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Casinos in Macau - China: One of a kind Gaming Experience!

Cotai Strip - Macau

The Cotai Strip is legendary for it's wide array of things to do, and within all their shops, stores, and novelty areas lies an incredible array of gambling options. And, because of Macau's geographic location, it falls under the jurisdiction of China.

As you may have already heard, China does not allow casino gambling anywhere except for the Cotai Strip. Gamblers must visit the Cotai Strip if they want to gamble. So what is there to see and do on the Cotai strip? Lets take a look!

The Cotai Strip was inspired after the legendary Las Vegas strip. This means there's a whole lot more to do here than just gambling.

Restaurants - The Cotai Strip has a vast selection of places to eat, and you can be sure that you'll get your moneys worth. Some of the Cotai strip restaurants have hired world class chefs to prepare the meals. If you're looking for food

Hotels - The Grand Waldo is a highly popular hotel on the Cotai Strip, and this hotel doesn't spare any expense to provide you with the hotel experience of a lifetime. 340 guest rooms, 2 Presidential Suites, lots of places to shop, a golf driving range and miniature golf course, just to name a few. There are also other hotels, but not many come close to the Grand Waldo.

Shows/Plays/Bands - The Cotai strip also has quite an impressive lineup of talented artists and musicians to help pass the time between gambling efforts. If you book your trip in advance, you will get a chance to see some superbly talented.So in short, the Cotai strip does very well in accommodating there guests. Most user reviews have nothing but good things to say about them. Also, the fact that it is illegal to gamble anywhere except for the Cotai strip, puts them at a financial advantage.

And, because of the amount of money they take in, they put on quite a show.

The Cotai Strip will no doubt go down in history as the gambling capital of China, and for good reason. They are at the forefront of Cotai's casino and tourism project. China's view on gambling is clear, and they don't want the entire country to suffer because of a few irresponsible gamblers. So they decided that factoring in a small sector to accommodate and satisfy the desire to gamble.

Don't worry, remember to plan your trip wisely, and don't be afraid to call the businesses you plan on shopping at. Sticking to a budget is another crucial part of enjoying your vacation, especially one that involves gambling. Construction is still going on to further improve the Cotai Strip, and if you plan on taking your vacation there, you will be pleasantly surprised by there incredible amount of things to do.

Because people flock to the Cotai Strip by the thousands every day, it's no wonder they're more popular than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined. Yes, you heard right! Incredible eh? Believe it! The Cotai Strip is definitely the place to be, and it continues to pave the way to a legendary existence as the gambling capitol of China.


Best Casinos in Macau

Best Casinos in Macau: Macau is now considered to be the Las Vegas of China and Asia and it has managed to grow from dust in only a matter of 10 years. One of the reasons why the Macau manages to attract so much attention is because they have already overtakes the competition from Nevada thanks to a larger number of games. In this article we are going to offer you a short presentation of some of the most famous casinos that you will find in Macau.

Right in front of the Lisboa, you will be able to find the Grand Lisboa casino which is an imposing 250 meters building shaped as a lotus. Even if they have not managed to recreate the same ambience that you get at the old Lisboa building, they do manage to have an incredibly high amount of casino games, which includes the Texas Hold’em games. Along with all the gambling that can be done in this establishment, you will also get the chance to find an exquisite restaurant and you will also be able to see the popular “Crazy Paris Show” that should be keeping you entertained.

A new and recently opened casino is the City of Dreams. People from all over the world are attracted by new casinos and while it does not manage to stand tall as big as its neighbor the Venetian, but they are able to offer a lot to the mid-range gamblers. This is the type of casino which manages to attract the most visitors thanks to the fact that everything is affordable and anyone can join and have fun. Along with all the gambling which is being offered, you can also visit the Viquarium which is a virtual aquarium and there is also the “Dragon’s Treasure Show”.

However by far one of the main casino attractions in Macau is the world’s largest casino: The Venetian. This casino is part of a spectacular Venetian Macao Resort. The gambling space where you can spend your time is made of almost 600,000 square feet. There you will get the chance to find more than 3,400 slot machines and the incredible number of 800 gambling tables.

All these are going to be spread across the four themed gaming areas. And depending on your preferences, you can select the one you like. At the Grand Venetian Macao Resort, you will have the chance to eat at some of the most extravagant dining complexes and you will also be able to find an exquisite shopping district.


Venetian Casino Resort Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun!

Owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the Venetian Casino resort is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the fourth largest in the world.

This casino has approximately 3500 slot machines, 800 gambling tables and an entertainment arena that can seat over 15,000 people.
The design of this resort is inspired by Marco Polo, the traveler who went around the world and taught the westerners about Chinese traditions and culture. The resort has all the needs of a rich person, which includes a gaming center, restaurants and an arena that can hold huge exhibitions or conferences.

The hotel also boasts of excellent outdoor recreational facilities, a few of which include waterfalls and a garden which make up a tropical oasis.

The exquisite Venetian Casino Resort has a designated VIP club called Paiza Club that caters to its premium guests. This club has an own entrance, reception, guest lift and its own set of butlers. The gaming section at the Paiza club is sub divided into various rooms that are named after several cities in Asia. A few examples of this are Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Yunnan.

Most people who visit the casino find that is the most crowed and a wonderful place to be in. It is purely recreational and you do not have to worry about enjoying yourself. In fact that is a given! The gondola and the canal rides are as exciting as playing poker at the Venetia casino resort.  What more is that you can even enjoy shopping in their in house malls, which is huge and where you could spend hours evaluating and buying some of the well known brands. As beautiful as its counterpart in Las Vegas, it is a must visit for those who haven’t been to the Vegas casino.

One of the most famously played games at the casino is Baccarat, where the minimum bet itself begins from $25.00 and this is among the lower end tales. However although the Venetian hall is massive those looking for the traditional American Slot Machines could get a little disappointed. You could however try your luck at the knockoff wheel of Fortune slot machine game. Some of the high end tables will require you to put in huge amount, and although the rates are pretty steep for the commoners, you will still find it crowded and buzzing with activity. It is just as popular as any kind of table game all over the world.

One attractive entertainment happening at the Venetian Casino Resort is the Chinese Daily Live Acts that happens daily at the Diplomat Lounge. Here you will see excellent talent being showcased like singing, bands playing, soloists etc that come all over from Taiwan, Hong Kong and even China. The Lounge is open 24/7, which in other words ‘The Entertainment will never stop!”


Wynn Casino Macau Destination-Gaming, Spa and Luxury

The Wynn Casino in Macau is a gaming destination as well as a deluxe hotel that has a lot of add-ins like restaurants, spas, designer shops as well as a choreographed lake. Now most people would love to come to this Casino just because it is one of a kind Las Vegas style integrated casino in the whole of Asia. It is as sophisticated and sleek as its Vegas equal. The inside of the Wynn as well as the exteriors is well lit with awesome decorations and is considered to be a popular casino in Macau’s costal strip.

Excellent for serious gamers, this casino has 212 table games like blackjack and craps plus 375 slot machines that are spread across 100,000 sq ft of dedicated gaming space. The water show at the entrance of the casino is reminiscent of the one in Vegas and so are its luxurious interiors.

The casino area at the Wynn is open 24 hours of the day catering to gamers who want to make the best of their trip to this exotic land fruitful. With hundreds of tables and slot machines guests are sure to enjoy themselves all through the night. Entertainment for guests at the Wynn is again very Las Vegas style, with dancers and other shows that continuously keep happening. Incase you are looking for currency exchange or an ATM; you can find them at the casino site. This is just another attempt by the casino owners to ensure that their gamers enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Gamers can get their fill of local as well as international cuisine at any of the six gourmet restaurants that is usually open for dinner. For breakfast and lunch there are other smaller in-house restaurants as well as cafes that serve the purpose.

If you are in need to relax those tired muscles from an entire night of gaming then the spa at the resort will do you good. Being the largest and newest health clubs in Macau with an outdoor spa and pool, most people come here for an exotic spa experience. You can book it as an entire package and enjoy the varied games at the casino as well. Shopping is another excellent idea at the Wynn since there are several high-end and luxury shops that are duty free and excellent for guests to enjoy themselves in.

Infact it is an ideal resort and casino for several honeymooners and tourists. The rooms that they have on offer are luxurious and with service that is available 24/7. The rooms are huge enough and beautifully upgraded with all modern luxuries and amenities. The hotel section has a gym as well however there is a charge to use the gym; it is not included in the stay price. Those travelling with kids can also make use of their crèche while they either enjoy themselves at the gaming section or relax at the spa.


Sands casino in Macau

The Sands Casino in Macau used to enjoy the position of being the largest casino until the Venetian Casino was opened. The area itself that this swanky building is laid out on is 163000sqft. It is an excellent place for gamers to come and enjoy a few games at their entertainment centre. The casino is said to have around 800 table games and 1500 slot machines. With Macau being the new gambling destination you will find people from all over the world enjoying these games here at all times.

Although it is not mandatory to tip at the casino, the table game personnel or attendant take in 10% of the winning. Entry to the casino is also free however those below 21 years of age are not allowed to gamble this is the age limit for the locals. However people coming from abroad need to be 18 years and above to gamble at the casino.

The entertainment at the Sands in Macau is one of a kind and hosts a variety of shows mostly cabaret, singing and other forms of dancing that keeps you entertained throughout the day. There is also a theatre that is being constructed on the third floor of the casino.

It is a beautifully lit casino that makes you feel like you are in a different land all together and is considered by many to be an excellent relaxation spot. Some advantages of gambling at the Sands would be is that the non-alcoholic drinks are free and there is a wide range of minimum bets. This is something that many non gamblers would love to enjoy and try.

The slot machines at the casino are on a huge hangar that is suspended which gives an appearance of an aircraft and has several of the western style and Chinese style to cater to both the local crowd as well as the tourists. High rollers can enjoy some exclusive gaming in their exclusive rooms. Most gamers find that the betting section in the Sands is much better than the other casinos in Macau. The minimum betting amount can vary from rock bottom bets to the ones that sky rocket.

Gamers can choose from the seven different restaurants in the casino that cater both local as well as international cuisine. However the main reason that tourists come to the Sands is for the casino games. They can choose from a variety of Caribbean Stud, Fish Prawn Crab, Fan Tan, Blackjack, Baccarat, Three Card Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Slots etc. There definitely seems to be a lot more new games for gamers to try out at the casino. Gamers can also choose to stay in any of the 51 VIP Suites at the Casino, if they are planning to get into action first thing in as they wake up.


Dining in Macau

Excellent information about dining in Macau : Macau is currently a splendid island where you can find some astonishing places to eat and dine. The island is situated west of the Pearl River Delta and faces the South China Sea. Reaching out for this island will never be a problem since there are many harbors plus a bridge road that will get you there. Other islands that you can find near the Macau are the Taipa Island and the Coloane Island.

The Macau Island has a very colorful history that has kept it on the main stream in China for a very long period of time. Right now this establishment has a lot of history to offer to its tourist along with the other entertainment and gambling opportunities that are available.

Dining is a very important factor of almost any tourist destination in the world and since Macau can proudly say that they want to be the number one gambling destination in the world they must have a very large number of fine dining restaurants available.

Almost every single month more and more new restaurants and some dining outlets are going to offer you one of the most exciting and fine dining experience. In every corner of the Macau island you will get the chance to find a very good number of restaurants where you can choose from a wide variety of cuisines. Starting from the small noodle shops where you can buy a good meal at a very good price, and going up to some of the most exquisite dining venues on the island. You can also find 3 Michelin stars restaurants and some of them are along the beach.

Macau is by far one of the most fascinating destinations available for the gourmand in search of an exotic variety of restaurants. There you will have the opportunity to find restaurants that will offer you a cuisine from all over the world. However the main tendencies of the restaurants you will find in Macau will be of course Macanese. This means that you will see a mix between the main Chinese and Portuguese dishes.

Here are some of the names of the most important restaurants that you should definitely try out the moment you will be visiting Macau: The Kitchen, 3 Monkeys, Ping's Shark's Fin, Furusato, Henri's Gallery or Sai Nam.

This way dining in Macau has started to become one of the main attractions of this island and thanks to the fact that the restaurants are high class the tourists will feel treated very well.