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Macau, Las Vegas of Asia

Macau is located near the Pearl River Delta in China, and is one of the largest gambling cities in the world. Gambling has been legal in this city for over a century, making it one of the oldest gambling centers in the world, as well. Today, there are hundreds of casinos and gambling facilities in the city, with both traditional Chinese games and newer casino games, such as craps, Blackjack , slotmachines and Roulette, being played in the casinos.

Types of Gambling in Macau

Gambling in Macau is different than anything you will find in Las Vegas, simply because there is such a diverse range of games and casinos available. There are twenty six major casinos in Macau, including the Venetian Macau. The Venetian Macau is a themed hotel and casino that offers a Renaissance feel with all of the modern amenities that you are looking for when you visit China. The Venetian Macau also offers a large entertainment area that can host up to fifteen thousand fans, making it an excellent choice for both live entertainment and gambling opportunities.

Another popular spot in Macau is the Crown Macau, a casino that offers over five hundred slot machines and over two hundred table games for visitors to enjoy. All of the casinos in Macau offer plenty of special features, such as hotel rooms, entertainment and player perks that make it one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia for gamblers of all ages and backgrounds. Horse racing is also popular in Macau, giving gamblers the opportunity to enjoy the landscape of China while enjoying the horses, as well.

Horse and Dog Racing in Macau

Horse racing is popular around the world, and no visit to Macau is complete with a visit to the horse or dog tracks in the region. Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of people who visit these racing events, which bring in millions of dollars in revenue to the area. The Macau Jockey Club is especially popular, and is one of the largest horse racing clubs in China, with over one thousand private employees in Macau alone. You can also find the Macau Jockey Club online, both for information about the club and for betting and wagering online.

Greyhound racing is not as popular as horse racing in Macau, but it is still a huge part of the gambling scene. You can visit the greyhound tracks in Macau year round, but races are only held during weekends and on Monday, Thursday, and Friday evenings. You will find that all of the greyhound racing in Macau is held at the Canidrome, a gambling facility that caters to wagering customers. There is a bar, restaurants, and snack vendors available within the Canidrome racing center.

Finding Your Way in Macau

Much like the Vegas Strip, most of the large casinos for real money in Macau are found in the same area of the city, which is called the Cotai Strip. If you are looking for some new gambling opportunities, then Macau can definitely offer something interesting. With games such as Sic bo and Fan-Tan being offered, you can skip the traditional Texas Hold ‘Em and keno for a more culturally influenced game that has been played in China for many centuries. The region of Macau is very friendly, with many different local shopping and dining opportunities for tourists to enjoy

There are also many different tourist attractions outside the Cotai Strip, making Macau a destination that the entire family can enjoy. There are several different sightseeing tours available, which will take you to some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the Macau region. Macau has a rich history, and you can enjoy it by visiting the many different places in the city that celebrate Chinese culture and history. Gambling in Macau is a huge, billion dollar industry, but there is something for everyone in this great city, whether they are interested in gambling or not.


World's Biggest Casino is Located in Macau, China!

Our world's biggest casino not second biggest! The world's biggest casino is located in Macau, China. Owned by the legendary Las Vegas Sands hotel casino chain, this casino resort is now the largest casino on the face of the planet. Named affectionately after it's city of origin, the Venetian Macao stands an incredible 40 stories high. The inside of the casino resort can hold ninety jumbo 747 jets or 56 football fields. This is an unprecedented size for a casino, with an inside view so immense it boggles the mind.

318 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of concrete were poured in it's construction. The catering abilities of this casino are so lavish, they can hold a 5 course meal for 10,000 guests without batting an eye. 3 million gold leaves decorate the casino walls, creating a shimmering view of their financial strength. Total building costs came to 2.4 billion dollars, but the real astonishment lies in the revenue this casino generates.

With over 16,000 employees, an inside environment that creates an optical illusion of the sky, and an accompanying feeling of welcome hospitality, this casino is achieving worldwide fame in record time. The casino's main allure, according to casino operators, is spending a few days there. Because it's also a hotel, Venetian Macao casino patrons can have a fabulous time gambling and experience a world class hotel at the same time.

The hotel is as extravagant as the casino, and the casino owners spared no expense to set a good example. The deluxe and executive rooms feature all the amenities of home and much, much more. High speed Internet access, fax capability, marble bathrooms, Jacuzzis, spacious closets, kitchens (complete with coffee makers, mini bars, and amenities), plasma TV's, programmable safes, complimentary fruit/flowers, and more! The rooms are all kept immaculately clean and tidy by their well paid staff. You can be sure that your time spent at the Venetian Macao will be a truly memorable experience. Such care, such attention to detail, such finesse. You won't find world class accommodations like this anywhere else in the world.

As of 2008, over ten million guests have graced the Venetian Macao with their patronage. This year, the number of casino patrons has grown even larger, fulfilling the largest casino in the world's craving for fame and fortune. Please be advised, if you plan on booking a trip to this fantastic resort casino, be sure to book your trip in advance. The sheer number of gamblers that flock to this resort is astounding.