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Vegas Style Casino Games for Money

Two of the main Casino softwares used by internet casinos are Microgaming and RTG.  On this site you will find some reputable and trust worthy sites to play at for real money.

Most are offering over 200 + vegas style casino games for real money with superb graphics and crip clear stereo sound. Players receive regular bonuses and can’t seem to get enough! Join the fun today by downloading any of the casinos we recommend, it is free. Be it to play and experience the thrill of vegas style casino games for free or for the intention to gamble, you will find the casinos recommended to meet or exceed your expectations.

The casino games include casino games such as, hitman slots, vegas style slot machines, caribbean stud poker, Baccarat, Black Jack, Craps, Thunderstruck slot Progressive Jackpots, Super 21, PaiGow, Keno, Euopean Roulette. You get it,  just about any casino game that you could possibly think of wanting to play for money or for fun. You can also play the games in Flash or so called “instant games”.

We would also like to inform you that it is FORBIDDEN for persons under the age of 18 to play for real money. Some of the sites we link to accept US, Canada players for real money while others do not!

Gambling for a Living, is it possible? Yes

When you are interested in gambling for a living, you will need to know where to start, and what strategies to use to make more money at the casino. There are actually many different options, and the latest craze is playing all of the most popular games online. While you may think that the only way to make money gambling is by going to a traditional casino, the fact is that online casinos often have better odds, and pay out a larger percentage of their money, than traditional brick and mortar casinos do.

Making Your Budget

When you want to begin gambling for a living, you need to have a way to begin betting. It is obviously a good idea to keep your day job, and to make a budget for betting when you are learning how to play well enough to make a living with a casino. You should make sure that you know about money management before you make your first bet, whether you are playing online or in a traditional casino.

Once you have your money management down, you will want to make sure that you are betting using logic and the rules of the game rather than your emotions. If you do start to feel angry or anxious about betting, then it may be time for a break. You will find it more difficult to make good betting decisions when you are mad, anxious or excited about betting.

Playing Your Game

When you want to gamble for a living, you need to be an expert at one or two games. Knowing the odds, and knowing what makes a good bet, are both crucial for making money playing poker or casino games. The games that you choose are up to you, but remember that some games, such as Roulette, are only based on chance and won’t be as reliable as other games that you can play in a casino.

You can learn to begin gambling for a living by playing the free games that are offered in online casinos. All of the online games have the same basic rules that you will find in a traditional casino, but you won’t have to begin by betting your own money to learn how to master the game. Once you feel more comfortable, you can move on to playing low stakes real money games, and then when you have accumulated a reasonably sized bankroll, you can begin playing higher stakes.

Luck and Skill

To choose a game that you are really good at, you will want to consider picking a game that is based on skill as well as chance. There are some games, such as Texas Hold ‘Em, that require knowing which hands are good enough to bet on, to win. If you know when to bet, you can easily turn your bank roll into a fortune.

You will want to vary your own playing style, however, since other players with the goal of gambling for a living will watch the way that you play. If you learn the basics of bluffing, you will be able to fool even the most experienced players into thinking that you are a fish who doesn’t know the basics of the game, and be able to drive the pots up on the table that you are betting on.

Find Tournaments

You can also find free tournaments online that offer cash prizes, which is a nice way to increase your personal bankroll without worrying about losing your own money. You will still need to apply the basic rules of betting to win when you play free games if you want the cash prize, however