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Poker Games for Real Money

Poker for Money Variants: Poker for money games are all card games that are table games played in casinos as well as online, it has betting rules and sometimes involves hand rankings. A game of poker varies with how the cards are dealt, if there is a high or low hand, formation of hands, bet limits and the number of betting rounds that can be allowed. Recent poker games involve a first bet that is generally forced; this is to give a kick start to the game. Players in the game should place bets that match the previous bet or fold.  Any player who can match the previous bet can rise thus increasing the bet. The betting rounds are over when all of the players match the last bet or fold. If a player happens to fold on a round then the rest of the players collect the pot and do not have to show their hands.

Many feel that the betting in poker game for money makes a distinction from the other games in poker. Except for the initial forced bet, the money placed in a bet is kept in the pot, and is not forced upon, this could be just a theoretical side to it, rationally it is expected that the bet has a positive value.

There are several variations that the game of poker has undergone through the ages. Although they do follow a similar patter of game and have a similar hand ranking system. Some variations are:

Stud – This variation sees that the cards are dealt in a combination that is prearranged with equal number of face downs and face ups, a round of betting or streets. This is one of the oldest in poker families since the times the game of poker evolved from a three to a five hand card game, even then were dealt one card at a time either face up or with a face down, and a betting round that was in between. The most popular of the stud variant game is the seven-card stud, this game allows two cards to be dealt to each player and from there they need to make a 5 hand card.

Straight – In this variant, a hand is dealt for each player and all the players place their bets in one round, raising and re-raising of bets are allowed. This is the oldest form of poker game for money. This game was initially known as Primero, this further evolved to the card game of three0-card brag, which was popularly played during the American Revolutionary War. The final showdown is usually straight hands of five hands.

Draw – This variant of poker game for money is where the complete hand is dealt and given to every player face-down. The players are allowed to change their hands after the betting, this is done to discard the unwanted cards by being dealt fresh new cards. The five –card draw is one of the most popular variants of this game.

Community – This is another variation of the Stud game, here the players all receive hands that are incomplete with face down cards, after which a certain number of face up community cards are given by dealing to the centre of the table, each of these community cards can be used by the players to form a hand of 5 cards. The most popular poker for money of this variant is the Omaha and Texas Hold-em.
Another traditional variant of the game is Strip poker; funnily players take off their clothes when they loose the bets. The basics of this poker for money game are that there is only one round of betting, and there can be played in any form.

With the internet and technological advance poker can also be played online, with players that could be situated from different parts of the world.


Profile of Mike Caro, Bill Zender and Bill Walsh

If you love poker, then you know the name Mike Caro, Bill Zender and Bill Walsh. These three players have been in the gambling arena for many years of combined winnings, both in large tournaments and small. Their strategies and playing methods have been scrutinized for players to learn from, and their games watched by both seasoned and new players who are looking for tips to win more often.

Mike Caro

Mike Caro has been playing poker since the early 1970’s, and has founded the Mike Caro University of Poker, Gaming and Life Strategy. Mike also contributed to the development of the first online program designed to analyze poker hands, making him well known in many different spheres. Mike Caro has been called America’s Mad Genius for good reason; Mike has helped poker evolve in many ways, contributing to both the entertainment and study of the game. Mr. Caro was also one of the first proponents of online poker, even when the game was in its early stages and widely unavailable.

Mike Caro is also a celebrated author on the subject of poker, penning over a dozen titles on the subject. Some of Mike’s books include Caro on Gambling, Caro’s Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker, and Master Hold ‘Em and Omaha Poker, just to name a few. Mike has worked on the staff at several popular gambling magazines, including Poker Player, and has written computer generated poker games. With such as diverse background in poker, Mike Caro has provided a large body of knowledge about the game to fans, and has given the sport much of his time in the last four decades.

Bill Zender

Bill Zender has also spent a large portion of his life playing poker. Bill lived in Vegas for many years when he was a teen, giving him access to some of the largest and most reputable poker room in the US. Bill Zender is considered an authority on Blackjack gambling and card counting, and has even given hundreds of seminars on the subject to help players increase their odds of winning. Although Bill Zender has been the manager of several different casinos in Vegas, he is also the top authority on how to cheat, and win, at card games. This seemingly conflicting role is very beneficial, however, since he knows all the signs of counting cards in his own casinos.

Bill Zender also plays the game of pai gow, or double hand, poker professionally. This allows him to manage a casino and still enjoy a game of poker, since managers can’t bet against the house in most Vegas casinos. Bill has authored a comprehensive guide on identifying cheaters in the game of Blackjack called How to Detect Casino Cheating At Blackjack, that is used in casinos around the world to identify card counters and other cheating strategies. Along with being a professional in identifying cheating scams in casinos, Bill Zender has also owned and taught in dealer school in Las Vegas.

Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh is the proud owner and manager of the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood, a small city in South Dakota. The Franklin Hotel is a historic casino that has been part of the landscape in Deadwood since the frontier days, although it has only been a legalized casino since 1989. Bill Walsh is credited with bringing the town of Deadwood back onto the map with the reopening of the Franklin Hotel and Casino, a tourist attraction that brings in millions each year to the small mining town. Walsh is also part of history of the Franklin Hotel that was televised in 2004.

These three men have contributed to the world of gambling since their youngest years, and have changed the face of poker in many ways. Without the evolution of online gambling, the strategies that have been implemented in casino safety and the preservation of gambling’s past, the future of gambling may not be what it is today.


Ever wanted to become a professional casino gambler?

There are many professional gamblers who make their living from the casinos as a full time job. What makes them so special? What are they doing right that the rest of the gambling public is doing wrong? Let's take a closer look at what it takes to be a professional gambler and the different ways to become one.

Many of the most famous professional gamblers are naturals. They discovered they were good at gambling before they even began to consider the possibility of becoming a professional. On the other side of the coin, necessity can drive people to refine even the most difficult of learned talents. While it's not a necessity to be a naturally talented gambler, it helps make the path to super stardom a much easier undertaking.

People with a natural talent for gambling often start at the bottom of the food chain. Playing with older and less talented peoples money in order to turn them a profit. In appreciation, these less skilled players give the natural gambler a portion of the winnings. This allows most financially broke but skilled players a good possibility of finding their way out of any mess they may be in.

The second way to become a professional gambler, for those of us without the innate talent, is to hire a professional tutor. These seasoned professionals can teach you the ins and outs of every mistake they have ever made, not to mention the additional knowledge they have gained from gamblers similar to themselves. This will allow you to not make beginners mistakes, learn strategies that work, and learn the art of gambling from someone who has actually perfected it.

Succeeding at professional gambling at U.S.A. online casinos and offline casinos is also one of the greatest natural highs in the world. Billions of dollars, the life of your dreams, and being good enough at gambling to KNOW you are going to achieve it. Some professionals describe the feeling of knowing how to win at gambling to be like a priceless and coveted piece of art. There is no greater treasure in all the world. If you can achieve this level of gambling perfection, have real playing experience, and win at the tables, it can provide a feeling of security and real life stability that's unrivaled throughout the world. If you have been looking into becoming a professional gambler, there's no time like the present. Gambling has expanded a lot in recent years with no stop to peoples ever increasing interest.


Full tilt poker ponzi scheme phil ivey

Full Tilt Poker proved to be a Ponzi scheme in mid-late 2011

Bharara the attorney of the law that manages the Full Tilt Poker case has stated that Full Tilt Poker proved to be another Ponzi scheme. And everything turned out to be like that after the action against the company began back in April.

Full Tilt Poker was known to be the world’s second largest online poker website and it was shut down at the beginning of this year. This way the prosecutors have discover the fact that an enormous Ponzi scheme worth more than $330M has been operated by the Full Tilt Poker room where their players were the ones that were milked and the money were all brought to the founders and the executives of FTP.

The whole case of Full Tilt Poker has been taken care of by one of the most popular white collar crime prosecutor in NYC, the same person that handled cases against the Gambino’s Italian mob family and also in the prosecution of Bernie Madoff and Raj Rajaratnam. His name is Preet Bharara and he is from Manhattan. He stated the fact that Full Tilt Poker was not an honest company; they were just another major Ponzi scheme that managed to have a global reach.

Another interesting thing that was stated is the fact that the Full Tilt Poker company has also created and organized a massive fraud against the whole US banking system along with the fact that they have cheated and abused its players, while the total amount of money taken from banks and players managed to reach millions of dollars.

Full Tilt Poker had players from all over the world, for example there were thousands of players from the UK, but they have mostly taken the funds out of the players from US, where the payments towards online gambling companies have been outlawed back in the year 2006. At the same time there were many giant brands and names like: bWin, SportingBet that stopped accepting players from US the moment the UIGEA bill was signed.

Right before the Full Tilt Poker was closed, the players of this poker room were asked to make a deposit in an online account of the company before they could start playing poker. And all the winnings were purportedly credited back to these accounts. This information was found right when the federal officers have started to take a legal action against the other rival company: PokerStars, back in April 2011.

Full Tilt Poker lied both the public and the players about how safe their money is and the high levels of security that guards after the money. While at the same time a very big chunk of money were taken right from the most loyal FTP customers.

Even after the US authorities have taken down the Full Tilt website, they have continued to take deposits from other players, because they already knew the fact that they could never pay back all the money they owned back to its players.

The Full Tilt Poker owners have extracted more than $444 Million dollars only in the last 4 years. The Full Tilt was operated in Dublin, but all the operations were regulated in Alderney in the Channel Islands.

Thanks to the fact that in the UK the online gambling laws are very liberal, Full Tilt Poker had absolutely no problem to advertise to the UK players even if this company never had a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

There is still no official number about how many players or how much money the UK players have lost, but it is expected to be grand.
Right now in case you will visit the Full Tilt Poker homepage you will notice the following message: "We apologise but the system is currently down. Please check back later."