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UK Casinos and Where to Play

Casinos are taking entertainment gaming to a new level. Casinos in the UK are legal and there are 122 spread across Britain, 10 in England, 3 in Wales and another 10 in Scotland. Most of these casinos on land are reputable and are world class gaming destinations. These along with the online casinos, don’t make it necessary for Brits to hop on a plane to Vegas, and enjoy a few gaming nights.

Most of the on land casinos are run by companies like Gala Casino, Stanley Casinos, LCI casinos, Napoleon Casinos etc. All of these casinos are welcoming and have the best in gaming technology installed.

There are several of these on land casinos that offer a variety of table games and apart from gaming; they play great hosts to entertainment and dining. In the recent years the gambling scene in UK has evolved and gone are the grimy gambling days that once was well know. In case your planning for a gaming night out you can check for the latest gambling destinations in UK through any of the locators that most websites and directories offer. Most of these casinos offer games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, poker etc. There are even slot machines where you can enjoy yourselves at.

For VIP customers and experienced players who only play high stake casino games, most of the on land casinos cater to a private room, so that players can play a serious high stake game, which is both entertaining and educative. These on land casinos also offer their games to be played online.

Those players who do not want to budge from the comforts of their home and yet want to play a few games can log into these websites. These websites are secure and transaction through their recommended source can be relied on. Most of these online casinos are of high quality offering high quality resolution gaming experiences. There are however few of these online websites that are not completely secured and do not make any payouts. It is therefore essential that people who are looking to enjoy a few online games need to be aware of the sites before they register and add in their private confidential details.

Most of the online casinos also offer huge bonuses and many also offer free money to play with especially when you register with them. This is an opportunity that gamers can take advantage off, and at the same time, check if the online gaming company is genuine. This also is an advantage for those who are new at online gaming, to try out the games offered at a lower risk.

Several of these online casinos also have loyalty points and reward system for their loyal customers; this is counted right from the time the player plays any game with real money. The rewards offered are fabulous and they also receive several discounts in hospitality that they definitely can use. Few casinos also offer bonuses if the player fulfills the bets that are required when they play any table game like roulette. The sites either let you play online without having to download any software on your computer while some of them require you to download the software and most of the time along with few other software’s to enhance the experience. The download time is quick and the software does not occupy too much space. The gaming graphics are stupendous and eye catching and you definitely will be affirmative with the overall online gaming experience.

Online gaming allows players to win huge pots, take part in tournaments and competitions and some of them even have free rolls for money. Most of these websites have an online training guide, if you want to brush up on certain skills or learn and entirely new game.


Gala Casino UK: UK’s premier gaming institution!

Gala casino in UK operates 32 outlets, 27 of which are solely based in UK. It makes up for UK’s 20% of Casino market; reputably it has 1.3 million members who are signed up with them. They have worked hard to be a very secure online gaming site, keeping the basic fact in mind that for most online gaming is much of an entertainment.

The Live casino which is sported by Gala casino has games like the roulette, blackjack and baccarat. You will find live dealers on this website which is to fundamentally give you a live gaming experience. Everything on the online Live Casino is a wonderful experience with graphics that are highly rated and gives you a very real experience. The most played game in the Live Casino is Roulette and is accounted to get 63% of the gaming income; Baccarat stands second and although not close enough, accounts for 19.1% and blackjack accounts for 11.1% of the income. The Live casino also has tips on the three games, just in case you want to brush up your skills and revise the basics. Excellent in its approach and security on the website can be noticed by the online cashiers. The security option on the website is impressive and gives details on minute queries that could probably arise in the minds of those who are paranoid if the site is secured or no. 

With 32 casino outlets in the UK, you can even walk down to any of them for a real live experience in gaming. The online Gala casino website has a location finder where you can look for a casino that is closest to you. These are spread right across Gibraltar and the UK and in all you will have a gala experience. The range of games that are on offer are truly spellbinding and one is sure to have a one of a kind experience with its in-house restaurants and bars.

If you have an account with Gala casinos (if you don’t, get one now) and an ardent gamer then you will also find the Sports betting page from where you will be able to bet on all the sports that are on offer. For sports betting, Coral Casino has joined in with so that the facilities that they offer in sports betting are impressive. They also have detailed information where instructions are laid out pretty well in case you are interested in trying your hand at sports betting.

For all bingo enthusiasts, you can also play online bingo through Gala casino. There is a free online Bingo game that is played exclusively on Thursdays, and if you’re looking for a bit of free action it is the best to get all geared up with the free online bingo.

Signing up on the online Gala casino site is very simple and with one identity, you have the entire online gaming gamut at your disposal, since Gala casinos have several sister concerns in gaming you can play several games with your Gala id.

If you need something that will tingle and excite you, there is also the head-to-head section where a gamer will find tournaments that are scheduled and it also included multi-table game tournaments that are held almost every day of the week. There are several tournaments to check out from and big money to be won. All a gamer will have to do is to register himself, and if they already have, they can make use of it and enter any of their preferred tournaments.

All of these tournaments are well described and you can choose any that you prefer. Descriptions on the pot that one can win, number of people in the lobby etc are also available. Gala Casino’s with its array will give you the best gaming experience in UK.


LCI casino UK: LCI casino Gaming and more!!

LCI casino Gaming and more!: The London’s Club International or the LCI Casino is an ardent believer in responsible gambling. One look at their online website FAQ section and you will know what I am talking about. They definitely do make it very clear that you need to be above 18 years of age if you want to play a few games in their casino. This applies to even those who probably want to visit their restaurants. There is also a dress code to follow and you would probably like to check before you even walk into any of the LCI Casinos in London.

The LCI casino is located in London, other parts of UK and there is one in Leeds. They do have international locations 2 casinos in Cairo and 1 in South Africa. Some common games that can be played at any of the LCI casino outlets are Blackjack, roulette, Baccarat etc. All of the LCI casino clubs are stylish and speak of oomph! The atmosphere is cool, relaxed and electrifying, especially when a gamer sees that he has a huge range of choices.

Those who are experienced gamers and are looking for high stake games can also rely on the LCI casino. Their casino establishments have private gaming areas all over, for high stake games especially meant for those members who prefer to play in privacy. Most of the LCI casino clubs websites also teach you how to play the game well, and makes you revise all the basics so that you enter their casino outlets with complete confidence and with high probabilities of winning the pot.

The LCI casinos believe in giving not only an excellent gaming experience for those who come into their clubs but also believe in satisfying their palette. Players looking forward to enrolling themselves in a gaming club that is reputable, can do so at any of the LCI casino clubs. There is no joining fee charged for those wanting to be members. Once you become a member for the LCI casino club you will be enrolled into their Player Rewards Program.

Although entry to most of their casinos is free, they will need to check your identity to verify your legal age. If you’re heading to any of the LCI casino clubs don’t forget to carry your ID cards along to avoid any kind of disappointment.

As a member of the LCI casino club, you will be entered into their several Player Rewards programs, and programs are considered to be fantastic for the games that you participate in. Whenever a player plays any of the slot machines, any table game or the electronic roulette they will earn the appropriate reward point. Another advantage is that they can also earn their points by playing in any of the 10 Player Rewards casinos that are sprawled across UK; this will help to carry your points with you. 

Players who have gathered enough points and are looking to get them redeemed can do so at any of the Player Rewards Casinos. Players can also earn various gifts and other offers like discounts etc, which is entirely based on their play. If your planning on travelling to Las Vegas for a gambling vacation, with the rewards scheme, you can also earn up to 20% of hotel room rates at some of the most sought after and fabulous Casinos in Las Vegas.

The LCI also believes in giving to the needy, and a campaign was launched in 10 clubs which would help collect any kind of consumable or non consumable goods that could be donated in the South African Province of Gauteng. In their endeavor to give something to the needy, they will be working along with Aaron Mokoena who is the Portsmouth Premiership footballer and is also the captain for the South African National team.


Stanley Casinos UK: UK’s Largest Casinos!

Stanley Casinos UK’s Largest Casinos! Stanley casinos are one of UK’s largest casinos with several other portfolios that are spread right across UK. They are well known with other brand names like the Mint, Circus and Maxims. Every Stanley casino boasts of venues that are top notch and world class and their facility and stylishness stands to be the best among the rest! With 40 casinos and counting all over UK, it definitely is what every gamer would want to be a member of.

Stanley casinos is a part of one of London’s most reputable casinos that also include the well know Crockford’s, which is considered to be the one of the oldest gaming clubs of the world. Among the group are also The Palm Beach, The Colony Club, The Mint and the Maxim’s Club.

If as a gamer you are looking to enjoy a wealth of games and expertise then Stanley is the place you need to head to. The online casino can be accessed by gamers as well and has an array of games that one can get involved in. Among the common ones that make the list are Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, several other table games, Texas Holdem etc, there are more than 150 games that you can choose from. Stanley casino is always striving to bring to their online as well as inland casino customers the best gaming experience by their constant technological improvements and changing their online security system to keep it up to date with technology. This is to make sure that the players are not cheated in any kind of way and their details are secure.

For Stanley casinos most loyal players the VIP program which is categorized into 4 different levels namely; bronze, silver, gold and platinum is said to give out great offers in the form of rewards. Apart from the exciting rewards offered there are also match-ups for weekly bonus deposits, chip drops that are free and more table limits. These facilities are sure to make any loyal customer feel like a VIP.  Every member is enrolled into the VIP scheme as soon as he makes a real money bet in the online Stanley casino websites. The results are to be big, bold and beautiful and it really doesn’t matter if the player wins or loses. VIP players also get bonuses in the hospitality industry at some of the top sporting events in UK.  The players are categorized into the 4 different sections by the points accrued.

Payment methods are very player friendly, keeping in mind the various sections of players that come into the club to play a few casino games. They have the facility of accepting both online and wired transactions.

There is something that Stanley casinos offers every type, level and category of players, and that is the umpteen bonuses with several games. There is also a beginner’s bonus for those who are new to online gaming through the Stanley Casino websites. There is also the blackjack bonus, for those players who enjoy playing blackjack online. Depending on the skill set and the game that you like to play you can enter the code that is given in the registration field which entitles you to the bonus on offer.  There are slot bonuses apart from the other bonuses that have 35 games to choose from and with every progressive jackpot you will get closer to the £1M jackpot.

For those who want to know more, or are stuck in a rut, or need some assistance regarding any issues they can always get in touch with Stanley Casinos online support. The customer support at Stanley casino aims at giving you the best customer service that you could ever get at any online casino site.


Grosvenor Casino UK: Stylish and Enjoyable

Grosvenor Casino, Stylish and Enjoyable. Grosvenor Casino is one of UK’s largest casino groups and is highly regarded in the casino gaming industry throughout the entire country. The casino is well known for its excellent gambling games and environment that is warm and friendly with the best customer service. All of this has now been replicated in their online casinos, along with visuals that are stunningly unique.

Grosvenor Casino understands that gambling for many can be a lot of and definitely entertaining, they however do recognize that gambling is not everyone’s idea of entertainment. Grosvenor Casino therefore believes in responsible gambling and often provides support to those players who sometimes lose control in the thick of things. If you have to go to any of the venues of Grosvenor Casino, they don’t forget to carry a valid ID, since those under 18 are not allowed.

With a wide range of table games at Grosvenor Casino like Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker and the Super Stud Poker can be played on a personal terminal. Their chains of casinos offer other games like Sic Bo, Punto Banco, Dice and The Big Six. Their casinos have slot machines that have jackpot prizes up to £ 4,000 along with the jackpot prize, every player will find something interesting that Grosvenor Casino offers.

If you’re looking to get in stream with casino games they can go through the comprehensive guide that is fun to read and learn with. They have guides on tips to play games like Roulette, Blackjack, Super Stud and the Three Card Poker. If you’re a beginner and want to check out what you’ve learnt or if you want to brush your gaming skills then you can also try out their free online casino games that are available for complete fun.

For those who enjoy playing poker will definitely agree that Grosvenor Casino has every poker game that an experienced poker player can think of. Poker games are available at all stages and can be played in all of their 20 venues. The Grosvenor Casino UK Poker Tour is one of the biggest events in UK, and seasoned players from all over Europe flock to win the million pounds award. For those who are new and are looking at poker as a stepping stone to enter into the gaming industry can participate in any of the rookie nights Grosvenor has. The rookie nights are regular in all of the poker venues and players can learn the game in their friendly environment. All of Grosvenor Casino venues are more than just plain gambling sites, for those who are looking for a fun night out clubbed with gaming and entertainment will find everything under one roof. It is regarded as a great venue with fabulous food, the best games on offer, has fantabulous live entertainment and late bars. Something to keep everyone entertained!

The online games that Grosvenor Casino offers is in collaboration with Playtech, in order to play any game the player will have to download the game software onto their personal pc. The games are quick to download and are definitely worth every effort. The Casino also offers a generous amount of incentive for those who invest in them; a sign up bonus of 150% is offered and can go up to a maximum of £75.

All of the games online imbibe the best in technology, they have a great appearance, and the audio makes it an even bigger treat to play these games. If required players can also use an option to get the game on full screen, increase the size of cards in a card game, get close ups of slot machines, tweak sounds etc. The games allow you to tailor it according to your preferences. Playing with Grosvenor Casinos is a lavish experience that every player should experience.


Hard Rock Casino best Casino experience!

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the most sought after destinations in Las Vegas. It is owned by the Morgan’s Hotel Group and is also operated by them. Every Hard Rock casino in every part of the United States and over the world is located in prime areas and is property is without a doubt a landmark destination.

Players can get the most wonderful and entertaining gaming experience apart from other services at the Hard Rock Casino and hotels. Hard Rock is known to be a fabulous music destination that had seen the likes of Alicia Keys, Rolling Stones, Cold Play, and The Killers etc. apart from these live acts; they are also a major gaming destination.

The Hard Rock Casino & hotels are located in Biloxi, Hollywood Fl, Las Vegas, Macau, Tampa and Tulsa and the newest additions being Penang, Bali and Pattaya. In the UK you will find Hard Rock Casinos Piccadilly and Manchester, of which the major attraction is the Casino at Las Vegas, where a huge Jimi Hendrix styled guitar that is almost 50 ft tall greets guests.

All of Hard Rock Casinos are established in ample space and has a variety of table games. Some of the games are Baccarat, Pai Gow, Blackjack, Mini Baccarat, Three Card Poker and Let it ride. Of all of the games, Black jack has been introduced recently and it already gained the topmost spot in all of the Hard Rock Casinos.

The Hard Rock Casino has several separate rooms that a player can choose, depending on the expertise of his game. The casinos are huge and give importance to it VIP loyal gamers as well as those who want to play high stake games. The poker lounge does not only cater to the gaming experience, but is a fully fledged entertainment room just like all the other game rooms that are complete with big screen TV’s, lounge and bar, iPod stations, special private VIP rooms etc. The poker room in the Las Vegas, Hard Rock Casino has almost 18 tables for poker in its lounge, along with music that plays in the background. The experience is over whelming and beyond ones imagination.

If a player plays for four days they receive a 25% discount for their stay at the hotel as well. If you do not know anything about the game or for that matter any of the games, you can learn with the free lessons that the Casino provides. For those who are much interested in the popular High Limit game, they can choose from any of the two rooms that are especially dedicated for high rollers

If you’re looking at some online gaming that Hard Rock Casino could entice you to, then there is not much on offer. There is no official website belonging to the Hard Rock Casino that offers online gamers an opportunity to be part of the Hard Rock Casino gaming community. Probably it is just complying with the rules and regulations of some of the US states who have rated online gambling as an offence. There are a few states that offer online gaming and like true Hard Rock Casino style, the experience is spell binding.

Although it is legal to play casino games online in the UK, there are no official websites for the two Hard Rock Casinos in the UK. In some of the US websites though once you join the players club which is easy and free, the players earn bonus points for playing any of their game. Some of the online gaming sites include Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker, Let it Ride, Baccarat, Bonus Poker and Blackjack that has been a new addition to the other table games. There is an age limit that is applicable to all gamers who are looking to register online. The player should be 21 years or older to be a member of the Gaming club. For something more than the best gaming experience, visiting the Hard Rock Casinos is recommended.