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Secret Blackjack Strategies to Win Real Money!

Blackjack is the perfect example of a card game that involves precise calculation. Playing safe against the dealers is the best option to minimise losses. However, in order to earn profits, risks need to be taken. The course of your casino game will be decided based upon the way, how and when, you are taking the risk. The two ways in which the dealer could be dealt is by busting and beating. If earning profits is your sole criteria, beating the dealer will do. However, if you would like to dominate the dealer and want to show your extra edge over the dealer, busting is the process that will work out for you for sure.

Your experience will guide you through on how to deal with the odds. Calculations are to be made by taking into consideration of the most exhaustive of the cases into consideration. For instance, the dealing is already holding two cards of lesser value; the situation should not be underestimated. This is because there could be an outside chance that the next card could be of a higher value like 10. The whole situation of the entire game would be changed in favour of the dealer and against you with that single card. In such situations, you need to check the cards you are holding. If they are of higher value, you can proceed ahead or else play safe in case of any speculation.

You will benefit the most when the initial two cards of the dealer are totalling as less as possible. It might be totalling around 6. Then, even if the dealer is getting a 10, the highest valued card, the chances of dealer crossing 16 is impossible. Through such calculations, you can ensure that you are playing in the safest possible. Moreover, you can also double the bet without any further issues. This happens because your success is guaranteed in this case. In other words, your win is just a formality. However, a similar situation cannot be expected on a regular basis. A lot is depended upon luck.

Another typical situation that often games confront is when the dealer is possession of the cards numbering 3, 6 and 10. Three outcomes with which you can contain the dealer is based upon the cards you are having. The first outcome is when you are having a card numbered 8. You can then expect a card having a value of 10. Secondly, if you already possess the card 10, hope to get a card of value not less than 8. The most unique situation will be when you get a card numbered 9. Dealing with odd in this situation is easy. Just double the number to reach 18 and you will be on the safe side.

Moving away from the business of calculations, some gamers resort to lame tricks such as insuring your account. This move may appear to be clever and seems to benefit the gamer initially. However, the dealer would be the ultimate beneficiary in the end. If you are an expert at gaming and know exactly which card to play according to the situation, you are not going to benefit with insurance. As the process of insuring results in the operating costs, the chance of losing is more than that of benefiting. If you are a beginner and still want to go with insurance, then make sure that you are playing a single or double deck casino.

Additionally, remember the pattern of numbers and the number combinations. This is the reason why it is advisable for a player to have a good memory allowing spontaneous calculations.