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Video Poker & How to Play & Video Poker Variations

The video poker game is played on a console that’s computerised, foundation of this game is a five card draw and the size of this casino game is equivalent to that of a slot machine. The basic five card video poker game has now evolved into different variants, like the deuces wild. The wild card in Deuces Wild has two serves, the natural royal or the four deuces is the jackpot, the enhanced amount is paid when there are four aces along with five or less kickers.

Video poker evolved not very long ago and was commercially released when it was inexpensive and affordable to get a monitor, similar to a television combined with a state central processing unit.  The early models of video poker were introduced in the mid 70’s, almost the same time the personal computers were introduced. They were definitely primitive from what is to be seen in the poker gaming industry today.

SIRCOMA the coin machine gradually evolved and became the International Game Technology, because of whom video poker gained popularity. Video poker gained popularity and was an instant success in casinos, as people found them easier to understand and play with as compared to table games. This game is played for fun or for those interested in winning some big bucks; it can also be played for money.  Many casinos today have several poker games to engage their customers in. With the advancement of the internet and booming of several online casinos and internet gaming site, there are several online video poker games that a player can choose from. Games can be downloaded as a Casino game for pc or casino game for Mac users as well. Video poker games online do not have compatibility issues and can be downloaded by players looking to play for money or those simply enjoying different casino games for fun.

The key to win at video poker is learning how to use the winning combinations and proper strategising. It involves two basic steps, deciding on the number of coins you want to place on a bet and deciding what cards should be held and hands that need to be discarded.  To get the maximum payout you need to come up with an excellent strategy and betting skills if your looking at winning big money. The Jacks or Better video poker game can be played for money since payouts are huge or it can be played for fun, if you’re not interested in placing a max bet. In the game, the royal flush pays approximately 250 to 1 with bets of 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins and it pays 800 – 1 with a bet of 5 coins. It is always wise while playing a video poker game that you bet for the maximum if you’re looking to earn the maximum. Progressive video poker games let you win a huge jackpot only if you put in the maximum number of coins.

Mostly all video poker games lay out five cards, from which you need to choose which ones to hold and which ones you need to discard. These need to be thought of carefully since this is the sole determining factor which will decide if you win the video poker game or no.
While playing video poker online, the computer usually marks certain cards as “Held”. It is however your choice to decide for yourself if you want to hold the cards or you intend to discard them. Recommendation by your computer may often not lead you to win the game. Hence you need to decide for yourself on what cards should be held. The bottom line is that while playing online, if playing for money, your money is at stake so you need to decide if you want to follow the computers recommendations or go by your instinct.

Video poker games can be found on all casino games online and are available for both casino games for pc as well as casino games for Mac users. You can also play mobile video poker via a mobile casino powered by spin 3.


How to play Video Poker

The game of video poker for money as mentioned before is based on the 5 Card Draw game. This means that once you insert your credit, you can either use coins or bar coded coupons and hit the deal button. After that you are given the chance to choose between the cards that you are given and you can discard one or more of them so that you get a better hand. After the draw the video poker machine is going to pay out to you based on the hand that you have. This means that in case you are lucky and skilled enough to get any of the winning combination that you know from the 5 card draw game. And based on the hand that you have there will be different payouts available. Some video poker machines are even going to offer progressive jackpots and in case you get a special hand like a Royal Flush, you a large pay out, but at the same time you have to pay more for each game that you play.

The Variations of Video Poker

Just like any other popular casino game out there video poker has evolved into many variations. Each and every one of them manages to improve the amount of fun you have by giving out different bonuses, side bets and other exciting stuff. While the variations can be a lot more fun, most of the time the odds tend to be lower compared to the classic version of video poker.

There are basically two main categories of video poker games: the full pay games and the low pay games. Here you can find a short description of some of the most popular video poker games:

1. Full Pay Games

2. Low Pay Video Poker Games

The low pay video poker games are using pay tables which are meant to reduce the maximum payout percentages compared to the other games presented above this. This means that these new payouts will reduce your odds and bring in more money to the casinos that are using it. Here is the list with some of the low pay video poker game variants: 9/5 Jacks or Better, 8/6 Jacks or Better, 8/5 Jacks or Better, 7/5 Jacks or Better and 6/5 Jacks or Better. Here you can read more about video poker