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Where to Gamble for Real Money?

Where to gamble? This is what many land based casino players ask themselves and find themselves spending hours doing google searches, reading reviews on different casino review web sites and what i am trying to come to, is that most of them get information overload and end up more confused than when they began doing the google searches! Maybe you know what i am talking about and if not that is okay ;-)

Many of you have visited Las Vegas, Maccau etc and have now come to realize they can gamble online for money too and get paid when you win. Some of you are from the US, while others are from Asia, Europe or the Middle east.

Some might agree and some not but i think gambling can be a way to make money and i say this if done in the correct manner and stopping if you are becoming addicted. I guess it comes down to knowing when to stop regardless if you are winning or loosing.

There are many casino players who have made a fortune playing at casinos and have also began playing at online casinos due to the efficiency it provides.

I do not recommend gambling away your money nor do i think you should gamble if you can not afford to do so instead, the correct way to do it would be to put a side some funds to gamble with once you know where to gamble online for real money

Where to gamble? If you want to play online as many other already do, you need to first find casinos with a solid reputation amongst players in terms of paying out on time and always. Aso that they offer great support and casino game variations.

There are many online casinos and many are bad apples that should be avoided at all costs. Why would you deposit at a casino that you know nothing about? that would be silly and if you were to win playing a casino game you would have a tuff time getting paid.

SO, here is where i can help make the task of finding out where to play casino games very simple. On this site you will find the TOP 3 RTG casinos and the TOP 3 Microgaming Casinos along with several more casinos. What makes them the TOP 3 is a number of things such as fast payout's, support, games offered, deposit options available, casino reputation and so on.

By reading an endless number of casino reviews online i have picked what seems to be the TOP three RTG & Microgaming casinos and should you play at any of them, you will be very impressed indeed. I am just as impressed every time i play, even when i do so for free play. Some have free slots tournaments too with no cost or deposit to join yet every chance to take home a big prize.

I list also on this site the latest RTG casino promotions that i have come across and don't think you should miss them. Regardless if you are a new casino player or an expert!

Sign up at the online casinos recommended and play, no need to feel insecure, no need to worry about spyware, no need to worry about making payments and most importantly NO NEED to worry about getting paid when you win! ;) So, when are you going to check them out and practice you casino game skills. Got any poker skills? not me but im good at the slot machines & Roulette table.

You can also read about Council Bluffs and the ameristar casino hotel & Harrahs amongst other! If you want to read about gambling in different US states, click on the state of choice in the left menue.


Why Gamble at an Online Casino?

With thousands of people joining online casinos every day, you may wonder what all of the fuss is about. Their are players who join to play and make a living gambling. Online casinos have definitely become popular, and for a few very good reasons. The added safety of your online account, the diverse player’s backgrounds, and the ease of playing your favorite games are among the top benefits of choosing an online casino.

Odds of Wining

Perhaps one of the best reasons to choose an online casino over a land based casino is that the odds of winning are typically going to be slightly better online than in a traditional casino. There are several things that have allowed online casinos to offer more winnings to their customers, including the ability to lower the costs of running the casino by using software for the games rather than hiring dealers and running the land based casino.

In fact, the average payout at an online casino is right at 89 percent, which means that most players will see winnings at one time or another in the game rooms. One of the easiest ways to see free money from an online casino is to take advantage of their sign on bonuses and other promotional games and offers.

Promotions and Bonuses

While a land based casino may offer their players a five or ten dollar bonus each month, an online casino can offer up to 100% of your first deposit up to a certain amount, along with monthly bonuses and additional deposit bonuses that may playing online twice as much fun as playing in a traditional casino. You can use the promotions and bonuses to learn to play or you can use them in a high stakes game that you might otherwise pass up.

There are also VIP and loyal player’s casino bonuses on most websites that give players an extra incentive to make cash deposits and play frequently. You can learn more about what promotions and bonuses are offered on your favorite site by talking to someone in customer support, or by reading through the website on your own.

Convenience and Online Security

If you have been worried about the safety of using your financial information online, then you can feel safe knowing that online casinos use the latest in security software to keep all of your information safe. The most commonly used security measure is an encrypted SSL, or secure socket layer, that will keep your information from being transmitted to a third party while you are making deposits or withdrawals.

Lastly, convenience is a factor when choosing an online casino over a traditional land based casino. You can play all of your favorite games, or find a new favorite, from the comfort of home. You can use a wide variety of deposit methods, including credit and debit cards, to make all of your deposits online. You can also withdraw using online services, such as an online banking account or a refund to your credit card on an online casino.

Betting Anytime

When you bet online, you will be able to find a table full of players anytime of the day. Any avid poker player knows how much more exciting a game is when the table is full, even if you want to play in the middle of the night. Since online casinos have grown in popularity, there are literally thousands of players online anytime that you log on, whether you want to play Omaha or a simple game of three card poker.

You also won’t have to worry about finding an ATM or a bank, since you can make all of your deposits and withdrawals online, using a wide variety of sources. If you prefer, you can even send the company a wire transfer for deposits, and have them send you a transfer for withdrawals. Knowing that you can play anytime makes poker, and other casino games, an easy way to have fun on your own schedule.


Is Internet Gambling Legal in my State?

Playing poker online is becoming a more popular pastime in America, with thousands of Americans joining in on the action every day of the week. There are some states, however, which explicitly ban Internet gambling, and have laws on the books against the act. The main reason that you will want to avoid gambling in these states is, of course, being fined but there are also other reasons, as well.

Gambling and Sportsbook Betting

While there are few laws against playing poker online, almost all of the states in America have outlawed sports book gambling on the Internet. The reason for this is that some sports, like college football, are subject to points shavings and other illegal acts. The anonymity of online betting makes incidents like point shaving more likely to occur, and the result of such concerns has been the banning of online sports book betting in the United States.

You will still be able to bet in an online casino on sports games, but there is some question about whether or not your winnings will be given to you. For example, if you have made a bet on a game, and won, but the company that you place the bet with wont pay you, there is nothing that you can do about it. If you took the matter to a court of law, then the Federal regulations that prohibit online sports betting would override your complaint of not being given your winnings, and you would lose the entire investment.

Poker and Other Casino Games

Poker, along with other casino games, has different laws that regulate online betting. There have been many different actions taken that try to regulate the sport, but few of the states in America explicitly prohibit playing poker for money online. For most states, the legality of online gambling is somewhat of a gray area, where the act is not supported by the court, nor is it exactly prohibited.

There are some exceptions to this gray area, however. All forms of online gambling are illegal in Louisiana, and in the state of Washington, to name just a couple. There are some laws, however, that sway more toward making gambling online, in any form, illegal. For example, there was a law passed in 2006 that stated it was illegal to move funds from bank accounts or credit cards into online gambling accounts, but the law failed to define the term “unlawful Internet gambling”, making it null for most of the sites on the Internet.

Continuing gambling Laws

As you can see, the legality of Internet betting is very complex. Unless you live in one of the few states that defines and prohibits online gambling explicitly, then you are free do bet on any of the games online, expect for sports betting. You can use most credit cards or bank accounts to move money into an online gambling account, but there are some laws that prohibit being able to withdraw your winnings onto your credit cards. Most of the time, you will need to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail to claim your winnings from poker and other casino games online. There are also some options, such as wire transfers from the gambling company, which can be used to receive payments from your winnings.

Even though there are only a few states that prohibit online gambling, it is still a common practice in most states for players to make their bets online. The only problem that you may have with online betting is that, in the case of a dispute, most courts will dismiss the claim since there is a lot of controversy about whether or not online gambling is illegal. Also, you may have some trouble getting the money that you win deposited into your regular account, since there are now several companies that won’t accept payments from these sites. 


Top Rated Brick and Mortar Casinos

There are certain casinos that have all of their ducks in a row, everything about them is perfect, and they have a player following that can amaze even the most wealthy people on the planet.  These casinos have enough money to create a casino experience of epic proportions.  Matter of fact, they create exactly that, bringing gamblers an experience that's truly worthy of their legendary fame and glory.  Here are a few of the best offline casinos and why they have earned the right to be called the best on earth. 

The St. James Club – Antigua

A legendarily high class resort located on it's own 100-acre private peninsula.  The sea borders three sides of this world renowned vacationing locale.  During the day, patrons are welcomed with a multitude of different things to do, with disco dancing at night and an ever so popular casino.  Because of St. James Clubs fabulous resort, the small casino included on the island is never crowded.  This makes for one the most thoroughly enjoyable gambling experiences available, with none of the burdens and apprehension brought about by large crowds.

Ballagio – Las Vegas

The Bellagio is the most luxurious hotel casino in Las Vegas, hands down.  When it was first built in 1998, this 1.6 billion dollar casino earned the right to be called the most expensive hotel casino ever built.  Even today, it's legendary fame holds true.  A total of 200 tables for roulette, craps and poker.  An unbelievable selection of 2000 slot machines, the world renowned Bellagio Poker Room, and the home of the Five Star World Poker Classic make this gambling locale one of the most treasured places on the planet, literally.

Atlantis Resort – Bahamas

With a Bridge Suite that costs over 25,000 dollars per night, this resort is home to the largest casino in the Caribbean.  980 slot machines, 78 gaming tables that include roulette, craps, baccarat, and blackjack, skylights, windows, and a panoramic scenic view of the resort make this gambling spot a multi-faceted and highly exclusive good time.  Atlantis Resort continues to grace the ranks of the most sought after gambling havens in the world. 

Clermont Club – London

One of the worlds finest gaming establishments in London, the Clermont Club gained its notoriety and fame from it's Playboy backed financial funding.  Known to be one of the most exclusive and civilized clubs in the world.  Check it out if you are ever in London, but be sure to make reservations as the gambling laws in London require you to make prior arrangements in order to attend. If interested in gambling in the UK you can also read about the The Euromillions Millionaire Raffle

HERE is a list of states with information about gambling in them:

Popular gambing destinations:

West Viginia, Las Vegas Nevada, Reno Nevada, Atlantic City N.J.

Aslo covered are cities that include: the caribbean area! For people who like to try something new, Macau casinos might be something to consider! Also check out infor on UK Casinos and Canada Casinos.


Benefits of land based casinos such as in Las Vegas

There are many people out there that talk a lot about the benefits that you get from playing casino games for money over the internet, but while there are many benefits there are also some disadvantages that could be considered to be transformed into benefits for the land based casinos. In this article we are planning to offer you a good review of the benefits that you get for sticking to the old land based casinos.

One of the greatest benefits that you get from a land based casino is the security. This means that you could never have problems like the ones that online player get, regarding cashing out their winnings. The land based casinos are regulated by the state or government in which they are located and in case you have any trouble cashing out your winnings, you can always file a complaint there. While the online casinos are most of the time located a million miles away from where you live in a tropical and financial paradise, which is most of the time unreachable by the average online player. At the same time some online casinos are not even going to be regulated by any organism and this way it is impossible to track them down. This means that land based casino will always offer you more security and it’s going to be easier to trust them that once you win a significant amount of money, you will be able to actually cash out that money.

Along with a higher trust factor the land based casinos are also able to offer you the chance to bring social benefits thanks to the fact that you can talk with the other people that are playing the same game as you do, while the online casinos are bringing a barrier between you and the other players. This means that you get to find tons of people that have the same interest as you and that enjoy living their life and playing casino games.

Another thing that you should always take into consideration is the perks that the land based casinos are offering to the players. Just imagine arriving at the airport and a limo is waiting for you that will take you straight to a luxurious hotel room, where you will be served a fine dinner at a nice restaurant. And all this is going to be paid for by the casino where you intend to spend some time gambling. Even if the online casinos might offer you welcome bonuses and other promotions, they will never manage to make you feel like a VIP like a land based casino can. During the last couple of years the number of perks that were offered by land based casinos has grown consistently.

In case you are planning to play at some of the world’s largest casinos, you are about to find a high number of games, which can be similar to the number of games that are being offered by online casinos.

The atmosphere that can be found at land based casino is simply amazing. Just hearing the games and cheer of the people is definitely going to make you feel good. And this can never be found at an online casino.

Overall playing your favorite casino games at a land based casino can be a lot of fun and there are many advantages that come with doing so. This is the reason why there are so many people going on vacation to the major cities that have to offer casino gambling like Atlantic City and Las Vegas.


Gambling online is Fun & Exciting but be CAREFUL!

You start to win a little money, you are on a role and it feels good. You get a decent sized win and suddenly you’re up a reasonable amount. That’s when it all starts to go pear shaped and you’re little pile of winnings starts to crumble. Before you know it the winnings have gone and you’re down to the last of your deposit and that’s including the rtg casino deposit bonus.

In this type of situation it would have been better to quite while your were ahead but hindsight will do little to help. Knowing when to quit is vital to becoming a successful Microgaming casinos regular. When a player begins to play the casino games online after a fresh deposit they have the benefit of their money plus the additional casino deposit bonus to play with. The player is just starting out and so remains cautious and determined in their gaming strategy. When the player starts to win this is when it starts to become more hazardous as the player will start to become more relaxed and reckless with their money. This is why so many people lose out in the end even if they had some great wins. By the time their initial deposit is gone the player is desperate to regain the money back, and puts in the casino deposit bonus to make it up. This can save a player, but more often than not it’s too late and their nerves are only serving to destroy their gaming tactics.

Cards games are the worst for this type of loss. Players enjoy the lengthy time spent playing poker or blackjack at Microgaming casinos and it can therefore make it difficult for a player to turn in even when they are on top. As a regular player your main goal is to stay on top overall at the end of every month, a few sizeable wins are vital to this goal but getting careless once you get one can destroy your chances. Microgaming casinos have a lot of promotional offers to help you keep going and give you more chances to get those big wins. There are a lot of casino bonus offers available the most commonly known is the casino deposit bonus. This bonus entitles players to a cash match bonus on their deposits of a certain percentage. This means for every deposit you make you can earn yourself an extra sum of money equal to a percentage of your deposit.

It is important to remember that although these casino deposit bonus offers are there to help you play more, they should not be treated lightly when playing. If you treat these bonus offers like real money you have deposited yourself you will have a tighter hold on it and not become careless with how it is spent. Microgaming casinos can offer some great bonus offers but it’s up to you to use them wisely.


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