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Reasons for legalising gambling / Why gambling should be legalized

Gambling has long been one of the more controversial ways for states to make money, but there are some arguments that are good reasons for legalized gambling. One of the main reasons that people tend to argue against gambling is the moral and ethical issues of the sport, as well as the issues that surround the economic state of those who gamble. The truth is that the reasons to legalize gambling are sound, and gambling should be considered a good way for states to make more money.

New Support for State and Local Governments

Even though some people are negatively affected by gambling, the integration of a casino or lottery into a local area can bring in jobs and tourists for the area. The main benefit is seen when non-locals bring their money into the area, which will put more money into a local economy. Along with the casinos making money, other areas of the town will profit, as well.

Some states use the state based lottery to fund big money projects such as building roadways and funding schools. Even if only a small percentage of the intake from a lottery goes to state programs such as these, you are looking at millions and millions of dollars that would have otherwise been added onto resident’s annual tax costs over the year.

While opponents argue that only a small percentage of the money used for state projects comes from gambling, the fact is that gambling gives states a way to add money to the annual budget that comes from people who voluntarily spend their money, rather than taxing necessities for all of the citizens of the state.

Creating Jobs

In areas of high poverty, a casino can help to provide jobs for local residents. The larger the casino, the more jobs that can be created, especially when you consider the fact that tourists will be using other businesses in the area to meet their needs. The opponents of legalized gambling claim that the social costs outweigh the benefits that are more than the benefits, but the truth is that gambling, just like other social institutions, has both positives and negatives.

While there are some people who have gambling addictions, there are also those who can moderate their gambling habit. Considering the costs of gambling does mean that you also need to consider the benefits, but the consideration for the wasted revenue for illegal gambling activities can’t be measured. When you put in a legal gambling option, more people will avoid illegal activities in favor of legal ones.\

Federal Profits

With some areas having outlawed all forms of gambling within the region, there are now several options for those who want to gamble online. When you take the money that would have been spent locally, and spend it in an online casinos, you will end up with billions of dollars going overseas each year. There are millions of people who play casino and poker games internationally, simply because there are few local options. Legalized gambling can make a difference in the economy of any region, and with online gambling options, those who want to spend their money in a casino can do just that.

The opponents of gambling often cite the addiction to the sport as being one of the main causes of poverty among the poorest, but with the ability to play the games online there are now people who can access a casino anytime, using money that would be better spent on treatment facilities for addicts operated by the state. When you legalize gambling, you are also offering more treatment facilities to the people who need help.