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Using Prepaid Cards At Online Casinos

When it comes down to the choices you have in purchasing a prepaid card for your online casino gambling, you have three highly recommended options, each chosen by the online gamblers themselves.  Netspend, WWWCard, and Wired Plastic prepaid cards are the three most compatible cards on the market.  Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Gift cards without a backing company are still an option, but you may run into some problems with being able to link them to your accounts efficiently.

As far as casino compatibility goes, the smartest thing to do would be to purchase a gift card from each.  Visa, Mastercard, Netspend, WWWCard, and WiredPlastic.  Link them all to your bank or checking account and see which option works best for you.  One of the cards will work out for you 100%, while the other cards may not be the best choice for future online casino endeavors.  Ultimately, it comes down to convenience and performance.  Can you load your online account quickly and easily?  How about fees?  Is the card cost efficient enough to meet your needs and provide a happy casino experience at the same time?   Decide which card option is right for you through your playing experience and you'll be on your way.  Let's take a closer look at some of the cards and their options.

Netspend:  Netspend is one of the Internet's most trusted providers of prepaid cards.  Get your paycheck deposited directly to your Netspend debit card and save yourself the hassle of having to manually reload it.  If you wish to manually reload your card, you can do so at any one of the many participating retail locations.  This includes grocery stores and check cashing areas.

WWWCard:  The WWWCard is a prepaid, virtual, and reloadable VISA card that allows you to use it immediately at the online casinos.  Many players swear by this funding option and is quickly becoming one of the Internet's most popular options.  This card is completely safe and secure, ensuring that unauthorized purchases and attempts are stopped before they start. 

Wired Plastic:  Wired Plastic allows you to transfer money from your Paypal account to your card for free!  That's an incredible way to experience the joy of online gambling!  The ability to take care of funding your account is as simple as having money in your Paypal.  Taking the Internet by storm, Wired Plastic has made the lives of countless online gamblers easier than ever before.  There is also the classic direct deposit and bank transfer options, but the ability to use Paypal is what all the new gamblers are harping about.    

Which card should you choose?  All have fantastic features.  Visiting their Web sites for further information would probably be a step in the right direction.  Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that all three of these fantastic cards will have you on your way to a fantastic time at the tables, effectively providing you with one of the best online gambling experiences of your life.