your winnings are paid out into your online account as you win them, just as if you were in a real casino.

Live Around the Clock

Live dealers are available at online casinos any time of the day or night, and just like in a live casino the dealers will change occasionally. This allows you to choose a game online with a live dealer any time of the day or night, without leaving home. Although live dealers are not available from all online casinos, they are definitely gaining in popularity simply because they have the added benefit of making the games more exciting and realistic. Live dealers bring in an extra element of interaction, something that other online casino games lack.

Live Blackjack and Baccarat

Along with these benefits, you will find that playing with a live dealer gives you an edge in some games, such as live Blackjack or Live Baccarat. Since Blackjack requires knowing the table and statistics of winning, you will find that playing with a live dealer allows you to estimate your chances by seeing how many other players are on the table and where you are in the betting sequence. You can also chat with other players at the table throughout the game, making the game even more interesting.

Some games are played slightly differently in an online casino than in a land based casino, and baccarat is one of those games that you really need to watch to play. By watching a live dealer, you can learn more about the game, and how to play more effectively to win more often.

Overall, playing in an online casino is an excellent way to enjoy all of your favorite casino games, and having a live dealer can make each trip online more informative, exciting and realistic. There are now many different online casinos offering live dealers, so you don’t have to settle for automated play anymore.


Play Live Craps Or Online Craps

Deciding to play craps online or in the casino comes down to how you like to play. Both playing fields carry the same odds, so telling you that a real life casino will carry better odds than an online gambling house is false council. People who enjoy playing casino games in the comfort of their own home may be able to use the peace and quiet to their advantage. Being able to concentrate and play wisely without the loud, distractive environment of the casino helps more experienced players gamble with intelligence and strategy. Some of the gamblers who play at home are some of the most successful in the world. 

They have practiced the strategies that have been proven to be most effective in winning at craps. With some hard work and a comfortable learning environment, you too can learn the strategies that made professional gamblers out of everyday players like you and me. However, online craps is extremely fast paced. You can find that you've spent your whole bankroll much too quickly than you'd like. Basically, online craps is geared more towards the more experienced gambler using strategy to win. There are craps bonuses for first time players available at online casinos too!

For craps players looking for an exciting night on the town along with their gambling efforts, real casinos have an atmosphere that's second to none. Live shows, entertainment, world class dining, amazing accommodations, and tons of excitement can be found at most any of the well established casinos across the country. Imagine being greeted by some of the most beautiful men and women in the world, being treated like royalty, and having a wonderful time gambling for your chance at millions of dollars. This is what the modern day casinos have to offer, and they have perfected the art of showing their patrons a good time.  One great site that covers every aspect of craps is you can check the out if you are a craps fan! :-)

Craps in a real casino is much slower than the online versions, and you'll find that each game takes longer to complete than you may be used to. No worries though, you can use the extra time to soak up the amazing feelings the casino purchases for their patrons. Some people like to visit the casino to meet new people. There are many rich gamblers who frequent casinos looking for new friends and gambling buddies. While casino's generally frown on this sort of activity, if a rich gambler approaches you with some free cash to play with, it just might make your craps night a lot more than you bargained for. Either way, craps is a lot of fun for everyone.

The only way to know which gambling arena is right for you is to experience them both. Online and live craps both have their own advantages. Assess the situation your in and decide accordingly. Online real money casinos are much more convenient for the first time player and will give you some valuable playing experience should you ever make it to a real casino. A real casino is much more fun when you're truly confident in your playing ability.